Tips and tricks for installing wallpaper behind your TV

Tips and tricks for installing wallpaper behind your TV

For years we have been advising our customers on a variety of wallpaper installation topics and noticed how, when it comes to choosing and hanging the right wallpaper for a TV wall, certain questions keep coming back. Below you will find what we think are the most frequent pieces of advice we have provided over the years.

Choose a model that is easy to remove

Interior design trends are continuously evolving, and wallpaper (particularly the non-woven or self-adhesive varieties) offers the advantage of easy adaptability. Unlike painted walls, wallpaper can be effortlessly updated to reflect the latest styles without much hassle or cost.

Consider sound-absorbing wallpaper

If you have invested in a high-end multi-channel home theatre surround-sound system (5:1, 7:1 or Atmos), you will want to make sure your room offers the best audio experience for your movie nights. To avoid sound distortion or a booming effect, a good option is to install a sound-absorbing wallpaper behind the TV.


Several models, particularly those with textured surfaces, offer substantial acoustic benefits by reducing sound reflections in the room. This type of wallpaper can also be particularly advantageous in rooms with high ceilings or hard surfaces, where sound tends to bounce around, affecting the overall acoustics.

Pay attention to drying and ventilation times

When it comes to hanging your wallpaper, remember to allow for plenty of drying and ventilation time for the wallpaper adhesive. If possible, wait one day after hanging the wallpaper and avoid turning on the TV or placing furniture against the wall until the wallpapering paste is fully dried.


Also make sure there is sufficient space between the wallpaper and the TV, particularly if your television is fairly old and generates a certain amount of heat, as otherwise it might damage the surface of your wallpaper.

Think about cabling and wires

Concealing cables and wires is crucial for a clean and tidy appearance. Plan the routing of cables behind the wallpaper or use cable management solutions to hide them effectively.

Deal with wall outlets

Accurately measure and cut around wall outlets to ensure a neat fit.

Source: The Wallpaper Lady’s Blog

Consider using outlet covers that match the wallpaper pattern for a seamless look.

Wallpaper pattern positioning

If the wallpaper you want to install features a large pattern, plan its positioning around the TV to ensure the pattern (e.g. geometrical elements) matches with the rectangle design of the TV. Let the TV be part of the whole wall design.

Pay attention to wallpaper seams

Pay special attention to wallpaper seams, especially around the TV screen. Properly align and smooth out seams if necessary to create an invisible and flawless finish.

Protect the TV screen and base

During the installation process, cover the TV screen and its stand with soft, protective material to prevent accidental damage from adhesive or tools.

Choose the right TV mount

If you decide to hang the TV on the wall before installing the wallpaper, consider its design before deciding on a specific wall mount. If you have fallen in love with a wallpaper model with a delicate surface, make sure that the mount allows for enough distance between the wall and the TV, otherwise the heat produced might damage the wallpaper surface.

Consider the positioning of your multichannel audio speakers

If you go for multichannel audio speakers that will need to be mounted on the wall, plan their positioning in relation to the wallpaper design to make sure they don’t impair its look while maintaining optimal sound quality.


In addition to the above points, here is a practical list of DOs and DON’Ts that we are confident you will also find useful:

DO choose a TV with No Bezel

Select a TV with minimal or no bezel to create a sleek and seamless look, allowing the wallpaper to shine without its effect being harmed by a rather unaesthetic thick black frame.

DO choose a High-Quality Wallpaper

Invest in high-quality wallpaper made of durable materials and with intricate patterns, as it will guarantee longevity and a refined appearance.

DO think About Discrete Backlighting

Consider installing discrete backlighting behind the TV to create an appealing ambiance, enhancing both the look of the wallpaper and the viewing experience.

Source: AL Architectura Pinterest

DO seek help

Installing wallpaper is not an overly challenging task, but we do not recommend embarking on such a project alone, especially if it’s your first wallpapering project. Don't hesitate to seek assistance from a friend or professional to ensure a smooth and efficient installation process.

DON’T pick overly delicate, special effect wallpaper models

Opt for wallpaper that balances aesthetics with durability, preferring it over models that are too delicate or have complex special effects that could be prone to damage.

DON’T choose large, swivel wall mounts

Refrain, if possible, from large swivel wall mounts that can overshadow the wallpaper, disrupting the overall visual harmony of the setup.

DON’T overclutter the wall

Keep the wall surrounding the TV and wallpaper clear and uncluttered, avoiding excessive decorations that can distract from the main focal point.

DON’T use wallpaper with a glossy finish

Try to avoid picking a wallpaper with a glossy finish if you want to prevent unwanted light glare and ensure a comfortable and glare-free viewing experience.

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