How to choose the right wallpaper colour for your TV wall

How to choose the right wallpaper colour for your TV wall

Deciding which wallpaper to put behind your TV can be a challenging task. When it comes to selecting the right hue, many factors come into play, from a basic understanding of colour psychology to a consideration of your personal aesthetic values. In order to choose the right colour, you need to contemplate how you intend to use the space and what your design priorities are.

Understanding the importance of colour psychology

Colours have a profound impact on our lives. They trigger emotions, shape perceptions, and affect our mood. They communicate on a subconscious level, with some hues evoking energy and positivity and other, cooler shades inducing a sense of calm.

When you apply these considerations to choosing the right colour for your TV wall, it's crucial to think which psychological effects different hues might entail in terms of your TV-watching experience. Dark colours like blues, rich charcoals, and velvety blacks often provide feelings of comfort, relaxation, and sophistication. On the other hand, soft greys, warm beiges, and creamy whites evoke a sense of tranquillity and timelessness. Keeping all this in mind, you should now ask yourself: which type of TV viewer am I?

The best wallpaper colours for movie lovers

If you are the kind of person that loves a theatrical experience, darker shades should be the preferred choice as they make the TV display look brighter and more vivid. Recreating the feel of a TV theatre is best achieved by reproducing the focused obscurity that envelops you in the magic of the film you are watching.

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A wallpaper in a deep colour is also a good option if your living room has a lot of natural light streaming in from the windows, as dark shades are excellent at absorbing light. Think about adding a subtle indirect light source on the back of the TV to provide an extra glow that will reflect off the wallpaper, creating a mesmerising cinematic effect. This can easily be achieved with a single LED light strip that is available at a minimal cost online or in any electronic stores.

The best wallpaper colour if you seek a balance between “On” and “Off”

If your concern is how to balance the effect of the TV when it is on or off, respectively, then models in darker colours, e.g. charcoal, navy blue, or purple, offer a dual benefit. When the television is on, they help to enhance the vibrancy and contrast of the screen display, especially in spaces with lots of natural light, as the dark backdrop helps to reduce glare and improve the clarity of the image.


When the TV is switched off, a dark background makes the equally dark screen harder to notice, thus camouflaging its effect on the wall.

The right wallpaper colour for a bold statement TV wall

If your goal is to create a focal point in your living room, adding a touch of drama and opulence to the space, then rich jewel tones like emerald green, deep burgundy, or royal blue are a very suitable option.


These colours work well in spaces where the TV wall is meant to be the centre of attention, creating an interesting contrast against lighter furnishings.

The best wallpaper colours for gamers

If you spend the bulk of your TV time immersed in intensive gaming sessions, a wallpaper in a dark shade or with dynamic patterns is the one to go for. Dark backgrounds increase the perceived brightness of the screen, making colours and details pop while reducing glare and reflections. These effects contribute to a visually comfortable setup for gaming sessions.

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Multi-coloured graphic patterns - for instance geometric designs or abstract retro art - go well with the digital and high-tech aesthetics often associated with gaming, adding a touch of dynamism without taking too much attention away from the screen.


No gaming setup is complete without customisable ambient lighting that matches what happens on screen. To complement the wallpaper of your choice, add LED strips or configurable LED panels behind the TV. They project soft lighting onto the wallpaper and create an immersive environment.

The ideal wallpaper colours for blending into the existing décor

If you are keen to create a coherent design that will match the existing colour scheme of your living room, a neutral shade is the way to go. Neutrals offer a versatile canvas that complements many different design styles and elements - from furniture and textiles to artwork and accessories. Beige, taupe, and soft greys effortlessly blend with a large variety of colour schemes, ensuring your feature wall will remain timeless and adjustable to evolving trends.


A wallpaper in a neutral colour like ivory, cream, beige, or any other earthy hue can make your TV set part of your decorative setup. It works particularly well if you also plan to add decorative elements around the TV set, such as photos or framed paintings.


Picking the right wallpaper colour for your TV wall is about more than just selecting the hue you like; it's about incorporating a functional element into your interior décor while keeping in mind how you plan to use the space. Choosing the perfect wallpaper hues for your TV wall involves a delicate balance between colour psychology, aesthetic preferences, and practical considerations. Whichever option you go for, remember that your choice will ultimately shape the mood and character of your living space. By understanding the emotional impact of colours and harnessing their power to create visually stunning feature walls, you can transform your TV area into a captivating and immersive haven that will both reflect your personal style and enhance your viewing experience.