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Luxury Wallpaper: The Guide

Sometimes it just has to be a bit of glamour to represent and reflect a lifestyle, a philosophy or a theme. This is when luxury wallpapers come into play, interpreting the individual concept of luxury through direct and indirect features. Luxury can be opulent, lavish, magnificent or minimalist. Leather looks, natural and textile fibres, flock, glass beads and metal foils give glamorous wallpapers their specific touch, from sophisticated to overwhelming. Whether in your private rooms or in upscale hotels & restaurants, luxury wallpapers always create a representative and high-quality ambience.

Table of Contents

What are the most popular Luxury wallpaper patterns?

Luxury can be identified by certain wallpaper patterns, which, depending on the type, symbolise splendour, beauty and extravagance. Undisputedly at the top of the popularity scale are pattern genres such as Baroque, Art Deco, Modern, Geometry, 3D and Jungle.


During the Baroque period, people wanted to surround themselves with luxury in all spheres of life. Gold and purple are typical colours that can be found on furniture, carpets and wall coverings. Typical baroque patterns therefore also represent ultimate luxury.

Art Deco

Art Deco is characterised by deep, sensual colours such as emerald green, ruby red, black and nut brown, which are often enhanced with gold and/or shiny details. The striking effect created by wallpaper patterns with symmetrical geometry, floral and figurative elements as well as high-quality materials reflects a luxurious attitude to life.


Luxury is not necessarily tied to specific eras or styles; instead it is as multi-faceted as life itself. Modern patterns for luxury wallpaper can be abstract, geometric, floral or inspired by antique style elements. Unique structures and the fascinating play of light and shadow also determine the image of modern luxury wallpaper.


This pattern has fascinated artists for centuries. In its most luxurious version, it attracts attention with fantastic effects, iridescent colours and artistic compositions. Geometry wallpaper models invite the eye to linger, a true luxury in today's world.


In the third dimension, everything seems intense and alive, providing room for dreaming and magical illusions. Shine and glitter appear even more intense, or holographic effects are created. 3D patterns are extraordinary and create an indescribable depth effect. Special metal foils generate this luxurious effect on wallpaper.


Botanical motifs depict exoticism - and exoticism is luxury, because green rainforest, colourful birds of paradise or lush tropical plants are not omnipresent. Only those who get the opportunity to go to exotic countries can usually enjoy this luxury. But a Jungle wallpaper can introduce this special feeling into every room. 

Which materials are used to create a particularly glamorous wallpaper look?

High-quality surface materials refine wallpaper and create a glamorous appearance. Glass beads, flock, textile, metal foil and imitation leather create visual and tactile luxury.

Glass beads      

Glass beads that trace the pattern, filling it partially or completely, play with the light. Details sparkle as if the wallpaper was set with diamonds. Gloss effects delight the eye and capture the magic of the moment. The resulting relief-like structure of the surface is a special haptic experience.


Flock on wallpaper consists of very short textile fibres, which are glued to the carrier layer using electrostatic charge which puts them in an erect direction. The resulting flock structure is used specifically to highlight pattern silhouettes and creates a velvety soft, tactile surface.


Textile or fabric wallpapers are made of natural or synthetic fibres and are reminiscent of the fabric wall coverings that have always been a part of luxurious interiors in aristocratic and higher circles, symbolising wealth and splendour. Textile wallpaper models consist of either woven fabrics or are characterised by individual warp threads which are applied to the carrier layer.

Metal foil         

Thinly rolled metal foil is laminated onto a carrier layer and can then be further processed using glazes and special techniques such as oxidation or etching. This creates colour and structural effects that give every wallpaper a touch of luxury. The atmosphere created by a golden or silver wall gives rooms a refined elegance.

Imitation leather

Artificial imitation leather looks and feels like leather, but no animal was harmed in the process. Imitation leather makes it possible to reproduce exotic animal skins such as those of crocodiles or rare snake species in a deceptively realistic way on wallpaper. It is precisely this exoticism and the high value of certain types of leather that constitutes the luxury factor.

Which colours are typical for luxury wallpaper?

Very specific colours are associated with the term luxury. Besides the obvious hues of gold and silver, the colours blue, red, black, grey and green are often used for glamorous wallpaper.


Gold is the epitome of the most valuable of all precious metals. It stands for bright, dazzling sunshine. Golden Luxury wallpaper models are simply irresistible at first glance. 


Cool silver, the colour of the moon and of pure elegance, exudes luxury in a quiet and gentle way. A delicate glitter like ice crystals testifies to the aloofness, which in itself can be a luxury factor.


Blue is considered to be a regal colour and stands for majestic noblesse. Royal blue and dark blue are the best choices to achieve a truly glamorous effect. In Art Deco wallpapers, blue emphasises the luxurious character. 


Like blue, red also enjoys a prominent position when it comes to glamour, power and luxury. The colour of emperors' and kings' coronation robes achieves its strongest charisma in purple hues. Bordeaux red is also a luxury colour classic.


Black stands for chic, minimalist and daring luxury that hints at illusions and dark magic. In combination with gold and silver, exciting looks are created. In upscale hotels, bars and clubs, black luxury wallpaper contributes to the special atmosphere.


In the luxury wallpaper sector, this neutral colour is primarily combined with black or white. Grey also looks fantastic next to silver, when exquisite structures characterise the wallpaper design.


In sensual, hugely effective gemstone colours such as emerald or sapphire green, this balancing colour is predestined for glamorous wallpaper models. The effect unfolds even more when shiny or three-dimensional effects come into play.

Which characteristics distinguish luxury wallpaper and make it so popular?

Luxury wallpapers have special attributes that are generally associated with glamour and a luxurious lifestyle. Amongst those characteristics are glitter, structures with relief, elegance and sensual pleasure.


The more shimmer, sparkle and glitter, the greater the luxury factor. It is associated with sunrays and precious jewellery. Diamonds and other precious stones sparkle with iridescent effects and in a fascinating array of colours.

Structures with relief   

Structures with relief or elaborate embossing are a special characteristic of luxurious wallpaper. They are reminiscent of old craftsmanship and give a luxury wallpaper plasticity, which makes it appear even more valuable in the eye of the beholder.


The human brain associates luxury with a sense of elegance which represents the difference to the ordinary. Due to special features, this elegance is also inherent in luxurious wallpaper. Generally speaking, it is often the interaction of several components that provides the luxury aspect.

Sensual pleasure

Depending on the design of a luxury wallpaper, it appeals to most or all senses: the visual and haptic sense, as well as the sense of taste and touch. It can have an effect on the sensation of warmth and cold. The imagination is also stimulated by particular designs.

What are the two basic luxury distinctions in terms of furnishing?

In interior design, luxury can be defined in various ways. Minimalist design is limited to a few luxury elements of high quality, while maximalist design uses luxury elements of high quality in the most lavish manner.

Minimalist design

Minimalist design dispenses with conspicuous grandeur; instead it relies on selected furniture, surfaces, optical and haptic structures that express luxury through their value and unique character.

Maximalist design

Maximalist design is opulent, sometimes exuberant, and consists of various superlatives that represent luxury, e.g. gloss, gold, the finest woods, brocade and silk. All of this adds up to create an overall picture that is the ultimate in luxury design.

Which are the country-specific styles for luxury wallpaper?

Different countries, different styles. Each country has its own preferred patterns and motifs; in terms of value, only the best of the best will do. Essentially, the main country-specific categories are French, Italian and English luxury wallpaper.

French luxury wallpaper

French wallpaper in the luxury segment predominantly reflect the elegant Parisian chic, which often features floral and Art Deco pattern elements in dark, strong colours and with gold decorations. In addition, textile wallpapers, models with exclusive natural fibres and traditional patterns dominate the luxury collections.

Italian luxury wallpaper

Italian luxury wallpapers pay homage to "La Dolce Vita" and the magnificent Venetian Baroque. They don't shy away from superlatives and golden shine. Wallpaper surfaces tend to have material structures which indulge the haptic sense. Roman antiquity and imaginative nods to the great masters Botticelli, DaVinci, Michelangelo, and Titian are all part of this specific design repertoire.

English luxury wallpaper

"Noblesse oblige" - and this is especially true for the Victorian period. English luxury wallpapers are focussed on traditional patterns, often with a completely new approach and gigantic in their dimensions.
 The "English Rose" is sheer luxury for the senses and, as a result, an extremely popular wallpaper motif. Depending on the designer, exotic and emotive motifs can be part of the patterns. Surface structures and unusual materials also play an important role in English luxury wallpaper models. 

Which rooms are glamorous wallpapers particularly well suited for?

As a general rule, glamorous wallpapers are not limited to certain rooms. In practice, living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and hallways are best suited to luxury wallpapers. 

Living room

"My home is my castle". The room to which this proverb applies most is the living room, because it is always designed more elaborately and in a more representative manner than other rooms. It is reception area, social meeting space and a place of rest and relaxation at the same time, and furniture and furnishings are appropriately stylish. The special effect of luxury wallpaper can be enjoyed best in this room.


"You made your bed, now sleep in it." The bedroom can benefit greatly from glamorous wallpaper. It is the most private realm, and boudoirs are a great space to indulge one's sense of luxury and opulence. The dreary everyday existence stays outside, dreams take precedence. The wall behind the bed is probably the most perfect area for luxurious wallpaper. 

Dining room

In former times, the dining room was considered a reception room for relatives and guests, which meant that it was characterised by elegant and high-quality design. Today, the dining room is still the centre of family life and conviviality. Admirable luxury wallpaper provides the appropriate setting.


Even in ancient times, the bathing place of the rich and beautiful would be lined with precious materials focusing on aesthetics and grace. The trend to deck out the bathroom with luxurious wallpaper is stronger than ever. Modern washable surfaces ensure that walls are easy to clean.


The kitchen of today is a representative space where life with family and friends takes place in the most enjoyable way. High-quality kitchen furnishings and unusual designer kitchens require the right wall design, which is where luxury wallpaper comes in.


Long and narrow, spacious and bright, or full of nooks and crannies - hallways provide guests with the first impression of the house or apartment, and glamorous wallpaper models are the perfect stylistic device. Let the entry area represent the impeccable taste and design know-how of the residents. Guests will envy you for this luxury. 

Where are luxury and glamorous wallpapers used in commercial environments?

Glamorous wallpaper is in demand wherever an upmarket and high-quality image is to be conveyed. This is especially the case in upscale hotels and restaurants, high-priced shops and prestigious corporate buildings.


In upmarket hotels, luxury wallpapers are standard. But design hotels with a specific furnishing theme also benefit greatly from high-quality glamorous wallpaper. In terms of wallpaper selection, mainstream styles are deliberately avoided. It's all about exclusive models that are not easily found elsewhere.


Trendy gastronomy with upscale or special cuisine relies on glamorous wallpaper that supports sensual enjoyment. This way, an authentic ambience can be created which supports the individual concept. Naturally, luxury wallpaper models meet today's requirements for hygiene and fire protection.

Shop design     

Extraordinary and high-priced products require a stylish presentation. In upscale shops, luxury wallpapers are a suitable style device to create an appropriate ambience. In shop windows, they attract attention and arouse curiosity.

Corporate buildings                 

Refined understatement, prestige, status - all this is represented by luxury wallpapers in reception and waiting areas or in conference rooms of company buildings. They emphasise the reputation, philosophy and values of a corporation. They also meet the demands that customers make on the external image of the company. 

Which designer labels offer luxurious wallpaper?

Exquisite materials, elaborate manufacturing processes and the fantastic expressiveness of the motifs are characteristic of luxury wallpapers of certain designer brands. Versace Home, Osborne and Little, Cole & Son, Designers Guild and Elitis are world leaders in this segment.

Versace Home

What applies to the fashion of the world-famous Italian designer label is also reflected in the home collections: Magnificent luxury wallpapers presenting Neo-Baroque geometry, exotic jungle styles or fantastic motifs from antiquity in breathtaking colours delight the senses. The unmistakable Versace patterns distinguish the wallpapers from any other premium wall design.

Osborne and Little

The British designer brand is known internationally for its first-class fabrics and textile wallpapers designed by great artists such as Nina Campbell and Matthew Williamson. The world of patterns and motifs is particularly multi-faceted, always in intoxicating colours and with impressive effects.

Cole & Son

The luxury wallpapers by Cole & Son radiate regal British elegance.Traditionally manufactured in England since 1875, they are of the highest quality. The classic wallpaper designs adorn, among many other places, Buckingham Palace or the US White House. In addition, exciting motifs of fauna, flora and geometry are stunningly re-interpreted.

Designers Guild

Unique, colourful patterns and sensual textures characterise the home collections by Designers Guild, which include luxury wallpapers. The wallpaper designs of the British brand, which is managed by siblings Tricia Guild and Simon Jeffreys, is inspired by nature, historical ornaments and playful geometry.


French designer brand Elitis offers a huge array of decorative objects for private homes as well as the public and commercial sector. In terms of their luxury wallpapers, Parisian bohemian styles are as much part of the designs as three-dimensional and abstract patterns or intensely tactile structures. Each wallpaper embodies artistic uniqueness.

Our tips: Ideas and trends for a glamorous lifestyle

  1. Hollywood Glam for dressing rooms: For walk-in wardrobes and dressing rooms, a feature wall with a glamorous wallpaper with patterned flocking, glittering glass beads, mica stones or silky textile fabric is a fabulous way to create an extraordinarily charming ambience that inspires styling ideas.
  2. Industrial living room in luxury style: Metallic wallpaper in a copper or bronze look with exciting gloss, corrosion and holographic effects fills a large living room with a strikingly luxurious atmosphere with a cool loft character.
  3. Dreaming of the golden Baroque age: In the bedroom, the wall along which the bed is aligned is decorated with a shiny damask wallpaper, the pattern of which may be three-dimensional and large-scale. The luxury wallpaper can feature various shades of gold or a combination of gold and black, cream white or champagne.
  4. Jungle exoticism in hallway and stairway: The mix of crocodile-leather-look wallpaper in just one colour and patterned wallpaper with a green rainforest pattern picks up on the hip botanical trend and conjures up a tropical Amazon feeling.