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Self-adhesive wallpaper is an excellent, ready-to use alternative to traditional models that makes the hanging process child’s play. Easy to clean and remove, it’s the latest development in home décor. More

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Peel and stick Wallpaper: The Guide

Probably the biggest revolution in the world of wall décor in many years, the popularity of self-adhesive wallpaper has practically exploded in recent years. Offering a huge variety of designs, it removes the psychological hurdles and the objective effort that comes with installing traditional wallpaper. Gone is the need to purchase and mix the adhesive, paste the walls and worry that the strip we cut is not positioned right. Due to the self-adhesive backing, all it takes is to unpeel the seal and place it on the wall, knowing that, if the result is not to our liking, we can just remove it and try again until we are satisfied. There's no need for trestle tables, rollers or most of the other tools normally associated with wallpaper installation. With an easy-to-clean surface and the ability to be re-used many times over, its many benefits are difficult to ignore.

Table of Contents

What are the advantages of removable wallpaper?

The growing popularity of stick-on wallpaper should not come as a surprise, as it offers many advantages compared to traditional wallpaper. The easy installation process, the ability to remove and use it again, and its cleanability make it a very attractive proposition.

Easy to install

Unlike traditional wallpaper, which requires that the wallpapering paste is either applied directly to the wall or for the wallpaper to be soaked in the paste for a specific time, peel and stick wallpaper with self-adhesive backing provides a far simpler and quicker application process. It simply needs to be placed in position and it will instantly adhere to the wall. If you are not happy with the result, you can just remove it from the wall and try again.

Removing it in a breeze

Even if traditional wallpaper has come a long way in the last couple of decades, and removing it is no longer the huge effort it once was, there is no comparison to self-adhesive wall décor. Removing a peel and stick wallpaper is a matter of minutes, not hours. It can be done with no DIY experience, leaving the wall intact and without any residue.

Use it, then re-use it somewhere else

Probably the biggest advantage of removable wallpaper is that you don’t have to commit the model you purchase to a specific wall. If you move to a different house or decide you want to use it to decorate a different wall, you can simply peel it off and re-use it later on. It’s always a good idea to keep the backing paper it came with, so you can store it safely until you need it again.

Dirt and stains can just be wiped away

No matter how careful you are, at some point you will have to deal with the fact that your beautiful wallpaper will get dirty from your children’s greasy fingerprints or just from grime accumulating over time. Peelable wall décor offers a robust surface that is resistant to most stains. Dry dirt can simply be wiped away with a damp cloth. Should you encounter a more stubborn and substantial stain, you can use a mild and non-abrasive cleaning agent.

What different types of peel and stick wallpaper are available?

Peel and stick wallpaper is available on the market in two varieties: non-woven material (a type of textile fabric), and PVC (Polyvinyl chloride), which is a variety of plastic.

Non-woven peelable wallpaper

Non-woven peelable wallpaper is made of the same high-quality, breathable material as traditional wall décor. Produced mainly in the US, non-woven peelable wallpaper provides the best results both in terms of overall aesthetical effect, product longevity, and health and safety for your home (as it is free of any harmful components).

PVC sticker wallpaper

PVC sticker wallpaper is a cheaper variety, mostly produced in Asian factories. It doesn’t offer any environmental guarantee or absence of potentially dangerous chemicals like phthalates, formaldehyde, or chlorine. As it’s difficult to trace its source or trust its safety for home use, it should be treated with a healthy dose of suspicion and preferably not be installed in children’s rooms.

In which cases is adhesive wall décor recommended?

Besides requiring less prior knowledge when it comes to installing it, the main advantage of peelable wallpaper is that it is extremely easy to remove, leaving the wall completely intact.

If you are renting a property

Rental contracts often won’t allow the tenant to change the look of the property and/or require that the walls are returned to their original condition at the end of the rental period. A removable wallpaper is the perfect solution to add a touch of personality without breaking any contract clause or having to do expensive renovation work once it is time to move.

If you are decorating a nursery or children’s room

As you prepare for the arrival of your baby, you might want to create a soothing and pleasant space to welcome him/her. However, babies develop very quickly, and within a few months you will find yourself with a toddler with their own specific likes and dislikes. In these instances, as well as later on in life when the child becomes a teenager, a removable wallpaper allows you to change the décor frequently and with minimum effort.

If you are interested in trying a new trend but not yet willing to commit to it

You have seen something that attracts your interest and think it would look great in your house. It is, however, a bit daring and/or outside your comfort zone, so you fear you might not like it in the long term. In this situation, a peel and stick wallpaper is the ideal way to test such a trend in your living space without committing to it for years to come.

If you are planning seasonal decorations

One of the many advantages of stick-on wallpaper is that it can be used and reused several times. As a result, it is ideal for seasonal decorations to add a distinctive and unique festive feel to any holiday. Whether it’s Halloween, Christmas, Saint Patrick’s Day or if you simply want to create a vibe that matches the seasons of the year, adhesive wall décor is the perfect choice as it can be stored away and reused year after year.

In which rooms should I use peelable wallpaper?

Peel and stick wallpaper comes in so many different types and in such a variety of patterns and motifs that no room is off-limits. However, it is particularly well suited for wet rooms like kitchens and bathrooms, children’s rooms, utility areas, and creative living rooms.

Kitchens and bathrooms

Thanks to their robust materials and washable surfaces, peel and stick wallpapers can also be installed in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. This opens a whole new world of opportunities when it comes to adding a dash of colour to those spaces, especially as bathroom renovations can sometimes be challenging and time-consuming.

Children’s rooms

There is no other room in the house that changes as much over time as that devoted to a growing child. In the space of one or two years, but sometimes just months, passions, heroes and interests come and go at frightening speed. Keeping the wall décor up to date with a classic wallpaper is almost impossible, but an easy-to-remove wall décor makes the process effortless fun.

Utility rooms and toilets

Not all redecorating projects that provide a major facelift to one of the main areas of your house need to be a big effort. Sometimes you just want to add a dash of colour to a humble utility room or make your toilet a little less boring. With a stick-on wallpaper, you can add visual interest and texture to an otherwise blank wall, allowing you to change its appearance without committing to a costly and time-consuming new décor.

Living rooms

Perhaps the most representative of all the rooms in our home, the living room is where we spend quality time with the family and welcome guests. It’s therefore a space that should express our sense of style and awareness of current trends. Self-adhesive wallpaper allows us to frequently redefine the atmosphere of this room at little cost and with minimal effort.

Are there alternative ideas where to use peel-off wallpaper?

Thanks to the fact that it doesn’t require a coat of wallpapering paste, a peel and stick wallpaper can be used for a variety of alternative projects, from unusual flooring to funky ceilings or a striking feature wall.

As temporary flooring

A less common, but no less effective way to use temporary, stick-on wallpaper is as alternative flooring. As long as the surface is flat and even, its self-adhesive backing will stick to different types of material, from concrete to laminate, from tiles to linoleum. Make sure the surface underneath is clean and dry and you’ll have a brand new and cool floor that can last for years.

For a temporary feature wall

A favourite amongst interior designers due to its ability to add a focal point to the room, accent or feature walls have been a growing trend for many years. They pack a punch, create interest and are more cost-effective than wallpapering an entire room. If you are moving furniture and artwork around and like experimenting, a temporary accent wall with a removable wallpaper is the perfect way to test the water without committing to a final look.

On the ceiling

Sometimes known as the “fifth wall”, the ceiling is one of the least decorated spaces in the house, even in spaces like the living room, where we tend to look up more. Wallpapering the ceiling adds plenty of character, but doing so with traditional wallpaper is something beyond the skills of amateur DIYers. Self-adhesive wallpaper makes it much easier, less tricky and more affordable.

Can I use temporary wallpaper to decorate other objects besides room surfaces?

The versatility of stick-on wallpaper doesn’t stop at walls and ceilings, as it can be successfully used to add new life to tired furniture, decorate the lining of kitchen cabinets, give a new look to an unused fireplace or create a funky staircase.

Use it to decorate furniture

It happens to many of us: there’s an old piece of furniture in our home that we love very much, but it doesn’t fit with our current décor. If you are not willing to undergo the trouble of repainting it or you want to be able to return it to its original state later on, a peel and stick wallpaper allows you to update it in minutes, and you can remove the wallpaper later if you change your mind.

Lining kitchen cabinets

You are bored with the dull look of your kitchen cabinets but worry about the cost of a full renovation? Or maybe you are renting, and a full renovation is simply impossible? A funky and artsy peel and stick wallpaper might be the perfect solution. For maximum results, line the back wall of the cabinets and remove the doors to create a fresh open shelving-type feel.

Transform an unused fireplace into a work of art

If you live in an older apartment in an urban environment, chances are that one or more rooms might still have a fireplace no longer in use due to fire regulations. Rather than leaving it as is, white and unnoticed, why not turn it into a focal point by decorating its sides with peelable wallpaper?

Add character to your stairs

A staircase connecting two floors of an apartment is, despite its central importance in our family life, an often-overlooked space. We might decorate the walls, add a picture here and there, never quite realising its full decorative potential. An easy and effective way to add colour and personality is to stick pre-cut panels of patterned self-adhesive wallpaper to the front of each step, creating an attractive visual effect with little cost and effort.