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Wood-look wallpaper is naturally beautiful and both modern and timeless. Deceptively realistic wood décors in a 3D look, creative details and unique haptic effects make our wood wallpapers exceedingly versatile. More

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Wood effect Wallpaper: The Guide

Wood is cosy and sensual. Wood is nature. Wood is pure luxury. These are just some of the many good reasons to introduce this popular material into your home - with wood-look wallpaper. Authentic or abstract wood designs open up a plethora of possibilities for individual wood-style interior design concepts. Our guide provides a wealth of information to help you make the right choice and gives you a sound overview. Clever design tips stimulate the imagination. 

Table of Contents

What types of wood décor feature on wallpaper?

The types of wood variations that feature on wallpaper are as versatile as wood itself is in its natural or processed form. Wooden planks, wooden boards, wood panelling, beach wood or wood stacks are just a few examples.

Wooden planks

Wooden planks are used in shipbuilding, amongst many other examples. In this context, they are used for the outer hull and the deck. Wooden planks are at least 40 mm thick. The popular "Ship Flooring" was developed as a parquet variant for interior use.

Wooden beams

A beam is defined as load-bearing, elongated sawn timber with a minimum thickness of 200 mm. Beams are indispensable as structural elements in buildings and for roof constructions. In timber framing, the supporting beams are deliberately left visible and thus become decorative elements.

Wooden boards

Wooden boards vary in length and width, but they are much thinner than beams. Their thickness can vary between 8 and 40 mm. Planks have a supporting character or serve as visible cladding, e.g. in wooden huts. In interior design, they are an important part of furniture building.

Wood panelling

The term "paneel" comes from the Dutch or Low German and means "table". It refers to a wooden panel or veneer board which is used for cladding walls and ceilings. Wooden panels (available as 2D and 3D panels) are an important element of countless interior design projects. Thanks to modern colours and imitation wood structures, there are plenty of wood décor wallpapers to suit every taste.

Wood boarding for walls

Classic (internal) wood boarding was widespread until the 18th century and has since enjoyed many a renaissance. Decorative and often lacquered or stained wooden boards or very thin wood panels are fixed to the substrate by means of a lath construction. This protects the masonry and creates a natural insulating layer. Elaborate waffle-slab panelling is a particularly exclusive and elegant form of wood boarding.

Old/weathered wood              

Old or weathered wood as we know it from barns or wooden crates has a very typical look. Due to mechanical and weather influences, its natural colour is usually no longer visible. It looks rather grey and pale and might partially be covered with moss or other plants. Old wood is frequently damaged, some pieces may be missing. It might also have been damaged by sunshine or fire.


Beach wood or driftwood is wood that has been drifting in the water for a long time and has washed up on the shore. Wind, swell and current have impacted on the wood in an interesting way, the colour has faded and the wood may also have porous areas. Driftwood has a very beautiful grain and, in terms of wallpaper décor, is often used for the maritime beach look.

Wood piles

Not all stacks or piles of wood are the same, even though most people probably automatically think of stacked fire logs. Freshly cut thin or thick tree trunks can also be stacked on top of each other, so that the cross-sections with growth rings are visible. Logs stacked in neat rows are amongst the many wallpaper design variants.

3D wood imitation       

Wallpaper that looks like real wood, that you would like to touch and the scent of which you can almost smell - 3D wood imitation wallpaper makes it all possible. The three-dimensional effect which allows the layers to merge is created by smart printing and finishing techniques, colours and structures. 3D wood-look wallpaper is both attractive and sensual. 

Which characteristics of wood are reflected in wallpapers with wood motifs?

Wood is a multifaceted, living, changing natural material. Special features often picked up in wood designs are flaked layers of paint, weathered and faded wood, a rustic or maritime look as well as light & dark variations.

Flaked layers of paint

Not once, not twice or even five times - the old wood has been painted over and over again. With time, the layers of paint began to dissolve and a colourful pot-pourri came to light. In combination with the delicately shimmering wood grain, this creates a particularly beautiful effect. New and old become one. This look is not only a significant element of Shabby Chic, but also of modern loft and maritime styles.


Wood which is exposed to the weather changes its appearance over time. Smooth wood becomes rougher. Moisture-loving mosses settle on it. Moisture causes deep grooves and makes the wood swell. Strong UV radiation makes the wood gnarly and lighter in colour. The natural effects of time form their own patina which makes the wood unique.


Faded wooden surfaces with barely visible old lettering, individual letters and stamp fragments have a very specific charm. They exude nostalgia and mystery, they tell stories. The paintwork might be bleached by the sun, creating an additional appeal.


Rustic wood is dark, rough wood. It often boasts a deep chocolate brown and is primarily found in and on rustic wooden houses in alpine countries. This type of wood is synonymous with home, comfort and warmth. Safety is also often associated with it.


Maritime wood is directly linked with water. One example are the famous Swedish red wooden houses by the Baltic Sea. In Australia, colourful wooden beach huts are part of beach life. Wooden planks in pastel shades or artistically arranged driftwood create a maritime wood feel.

Light wood                  

Domestic trees such as birch, maple, pine and beech provide light-coloured wood; each species has its own individual hue. From light beige-grey to light yellow and light brown - there is a veritable plethora of different light wood options. One of the designers' favourite wallpaper wood motif is the beautiful silver birch. Light wood creates an open, lively and modern ambience.

Dark wood                   

Dark wood types such as walnut, teak or ebony create a sophisticated, luxurious and mysterious atmosphere. They exude warmth and are often associated with elegant harmony and well-being. The seductive charm of dark redwood, especially of mahogany, is irresistible. This valuable natural material from the tropics boasts over 4,000 species.

What are the most popular colours of wood grain on wallpaper?

The most popular wood grain colours are usually based on the real colours of different types of wood such as grey, brown and black. Furthermore, green, turquoise-blue and multi-coloured are favourites in wood-look design.


Grey is often associated with oak, the bark of which has a dark grey-brown hue. Depending on age and processing methods, the wood can also take on a light or medium grey tone, giving it a gorgeous antique character which complements historical looks.


Brown is THE classic colour for wood looks. The various shades are as versatile as the natural trees themselves. This earthy, natural colour exudes warmth and fills the room with a pleasant sense of harmony. The same applies to reddish brown, a colour that has a very elegant effect. Popular wallpaper shades from the brown-red palette are walnut, cherry and mahogany.


In terms of imitation wood design, the colour of darkness and magic constitutes a special statement. One of its natural representatives is African ebony which can vary between anthracite-brown and a marbled black-and-white, depending on type, incidence of light and finish. Ebony is rare and very expensive, so it provides a distinct luxury component.


White provides a sense of freshness and clarity. In terms of wood motifs on wallpaper, white can represent oak bark or very light wood whitewashed with lime paint or bleached by the sun. White wood is very popular in the Country House or Shabby Chic style and adds authenticity to cool Nordic looks.


The symbolic colour of nature is both invigorating and calming. In wallpaper design, it often occurs in the form of wood covered with moss and algae. These plants can cover the wood like a green carpet, giving it a new soft feel. Green also stands for the impact of the weather and the signs of time on wood.

Turquoise blue

The various shades of this colour provide a direct connection to the sea. They stand for the limitless expanse of the ocean and for freedom. Wood painted in blue or turquoise, with the grain gently shining through, invigorates the senses and is ideal for maritime wooden looks. Cream and antique-white are the perfect colour partners.


Colourful wood painted in pastel shades or bright colours immediately lifts the spirits and creates a good mood. It reminds us of carefree holidays, blissful sunny days and endless fun. Wood that is made to look old benefits from a touch of colour, too, especially when individual layers of colour are visible or flaking off. Colour equals variety.

Which rooms are wallpapers with wood patterns most suitable for?

There is no limit to the interior design options of wallpaper models in a wood look. Living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and hallways can all be decorated with wood pattern wallpaper.

Living room

From cosy rustic styles to clean chic, in terms of wood motifs in the living room anything is possible. Board, panel and wood block designs are all popular pattern motifs. Structures and grains emphasised by colour are important factors. High-quality imitation wood species and a splash of colour add a sophisticated touch to many interior design ideas.


Many people choose old or antique furniture and wood décor for the bedroom. A classic wooden wall with a weathered or faded look is an eye-catcher that exudes cosiness and feeds the need for nostalgia. In addition, wooden structures can also feature ornaments that look as if they were painted by hand, lending a touch of romanticism to the room. Grey wood is also a popular stylistic element.


Kitchens in a natural look benefit from a washable wood effect wallpaper. Modern styles and Shabby Chic are not at all mutually exclusive, e.g. in the shape of wooden boxes or wooden panels with lettering, old logos and stamps as pattern motifs. Creatively arranged wooden parts, special structures and dark colours also score highly in terms of kitchen wallpaper.


Luxurious or maritime - these are the main themes in the bathroom. Moisture-repellent light or dark wood-look wallpaper models which are suitable for damp rooms are great in combination with granite, slate or marble. Multi-coloured or turquoise-blue panel patterns that look as if they have been faded by the sun exude a maritime or Mediterranean flair.


In hallways, the motto is "more is more". More exclusivity and extravagance. A cleverly selected wood wallpaper creates that sought-after "positive first impression". Unusual and extraordinary designs, both in terms of pattern, colours and feel, should have priority in the hallway and entrance area. Bright shades make a narrow, small corridor appear more spacious.

Which interior design styles does the wallpaper wood look go well with?

As a natural material, wood can be integrated into almost any interior design concept. Typical styles that wood-design wallpaper is suitable for are Shabby Chic, Scandinavian Style, Country House and Vintage.

Shabby Chic

Old wood with traces of wear and tear has its firm place in Shabby Chic. Flaking lime paint or a faded varnish coat, barely visible stamps or lettering characterise this type of wood design. In terms of colour, off-white, grey-cream, patina-grey and pastel shades have priority.

Scandinavian Style

Clear lines, light colours, design-oriented furniture and natural fabrics form the basis for the Northern Scandi style. Light or even almost white (painted) wood is characteristic for this interior design concept. For a slightly more unusual look, how about a wooden wall with wide planks in blue-green-grey-brown? Knots and irregularities in the wood décor are more than welcome.

Country House

Country House style and wood - this combination is always a winner. The specific type of wood design often depends on which typical regional style is to be represented. This can include board and plank looks in a rough and dark design as well as the perfect imitation of pine, oak or birch wood. In any case, it should look as authentic as possible, which includes decorative wood structures and grain.


Vintage looks cannot be tied to one style or era. Vintage can be a coordinated mix of elements from different time periods or have a very specific style as its underlying theme. It is important that these elements of the past are reflected in the wood wallpaper. As a result, the best choice is wood imitation wallpaper in the "aged" look. 

What makes wood design for wall decoration so popular?

Wood is a living thing and the most natural building material of them all. In addition to the warmth and comfort that wood designs exude, natural details or striped designs (as well as the easy application of non-woven models) make imitation wood wallpaper so popular.

Comfort and warmth

Wood is a poor heat conductor and therefore very suitable as insulating material. Even wood-look wallpaper models can convey this sense of cosiness. Warmth provides comfort. With wood, the resinous or nutty smell also increases the sense of well-being. Last but not least, despite its high stability and resistance, wood is a rather light material overall.

Easy application of non-woven wallpapers

Wood effect wallpaper with a non-woven carrier layer makes for an easy hanging process. After the wallpaper has been cut to size, the wall itself is pasted per length of wallpaper. The pre-cut strip of wallpaper is then put up without having to paste the back or observe soaking times. Removal is just as easy, because non-woven wallpaper can simply be pulled off residue-free in a dry state.

Vertical or horizontal stripe designs

Without a doubt, the plank or board look is one of the most popular types of wood-look wallpaper. The typical stripe design can run lengthwise, crosswise or diagonally. The herringbone pattern in which individual wooden sticks are arranged like fishbones is one of the more unusual styles. Depending on the direction of the stripes, striped wallpaper patterns can change the visual effect of the room.

Details such as irregularities, burls and knotholes in wood

Unique details typical for wood can be emphasised in the wood design. These include knotty bits, burls and knotholes which give the wood (and thus the wallpaper) an energetic pattern structure. Annual rings on tree cross-sections also provide a fascinating wallpaper motif.

Our tips: Ideas for smart design options with wood effect wallpaper

  1. Cool wooden doors in no time at all: The interior doors of your house or apartment are a bit outdated and could use a makeover? Nothing easier than that: simply use a premium-quality wood effect wallpaper which can feature a huge variety of wood types, but also fascinating wood structures and modern unusual wood designs. How the door is prepared depends on the basic material. After any necessary preparation has been done, simply apply the wallpaper. Hey presto! You are the proud owner of new wooden doors!
  2. Feature wall in a wood look: A feature wall in a decorative wood design is an interesting eye-catcher without being "OTT". Opt for a tree trunk disc design with enchanting annual rings or a Shabby Chic plank wall. Perhaps you might want to add dark and elegant art works made from wood, putting wood and art in a refreshing context. The remaining walls are decorated in a matching manner, avoiding harsh colour contrasts.
  3. Cosy attic rooms with wood: Create a rustic oasis of well-being directly under the roof with a dark wood-look wallpaper. Cover the roof slopes and all straight wall areas as well as the ceiling with the same wood wallpaper. Choose a floor covering (parquet, PVC, linoleum) that matches the colour of the wallpaper. This way you create a wooden room that surrounds you with comfort. Just give it a go!
  4. Fireplace corner with stack of wood: Are you lucky enough to own a wood-burning stove or a real fireplace with a mantelpiece (or even a fake mantelpiece with an LED fireplace)? Create the right ambience (and a witty eye-catcher!) with a wood design wallpaper that shows stacked logs. Apply it halfway up and along the entire length of the wall. This creates the deceptively realistic impression that you have lots of firewood stored around the fireplace.