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Design Wallpaper: The Guide

Design wallpaper makes life more colourful and captivates us with its uniqueness which exudes the creative spirit of the designer. Each designer brand has its own fan base because they all serve very different needs and tastes. They beautify private as well as public or commercial spaces and give them a sophisticated look. Our designer wallpaper collections come from countries with a long tradition of creating unusual patterns. Young artists surprise us with new compositions based on well-known design elements.

Table of Contents

What is Design wallpaper?

The term wallpaper design means that all the individual characteristics of a specific wallpaper model are an expression of creative work that deliberately stands out from the mainstream. It's what designers, brands and manufacturers around the globe do on a daily basis.

The term "wallpaper design"

Wallpaper design refers to the entirety of all processes that make a wallpaper model unique and striking. The thoughts and philosophies of artists and designers, who often convey an attitude to life in their wallpaper designs, are all part and parcel of this process.

Creative wallpaper designers

Regardless of whether they are backed by large or small companies, well-known designers or labels create new patterns and motifs and give shape to their ideas. Quite often, they incorporate current trends into their designs. The results are unmistakable wallpapers that bear their very own signature and appeal to a specific target group. The term "design wallpaper" also implies that a creative designer is behind a model.

Designer brands and manufacturers

A designer can create his or her own wallpaper brand. However, designer brands and manufacturers can also employ or commission various different designers. Wallpaper design often blends harmoniously into the fashion and home furnishings segments, which is why renowned fashion brands or labels for home accessories frequently include wallpapers in their collections. They all have one thing in common: They offer wallpaper models that stand out.

Which rooms are most suitable for design wallpaper?

Design wallpaper is an excellent styling device both in social spaces and in rooms with a high degree of privacy. Living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms and hallways can all benefit.

Living room

The living room is the area where you retreat alone or with the family to relax after a long day. It's also the space where dear guests are welcomed. In both cases, well-chosen design wallpaper can fill the room with a unique effect. It is an attractive and extraordinary sight and shows a special charisma. At the same time it can emphasise the interior design style of the room.


Peace and relaxation require an atmosphere that reflects a part of one's own personality. The best choice for the bedroom is a design wallpaper that specifically addresses one's own interests and style preferences. However, the wallpaper in this room should not be too stimulating and/or colourful.


The bathroom is considered to be a creative zone. Therefore, it's the perfect space for experimenting and letting one's imagination run riot. Your own individual spa oasis or a bathing paradise - anything can be realised with design wallpaper. Non-woven or vinyl wallpapers with a washable surface are the best choice in wet-rooms. In terms of colour, there are basically no limits in the bathroom.


Kitchens tend to be at the centre of family life, this is where everyone meets to take meals and where friends are entertained. As a result, this room has a certain prestige potential, which can be intensified with design wallpaper. Green and yellow are popular colours for kitchen walls.

Dining rooms

Enjoyment is a keyword that applies to culinary delicacies as well as design. This is why design wallpaper has always been used in rooms where anything from simple meals to four-course menus is enjoyed. Appetising and communicative colours are the best choice for dining rooms. In addition, a suitable wallpaper can offer plenty of conversation material.


The hallway has long since lost its reputation as an unloved passageway; these days it is a representative area and the perfect space for stylish, extravagant design wallpaper. The entrance area can be an eye-catcher, reflecting the creative soul of the house. Guests get a great first impression when entering the home.

What are the most popular colours for design wallpaper?

A range of current trend colours determines the designers' palette. Among them are all-time favourites like blue, green, grey, black, gold and silver.


Blue is the colour of harmony and infinity. Depending on the brightness and intensity of the specific shade, it stands for majestic elegance or maritime relaxation. Dark blue adds an extra dose of depth and mysticism to design wallpapers.


Green symbolises nature and is a firm favourite in wallpaper design. Its fresh, neutral and authentic nature is simply exhilarating. In variations like emerald green, it is a magical, enchanting component of design wallpaper.


Grey is both a great partner and a solo artist - whatever the design demands. This neutral colour can emphasise bright colours and brings out white, black and red. In dark tones and with an interesting structure, grey assumes a puristic character.


Sophisticated and elegant with a dark, powerful aspect: black is a colour that comes into its own in expressive design wallpapers. Black/white proves to be a great style combination for fabulous psychedelic and graphic designs which deliberately create optical effects.


Design wallpaper styles characterised by opulent patterns or impressive relief effects often benefit from a touch of gold. The colour of the sun and spiritual power sets glamorous highlights and captures the light.


Silver is frequently used in ultra-modern and futuristic design wallpapers. This cool hue appears pure, bright, enlightening, free. Silver is the counterpart to gold and can also complement it perfectly.

How much does design wallpaper cost?

Many factors determine the price of designer wallpaper. These include the type of materials used, special finishes, required production equipment, the printing process and the production quantity.

Cost factor: materials

The materials used in design wallpapers are as multifaceted as the designers' ideas. Both the carrier materials (non-woven, paper-based), as well as those of various surface finishes (e.g. textile and natural fibres, metal foil, glass beads) are factors in the price calculation. Special coatings and finishes which improve the quality should also be mentioned.

Cost factor: printing process

Various printing processes are used to realise design ideas, including screen printing, gravure printing, surface printing or digital printing. The latest technological standards provide more and more creative possibilities. In terms of costs, a distinction must also be made between machine printing and more cost-intensive hand printing processes. Hand printing is mainly used for small limited editions.

Cost factor: production quantity

Large production quantities are less costly, especially for machine printing processes. This is because setting up, running, cleaning and maintaining the machines incurs costs which have to be reflected in the wallpaper price. The higher the number of rolls that can be produced in a production loop, the lower the machine costs.

What makes design wallpaper so popular?

When it comes to design wallpaper, pathos and myth come into play. Exclusive materials, high-quality workmanship, luxurious finishes and - last but by no means least - the artistic aspect all contribute to the great popularity of design wallpaper.

Exclusive patterns and materials

Design wallpaper captivates us with exclusive patterns, motifs and materials that cater to individual needs and tastes. Design wallpaper models have that certainje ne sais quoias they are closely linked to the name of the designer and his/her status.

High-end workmanship

Each processing step is carried out with the greatest precision, using various traditional or innovative technologies. For example, many designer wallpaper models are manually printed with great love and attention to detail, resulting in exquisite finishes and elaborate structures. The intricacy of the details is a clear indicator of quality.

Luxurious appearance

Design wallpaper inspires the senses with a luxurious appearance which always relies on a combination of carefully selected components. The luxury element is predominantly influenced by the style of the respective designer.

Art for feature walls

Wallpapers created by designers often appear like great works of art. As a consequence, design wallpaper is a fabulous way to present art on a feature wall. The other walls are then painted in matching colours.

Which patterns are popular in the world of design wallpaper?

The pattern world of design wallpaper is very varied as it is inspired by trends - or setting new ones. The five most popular pattern motifs are Modern, Geometric, Art Deco, Damask, as well as Flowers & Birds.


Modern patterns correspond to the current zeitgeist. They can be abstract, geometric, or floral with new facets. Quite often, they are based on fashion and home design or reflect a certain social mood. Modern pattern designs often include unusual and provocative elements.


Geometric patterns are timeless, ultra-modern, minimalist or luxurious. Designer wallpaper models can feature the whole range of geometric pattern elements, often abstract and in unusual colours. In design and art, geometry is essential and therefore a very popular pattern motif.

Art Deco

Arches and other geometric, floral or organic elements in elegant shapes and in combination with expressive colours and precious materials in the style of Art Deco have fascinated designers since the emergence of the style around 1920. Today, design wallpaper models are often striking re-interpretations of classic modernism.


As an expression of opulence and power, damask patterns offer a wealth of possibilities for designers and artists. The primary aim is to create new pattern ornaments in contrasting or unusual colours.

Flowers & Birds

These romantic patterns are capturing hearts - including those of many designers. Flower and bird motifs are continuously reinvented and placed in an exciting context, for instance in terms of colour. From domestic to exotic and imaginary species, everything is included in these often whimsical patterns. Special effects, structures and relief prints add to their variety.

Which special materials are used to refine the surface of design wallpaper?

Design wallpaper models frequently feature special surface materials which have a significant effect on the wallpaper design. These include metal, fabric, glass beads and natural fibres.


Authentic copper, bronze, gold or silver effects can be achieved with processed (e.g. with glazes) metal foil. This material can also be used to create 3D effects and holograms.


Finely or coarsely woven, natural or synthetic fibres as well as warp threads result in a wonderful "Look and Feel effect" on design wallpaper. The basic materials for textile wallpaper models include cotton, linen, silk, raffia and felt.

Glass beads

Glitter and sparkle as far as the eye can see - glass beads or glass stones catch and refract the light, resulting in a true sensual delight. They add a luxurious glitter to the room which is shown to its best advantage in smaller doses.

Natural fibres

Design wallpaper models with natural fibre surfaces exude a cosy warmth, offer natural insulation, a balanced room climate and an increased feel-good factor. Popular natural materials are bamboo, grasscloth and cork.

What are some of the most popular English designer wallpaper brands?

All over the world, British designer labels and manufacturers impress with their eccentric, unusual and often nature-inspired wallpaper creations. The "Top Three" include Designers Guild, Cole and Son, and Osborne and Little.

Designers Guild

The label, founded in 1970 by siblings Tricia Guild and Simon Jeffreys, is internationally renowned for its innovative upholstery fabrics, wallpapers and home collections of the highest quality. Amongst the most popular products of the brand are extra-wide, flame-retardant Trevira fabric wallpaper models and floral non-woven wallpaper models that look like paintings in expressive colours.

Cole & Son

This English wallpaper manufacturer was founded by John Perry in 1875. Motives from nature, forests, gardens, and the animal world, which are continuously re-interpreted in new and colourful ways, characterise their design wallpaper range. Geometric patterns also have their place in the unconventional and very lively designs.

Osborne and Little

The British manufacturer has been treating friends of exclusive fabrics and wallpapers to imaginative designs since 1968. The product range gives a new dimension to the concept of materiality. Floral and botanical pattern wallpapers presented in impressive colours and exquisite textures are just as much a part of the range as haptic textile wallpaper or sensuous ornamental wallpaper models.

What are some of the most popular French designer wallpaper brands?

Designer wallpaper from France is often inspired by luxurious Parisian chic and the charm of the country's famous landscapes. Elitis, Casamance and Nobilis are amongst the most famous French designer brands.


This Toulouse designer label - also known for unique fabrics and home accessories - produces wallpaper that is a visual and haptic treat. The designs focus on reliefs, textures, imitation leather, 3D elements, geometry with bright colours, and abstract art.


Since 2002, the designer label Casamance (named after a French region), has been creating wallpaper styles that provide a very special luxury factor. They are like an open invitation to unforgettable moments. Floral and geometric elements as well as exquisite structures and colours create modern, detailed works of art.


Wallpaper brand Nobilis, which Adolphe Halard founded in Paris in 1928, relies on a fabulous blend of traditional patterns, international design inspirations and technical innovations. Their design wallpapers speak their very own pattern language and give every room an unmistakable flair.

What are some of the most popular Italian designer wallpaper brands?

Italian designers love high-quality fabrics, patterns from great style eras and luxurious colours. Thehaute couturemasters of wallpaper in the land ofLa Dolce Vitainclude Versace, Armani and Dedar.


The world-famous Italian fashion label, founded in 1978 by Gianni Versace, also creates stunning wallpaper. Neo-baroque, jungle motifs and historical or antique style elements can be found in the pattern theme of these opulent design wallpapers. Gold, black, purple red, royal blue are preferred wallpaper colours.


Giorgio Armani is a huge name in the fashion world. Founded in Milan in 1975, the fashion label has put out its feelers in numerous other areas. Armani Design textile wallpapers represent the elegance of fashion in their very own way.


In 1976, Nicola Fabrizio founded the Dedar brand for first-class fabrics and wallpapers in Milan. Surprising, bold and very modern designs in refined colours that convey a very personal atmosphere are the company's trademark. Craftsmanship and innovative technology go hand in hand.

What are some of the most popular American designer wallpaper brands?

American designers get ideas from all over the world and then skilfully implement them in their own creations. Amongst the most popular wallpaper brands from the country of unlimited possibilities are Thibaut, Anna French and Ralph Lauren.


Founded in 1886, wallpaper brand Thibaut is considered the oldest designer manufacturer in America. Their stunning design wallpaper models are made of textile and natural fibres boasting fantastic pattern beauty and brilliant colours. Their tactility makes it impossible not to touch them.

Anna French

American designer Anna French loves sophisticated, romantic and elegant interior design concepts. In her wallpapers, she picks up well-known pattern structures (e.g. Damask, Flora & Fauna, Geometry) and adds movement with lush colours and interesting materials. The brand combines tradition and modernity with a slight French influence.

Ralph Lauren

Timelessly elegant and sporty fashion is the passion of American design empire Ralph Lauren, which was founded in New York City in 1967. The wallpaper range included in the luxury brand's offering impresses with exceptionally high quality. The designs are inspired by the French Riviera of the 1960s, English flowers, and the US polo sport, to name but a few.

What are some of the most popular Swedish designer wallpaper brands?

Swedish wallpaper design has always had a strong connection to the country and its tradition, but offers many surprises, too. Sandberg, Borastapeter and Svenskt Tenn are leading the field of the ever-increasing number of designer brands from the far north.


Changing perspective and size, bringing colours into a new context and simply making the world a brighter place - this is how the handmade design wallpapers of the Swedish brand Sandberg, founded in 1976, can be summarised. Floral patterns from local nature and geometry play the leading roles.


The design wallpapers of one of the oldest Swedish wallpaper manufacturers can be abstract or very figurative and natural but always in the typical Scandinavian style. Historical, fairy-like, floral and abstract geometric patterns carry you off into Sweden's very own magic fable worlds.

Svenskt Tenn

Interior design (including wallpaper) is the speciality of the Svenskt Tenn label, which was founded in 1928 and is a supplier to the Royal Court. Large-scale floral prints in surprising arrangements and small/large animals are the main elements of their gorgeous design wallpaper range. The textile models are characterised by strong colours.

What are some of the most popular Belgian designer wallpaper brands?

Luxury and exceptional materials characterise the collections of Belgium's top designers. Masureel, Arte-International and Omexco are top of the list.


With selected patterns and materials, intense colours and creative structures, the design wallpapers by Masureel tell stories of cultures from around the globe. The interior design brand, which was founded in the 1980s, works according to the motto: Quality and Art.


Zondhoven, Belgium, is home to renowned wallpaper manufacturer Arte-International, which was founded in 1981. The sought-after fabric and design wallpapers are made of unusual materials such as water hyacinths or banana leaves which create unique structures.


Omexco stands for premium-quality design wallpaper exuding glamour and luxury, and colours that reveal the full beauty of gemstones. Glamorous surface materials such as mica stones meet the highest demands of interior design dreams.

Our tips: Set new standards with designer wallpapers

  1. Floral Giants in the dining room: Oversized flowers, plants and jungle styles in strong and bright colours are a popular design wallpaper theme. They contribute to an enjoyable, relaxed ambience and are a stunning eye-catcher on the wall behind the dining table.
  2. Arabian Nights-style ablutions: With its fairy-tale magic, the Orient inspired countless designer wallpaper models. Stunningly authentic Oriental designs are the perfect backdrop for cleverly selected bathroom accessories.
  3. A new lease of life for stairways: Let designer wallpaper tell stories. With stunningly imaginative motifs which invite you to just linger for a moment and enjoy the view, you can open up a new dimension in this often neglected area.
  4. Furniture art with design wallpaper: Choose a wide cupboard or open shelf so that the wallpaper pattern is shown to its best advantage. Apply the wallpaper to the door and sides or the back of the shelf.