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New Nordic Design Hygge wallpaper characterises the Ferm Living range. With its retro charm, Trine Andersen's Scandinavian style lends light-hearted authenticity to living rooms, children's rooms, kitchens, or hallways. More

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Ferm Living Wallpaper - the Guide

Scandinavian design tradition, 50s and 60s retro influences as well as a desire - and the required courage - for innovation and sustainability are the hallmarks of Danish interior design brand Ferm Living. Trine Andersen founded the company in 2005 as a graphic design studio. Their first wallpaper collection was launched in 2006 and it offered innovative patterns that caused quite a stir. The modern and colourful Scandi designs, featuring graphic & geometric elements, animals as well as motifs for children, aim to bring authenticity and cosiness into the home. These sustainable wallpapers made of robust non-woven material WallSmart are easy to apply and can be used in any room thanks to a multi-faceted and surprising selection of motifs.

Table of Contents

Where and when was the Ferm Living brand founded?

Ferm Living was founded as a graphic design company in 2005. The lack of beautiful wallpapers moved the founder to launch her own first wallpaper collection in 2006.

Founded in 2005 as a graphic design agency

In 2005, Trine Andersen laid the foundation for the now globally successful Ferm Living brand in Aarhus, Denmark. She founded a graphic design office, at that time as a one-woman agency. Today, the company is based in Copenhagen and has 35 employees.

The reason? A dearth of beautiful wallpaper

The interior design of the house that Trine Andersen had moved into with her husband presented the designer with a special challenge. Commercially available wallpaper designs did not correspond at all to her concept of creative graphic design. Fresh and unconventional ideas were needed, which is why she created her first ten wallpaper designs.

2006: The first wallpaper collection

The first Ferm Living wallpaper collection was launched in 2006, and the unusual, unique designs quickly conquered the global market. This success prompted the label to expand, and other areas of interior design were pursued. The graphic aesthetics provide the internationally established brand with a high recognition value. 

Who founded Ferm Living?

Founder and Creative Director Trine Andersen set the course for her business whilst still a child. Ferm Living sees itself as a family business in which Trine Andersen's husband also holds a responsible position.

Trine Andersen, Founder and Creative Director

Design has always been in Trine Andersen's blood. The successful Danish designer studied communication design at the International Business Academy in Kolding. She put her knowledge and skills to the test in an advertising agency before deciding to set up her own business. The designer lives with her family in the north of Copenhagen.

Setting the course as a child

Trine Andersen didn't just play with dolls as a child, she designed a whole collection of rag dolls - including their outfits. Even at an early age, it was clear to her that she wanted to become a fashion designer. She has set out on her own path with her unmistakable graphic design which gives interior design concepts a light-hearted character.

Family business

Ferm Living is one of the most successful and popular Scandinavian brands and is considered an integral part of the so-called New Nordic Design. The company behind the brand remains a family business, as Trine's husband Martin holds the important role of Head of PR and Marketing.

What does the name FERM mean and what does the logo stand for?

The word FERM is borrowed from a pearl of wisdom by Trine Andersen's grandmother. The idea for the bird in the logo is based on a particular event and symbolises the implementation of the company's own brand.

Origin of the word FERM

Ferm is derived from the saying "ferm på fingrene". It was Trine Andersen's grandmother's way to express high praise for anyone who was very skilled with their hands (literally "good with the fingers"). For Trine, it has always been an important life motto and eventually became the name of her company.

Idea for the bird in the logo

The creative designer wondered what the future would hold long before she founded her business. Primarily for fun, she visited a psychic, who had a vision of a small bird on a branch that could not decide in which direction to fly. Ironically, this bird pointed Trine in the right direction, so to speak, and today it is an integral part of the Ferm Living company logo. 

What is the philosophy behind the Ferm Living brand?

A holistic approach to sustainability, skilful choice of colours, restrained design and the Scandinavian origin give Ferm Living wallpapers its special character.

Trine Andersen's maxim

Trine Andersen's philosophy lies in creating things that she and her team cannot live without. When it comes to the décor of rooms and houses, expressing one's own personality should be encouraged. Ferm Living designs aim to motivate and inspire to introduce one's own self into any interior design concept. This means surrounding oneself with favourite objects that create a cosy and comfortable atmosphere.

Holistic approach to sustainability

At Ferm Living, sustainable and responsible manufacturing practices are implemented through investment and as a continuous, proactive process. This includes, for example,

FSC-certified wallpaper which aims to encourage a sustainable, conscious lifestyle. Even during the development of designs, the mindset of sustainability is taken into account.

Skilful choice of colours, restrained design

Timeless looks that outlast trends. A whimsical mix of vintage and modern with attention to detail characterises the stylistic direction of the brand. The clean designs grab the attention with their effortless elegance. Warm colours and fascinating textures set the tone. The fact that these fabulous creations are extremely versatile and ideal combination partners for a plethora of interior design styles also plays an important role.

Scandinavian origin

Scandinavian design is truly iconic and has had a huge impact on the history of design. For Ferm Living, this has a firm footing in typical Danish values such as excellent styling, respect for people and a focus on quality. Textures and patterns are often inspired by nature. Trine Andersen is happy to be an influential part of the Nordic creative scene. 

What does Trine Andersen's typical working day look like?

As Creative Director, Trine Andersen is always busying herself with a plethora of day-to-day operational and creative meetings. However, she tries to maintain a good work-life balance by spending her free time with loved ones.

Creative Director

As Creative Director, Trine Andersen is responsible for the creative part of the company, which includes activities such as conception/development, graphics, and layout. She is also responsible for coordinating a team of internal and external designers, product developers and experts from other areas such as engineers and designers.

Operational and creative meetings

At 7.30 in the morning, Trine Andersen leaves the house and starts her daily work routine. On the way to work, she has her first telephone conversations in the car. After arriving in the office, the day is filled with operational and creative meetings to keep Ferm Living firmly on the road to success and to realise new ideas.

Work-Life balance

If you work hard, your spare time needs to be filled with balancing, stress-free activities. And creative director Trine Andersen regularly takes time out to enjoy the good things in life. She loves to spend quality time with her husband, children, and friends to recharge her batteries.

Which style characterises Ferm Living wallpapers?

Ferm Living reinvents the Scandinavian design tradition anew every day. A passion for authentic designs is mixed with a distinctive graphic touch, which results in unique graphic patterns for all areas of life.

Scandinavian design tradition

Scandinavian design tradition is characterised by style icons such as Alvar Aalto, Arne Jacobsen or Hans J. Wegner. Ferm Living combines Nordic mentality with retro charm according to the motto: Vintage meets modern. New Nordic Design is characterised by clear, timeless shapes that build a bridge to the iconic designs of the 1950s/1960s combined with stimulating colours.

Distinctive graphic touch

The label's distinctive and unmistakable graphic touch gives every single product a contemporary and unique look. Basic geometric shapes as well as elements from flora and fauna are placed in a new, exciting context. Simplicity and attention to detail are not mutually exclusive concepts, as the designs by Ferm Living aptly prove.

Passion for authentic design

Ferm Living's products are characterised by authentic design ideas with high functionality and create a relaxed feel-good atmosphere that is always open to surprises. Soft shapes, rich textures and deep colours form the basis for an undeniable sense of cosiness. Striking patterns, avant-garde contours as well as delicate details create unexpected moments.

Unique graphic patterns

The wallpaper designs characteristic for Ferm Living can be both restrained and expressive. Either way, they are a dynamic, authentic part of life. With their stunning colour combinations, Ferm Living wallpaper patterns stand out from the crowd. They give any room a modern, Scandinavian look - from the living room to the children's room.

For all areas of life

Life takes place in all the different rooms of a flat or house. Wallpapers by Ferm Living are suitable for the kitchen, living room, children's room, office, hallway, and stairway. Depending on the individual choice of patterns and colours, they represent a piece of personal authenticity in every room. 

Which wallpaper patterns are typical for Ferm?

Graphic and geometric motifs, animals & Scandinavian designs characterise the pattern world of Ferm Living wallpapers. Black/white contrasts as well as pastel colours set the tone. The label also offers a very varied range for children.

Graphic and Geometric Motifs

The graphic patterns include sections and snapshots taken directly from nature. They are inspired by the Scandinavian landscape. Marine fauna, trees or stone structures are just a few examples. Rhombuses, stripes, lines, triangles, and semicircles are given a new appeal via interesting colours.

Black/white contrasts and pastel colours

Black-white-grey contrasts enhance the special graphic impact of the pattern motifs. Natural hues such as brown, beige, and green in many variations, deep shades of blue that provide intensity, or gold accents which add interest are just as much part of the colour palette as subtle pastel shades. Like the patterns, the colours are timeless.


Horses, bears, large and small birds, fish and deer are among the favourite animals featured on Ferm Living wallpapers. Sometimes they are lively, cheeky or completely relaxed, sometimes solo or in a dynamic mix. Each animal motif carries its own emotion and dynamics that fill the room with individual joie de vivre.


Light, airy, simple, honest - that is Scandinavian design in a nutshell. Bright colours and contrasts provide a natural cheerfulness. At Ferm Living, the geometric patterns play with their own shape. Motifs, plants and shapes from nature are picked up and reinterpreted with a touch of whimsical elegance.

Nurseries and children's rooms

Since 2008, the label's wallpaper portfolio has also included wallpapers designed especially for children's rooms. They are based on a variety of theme worlds (animals, nature motifs, graphic patterns), inviting children to discover, play, learn and dream. Minimalist shapes, calming or invigorating colours and funny details inspire the imagination and create oases of well-being. 

What is the inspiration behind new wallpaper pattern ideas?

Ferm Living wallpaper designs are inspired by a multitude of small moments which everyday life and nature present in abundance. Trine Andersen collects these moments and incorporates them into new ideas and products.

Inspired by a multitude of small moments

Every day, Trine Andersen encounters inspiring people or moments, whether at farmers' markets or in the idyllic landscapes of Scandinavia. She is particularly fond of textures and patterns taken from nature. She absorbs these impressions which also come from art, fashion, or architecture. In her design world, bold, graphic patterns meet cool, contemporary neutral colours.

Constantly collecting impressions

As the designer says, everything experienced and seen is inspiration. These impressions are then passing through a kind of filter in her brain that stores everything according to priorities. Any of these memories may one day inspire - or be incorporated into - new creations and products. 

Besides Trine Andersen, which other designers have created Ferm Living wallpapers?

For Ferm Living, innovation also means cooperation with other designers. Hanna Konola, Hanna Dís Whitehead and Katie Scott are three wonderful examples of such successful and invigorating collaborations.

Hanna Konola

Finnish illustrator Hanna Konola lives and works in Helsinki and studied graphic design at Aalto University in Espoo, Finland. Colourful and playful designs for wallpapers, textiles and packaging are her trademark, and they slot perfectly into the design concept of Ferm Living. Her prints are a huge part of the Ferm Living Kids collection.

Hanna Dís Whitehead

The product designer from Reykjavík (Iceland) who studied at the renowned Design Academy Eindhoven has made her dream come true with her own design studio. Anyone who looks at her incredibly powerful creations finds themselves magically drawn in. They combine history, culture, shape, colour and material in a unique way. This is why Ferm Living and the artist have developed such a strong bond.

Katie Scott

British illustrator Katie Scott lives in London where she works in her "Wunderkammer" (chamber of wonders). She is internationally known for her scientific drawings in which she incorporates artistic aspects. Renowned clients such as Universal Records or the New York Times Magazine appreciate her stunning works. Her graphic world is inspired by nature, a fact that is reflected in her wallpaper designs for Ferm Living which present animals, birds, shells, and trees in a new and fascinating way.

How are Ferm wallpapers put up on the wall?

Thanks to the modern WallSmart material, Ferm Living design wallpapers are quick and easy to hang. The robust material of the wallpaper also makes it possible to clean it carefully with a damp cloth.

Modern WallSmart material

"WallSmart" is the Danish version of non-woven wallpaper. Wallpapering paste is applied directly to the wall, after which the wallpaper strips can be put up in a dry state. All that's left to do is smoothing the wallpaper out and cutting off any excess paper. This means that hanging Ferm Living wallpaper is easy and uncomplicated, even for beginners. In addition, it can be cleaned by carefully wiping with a damp cloth.