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Irregular crinkles and exciting crease effects make any room lively and playful. Crinkle-effect wallpaper is a commitment to unconventional beauty and adds an extravagant touch to interior design concepts. More

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Crinkle effect wallpaper: The Guide

In terms of look and feel, crinkle-effect wallpapers provide a luxurious pleasure. They are the ideal wall covering for all those who love a touch of the extraordinary. Their close-to-nature or artistic crinkle and crease structures are like an invitation to touch them. The fashion world provides many templates for these design wallpapers with delicate or striking reliefs. Their beautiful irregularity makes each of these wallpapers unique. The crease structures are the result of special processes with a high proportion of manual work.

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What is crinkle-effect wallpaper?

Crinkle-effect wallpapers are characterised by their unique crinkle or crease look. They form fantastic, often very nature-realistic 3D structures. Intentionally irregular patterns make each roll unique.

Crinkle and crease

A crumpled look and sophisticated drapery characterise crinkle-effect wallpapers. The crinkle and crease patterns are mainly vertical, but horizontal or diagonal patterns can also be found. Crinkles and creases appear in many facets from fine to coarse, narrow to broad, finely drawn to wild and daring and flowing in all directions.

Structures with relief

Natural and elaborate structures are typical for wallpapers with crush effects. They create a special tactile sense, i.e. the folds and crumpled elements can be felt in a rough, intensive, soft, delicate or silky finish. The combination of visual and tactile components conceals any small irregularities of the underlying surface. Warmth and comfort are guaranteed.

Irregular patterns

As the patterns are not printed or embossed but produced with a special process, each crinkle-effect wallpaper is unique, each roll is a one-off specimen. This gives this understated yet powerful type of wallpaper an exquisite character. The irregular pattern, often emphasised by gloss and colour effects, stimulates the imagination and the senses. 

How are the creases in the wallpaper created?

Crinkle-effect wallpapers consist of a non-woven carrier layer on which thin lining paper or high-quality paper is laminated in an irregular fashion. The crinkle-and-crease structure is produced on special machines with a high proportion of manual work. A beeswax finish refines the surface.

Non-woven wallpaper as base material

Slightly thicker non-woven paper is used as a base material for crinkle-effect wallpaper. Non-woven material is a mixture of cellulose and textile fibres bonded by a binding agent. This carrier material allows easy wallpapering without pasting the wallpaper itself and without having to adhere to soaking times (as would be the case with wallpapers with a paper carrier). 

Lamination with surface material

In the next step of the process, much thinner non-woven material is applied to the carrier. For particularly luxurious types, high-quality pleated paper, e.g. Asian silk paper, is used as the surface layer. As a rule, starchy and environmentally neutral adhesive is used to bond the two material layers.

Highly technical special machines

Special high-tech machines are used for the production of wallpapers with crinkle effects. During the laminating process (i.e. applying the surface layer to the carrier layer), the surface material is pushed together in various ways. Depending on the desired appearance, sometimes more than one cycle is needed. This produces the irregular folds and crumpled structures.

Manufacture character

The wallpaper production on special machines takes place in several steps and under constant control. In connection with craftsmanship, these slow production processes come close to manufacture methods. This semi-industrial production process relies on machines as well as manual labour. It combines the best of both worlds to achieve the highest quality.

Beeswax finish

On certain models, a beeswax coating provides a subtle, delicate sheen and gives crinkle-effect wallpaper its typical pleasant scent. The natural wax coating is also an environmentally friendly alternative to industrial vinyl surfaces. It makes the wallpaper robust and washable.

What are the different types of crinkle-effect wallpaper?

Wallpapers with a crease and crinkle look can be divided into three categories which are distinguished by surface design and gloss effects: Silk Paper Crush, Natural Crush and Longo Crush.

Silk Paper Crush

Silk Paper crinkle-effect wallpapers have a delicately structured surface of dyed silk paper with a subtle shimmer. They come in strong colours or very natural hues of green and beige. Precious metal colours are another option for these silky-soft crinkle-look wallpapers.

Natural Crush

Nature, plants and animals often offer the most beautiful patterns. Natural crinkle-effect wallpapers boast authentic or abstract pattern designs such as twigs, grasses, bark or perennials. Animal fur drawings or imitations of animal skin can also be found. The delicate, leather-like or woody surface design delights nature lovers.

Longo Crush

What sounds like an exotic concept provides an irresistible and yet subtle, matt sheen that makes the colours dance. From different viewing perspectives, the matt-gloss effects which reflect the light in different ways offer ever-new surprises which emphasise the interesting pleated structures.

How do the crinkles and creases in different crinkle-effect design wallpapers differ?

Crinkle design comes in many variations and nuances, and more styles are constantly being developed. Strong and striking structures, a rather soft and understated crinkle look or silky and delicate Pleated Crush are all beautiful options.

Strong and striking structures

Crinkle-effect wallpapers with distinctive and elaborate structures provide a clearly perceptible tactile feel. The folds stand out from the background or form deep structures. They create a strong, expressive two- or three-dimensional finish. The pattern often imitates natural elements or is inspired by art.

Soft and gentle crinkle look

The soft finish of crinkle-effect wallpaper looks like crumpled and re-smoothed paper or creases in clothing. In certain designs, it is reminiscent of fine Chinese ink drawings, thin cobwebs, or tiny twigs. The wrinkles form romantic patterns with a sensitive feel.

Silky delicate Pleated Crush

Just like pleated silk which exudes elegance and quality, pleated crinkle-effect wallpapers have a highly decorative effect. The accurate pleats on high-quality silk paper look artistic and radiate a linear calm. They can also boast baroque, floral or geometric print patterns which bring out the pleat structure.

What are recurring patterns in crinkle-effect wallpaper?

The pattern designs are often inspired by nature: branches and twigs, wood grain and tree bark, reeds and blades of grass. Some crinkle-effect wallpapers are almost indistinguishable from sophisticated fabric coverings, some boast a luxurious metal look.

Branches and twigs

The branches and twigs of trees and shrubs often grow out from the centre into an infinite network of ramifications. These naturally wild structures give every room a free aura. The look can come in many different variations, just as in the real plant world.

Wood grain and tree bark

Wood grain and tree bark pose a particular challenge in terms of production. The finest finishes also benefit from tactile, authentic structures that make these crinkle-effect wallpapers a true eye-catcher. Certainly one of the most impressive forms of wood imitation for walls.

Reed and blades of grass

Tall reeds and blades of grass growing heavenwards symbolise infinity. They are associated with water and natural landscapes. These particular crush structures are particularly well suited for rooms with a very nature-loving ambience.

The look of sophisticated fabric coverings

Crinkle-effect wallpapers with delicate folds are almost indistinguishable from real fabric coverings like crushed silk. The pleated relief structures create a magical three-dimensionality and give rooms considerably more depth. However, unlike real fabric, wallpaper is much easier to apply and clean.

Luxurious metal finishes

Metallic sheen effects in gold, silver, bronze, brass or aluminium provide fine or coarse, accurate or very free crinkles with exciting iridescent light. The folds and creases advance to avant-garde works of art, playing with light and shadow in more than one dimension. The spectrum ranges from matt-shimmering to high-shine. 

Why is crinkle-effect wallpaper so popular for elegant wall design concepts?

A lively flow, charming non-perfectionism and unconventional chic for puristic room ideas make crinkle-effect wallpapers fantastic design tools. They emphasise individual style ideas as well as playful elegance and reflect an unusual sense of beauty.

Creases appear lively and flowing

Crinkles can be linear, symbolise accurate straight lines or wild growth. They are by no means rigid and silent. The flowing movements which can be fast, slow, wild or rhythmic are truly eye-catching and involve the viewer directly.

Deliberate irregularity emphasises non-perfectionism

Many crinkle-effect wallpapers models benefit from the concept of non-perfectionism. Creases and crinkle effects go their own irregular way, which can move in all directions. The folds can suddenly stop in their tracks or branch off unexpectedly. They create forks and divisions, the distances between them are unequal. This also emphasises the tendency towards non-conformism.

Unconventional chic for purist room ideas

It doesn't take much to combine extravagance and purism. The best example are crinkle-effect wallpapers which fill the room with their unique beauty and fascinating movement. Less is more here, and this is underlined by clever colour combinations and clear furnishing lines.

Individual style-awareness and playful elegance

Crinkle-style wallpapers are not simply chosen accidentally. Designers associate very specific ideas with them and reveal their individual sense of style. The playful elegance which characterises these wallpapers is an extra bonus and works with every style.

Understatement for an unusual sense of beauty

Crinkles and creases deviate from the norm, they are the counterpart to smooth and even finishes. Consequently, crinkle-effect wallpaper models are a commitment to unconventional beauty that does not necessarily follow the mainstream. That is exactly what makes these design wallpapers so exciting. And a little stubbornness is also part of it.

Harmony with the outside world

In many crinkle-type models, there is a clear reference to originality and to naturally grown structures. The outside natural world is introduced to the inside in a harmonious, connecting way. This symbiosis can be based on authentic pattern structures, flowing movements or appropriate colours. 

What is the connection between crinkle-effect wallpapers and crush textiles in the fashion world?

Crinkle-effect wallpapers and crush textiles have many things in common, especially as wallpaper designers have always been inspired by the fashion world. Parallels to techniques such as the crinkle-and crush-effect and textile pleating are obvious.

"Crinkle" refers to a moderate crease effect

Crinkle fabrics have a slight crease effect, similar to crumpled paper. Coarse longitudinal folds are formed, occasionally transverse folds, too. The crinkle technique is suitable for cotton, linen, synthetic fibres and silk, which appear more voluminous and have a cool-and-casually look. 

Crush-effect as an expression of a strong crinkle look

As the name suggests, the term crush stands for "to squash by squeezing together" (Source: Cambridge Dictionary). With this technique, particularly delicate fabrics such as silk, linen or synthetic fabrics are twisted and knotted by machine to achieve an extremely strong, permanent crinkle effect. This is why fabrics that are not very densely woven are best suited for this method.

Pleating textiles

Pleating is a technique where the materials are placed in accurate, even folds which can be wide or narrow. The pleating process involves moisture, heat and pressure. Generally speaking, any fabric can be pleated. However, the higher the proportion of synthetic fibres, the more the durability of the pleats increases. 

Which colours are popular for crinkle-look wallpapers?

Delicate natural hues, warm earth tones and strong colours emphasise the crinkle effect. Silver white, slate grey, matt black, light cream and shades of brown as well as gold and copper are particularly popular.

Silver white

This slightly transparent shade with a shimmering finish is sophisticated, subtle and charmingly cool. Soft, cotton wool-like crinkle structures particularly benefit from this special colour. It provides subtle luxury for sophisticated design ideas.

Slate Grey

This dark natural shade can vary between dark grey leaning towards black, dark blue-black and anthracite and emphasises creases and crinkles. It is mysterious and yet solid and close to nature because it comes from the earth. Its mystical character is underlined by a high degree of modernity.

Matt black

This black shade without any shiny or glossy elements creates a gentle emphasis for crinkles and creases. The colour makes room for the structure, letting it play the main role. Although it has a slightly reserved character, it also demands a high degree of attention and needs suitable colour partners such as shades of grey , matt white or matt silver. In terms of minimalist interior design, matt black is an excellent partner. 

Light shades of cream and brown

Light hues of wood and brown as well as cream nuances give crushed wallpapers a natural lightness. They let the structure come to the fore, similar to a flower blossoming. They create a sense of harmony, exude elegance and allow for a great deal of freedom in terms of other furnishing colours. Ivory and champagne are two of the most sophisticated wallpaper colours.

Gold and copper

These two precious metal colours have very different effects, but both have a considerable impact. While gold stands for pure luxury, power and sunshine, copper pays homage to eccentricity. As a colour, copper is versatile: it can come with patina, in light copper rose tones or strong orange, it can be matt or shiny. 

Which care instructions are available for crinkle-effect wallpaper?

Generally speaking, crinkle-effect wallpapers are very easy to care for, which makes them suitable for heavily used rooms and damp areas. Occasional dusting is usually sufficient; with models with washable surfaces, even greasy stains can be removed. 

Occasional dusting

If necessary, crinkle-effect wallpaper should be carefully cleaned with disposable dusting sheets, a soft cloth or a feather duster. However, it is not recommended to vacuum the wallpaper as this can damage the structure and surface. Unsightly scratches could be the result.

Washable surface

Crinkle-look wallpapers with a washable surface usually have the cleaning characteristic "super-washable", thanks to a dense surface coating (e.g. beeswax). They are therefore well suited for damp rooms and heavily used rooms. Hotels and restaurants particularly appreciate their easy-to-clean quality.

Greasy stains can be removed

Depending on the degree of cleanability indicated on the label of the wallpaper, even greasy stains and heavier soiling can be removed with the right agents. For very robust surfaces, a soft brush and gentle cleaning agents can be used. However, too much pressure and rubbing should always be avoided.

Our tips: Design ideas for crinkle-effect wallpapers

  1. Long live the avant-garde: Shades of white and silver let the artistic pleated look shine. Create sophisticated rooms with purist serenity with avant-garde crinkle-effect models. The look can be further emphasised by using similar colours for furniture, and home accessories that impress with clear and simple lines.
  2. Abstract nature: Crinkle-effect wallpapers with striking pleated structures reminiscent of thin tree trunks bring a piece of the forest into the room. Enjoy the tranquillity and energy they exude and add furniture and furnishings made of natural materials such as wood, bamboo, raffia or cool moss plants to this design.
  3. China look: Inspired by Chinese ink and porcelain painting, the creases of fine crinkle-effect wallpapers are like branches and twigs growing at random. Use them to design a feature wall or to beautify larger pieces of furniture. Boldly reach for eye-catching colours such as gold or turquoise which underline the Far Eastern feeling.
  4. New hallway design: Patterns are a great choice for the hallway, even more so with dynamic crush structures which can be wider or narrower, depending on the size of the hallway. An interesting option is to wallpaper only the ceiling with a crinkle-look model. The eyes are naturally directed upwards.