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Wallpapers with stripes can shape the room according to your wishes and visually improve it. Narrow stripes or block stripes. Diagonal, vertical and horizontal. Striped wallpapers make life colourful. More

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Striped wallpaper: The Guide 

Striped wallpaper is both modern and trendy as well as a timeless classic. Stripe designs come in many variations with very different effects. In addition, wallpapers with striped patterns are perfect for "shaping" a room. Small or large rooms, high or low ceilings and unfavourable room layouts can all be corrected with the right striped wallpaper.

Table of Contents

Which stripe patterns are the most common for wallpapers?

Stripe wallpaper designs come in many different guises. From narrow stripes, block stripes, and stripes in the same or different widths and distances from each other to stripes with floral or geometric elements - anything goes.

Narrow stripes

Narrow stripes can be interpreted in various ways, e.g. as waves or pinstripes. Pinstripes are extremely thin lines in a specific colour that run parallel to and at a defined distance from each other. Narrow stripes can also be arranged next to wide stripes.

Wide stripes     

Wide stripes often come in the shape of block stripes, i.e. each stripe has the same width. In addition, strips of different widths can be placed next to each other and combined with narrow strips to create a striking wallpaper design. Wide, horizontally arranged stripes have a shortening effect on overly long walls.

Block stripes

Block stripes are thick stripes in at least two different colour shades. They can be bright, graded or dark, thus providing contrast.

Stripes of the same width and/or distance

If the stripes are arranged in a uniform width or with the same distance between them, a very clear, linear look is created. The effect is pleasing to the eye, especially if the colours are chosen carefully to increase the impact. In addition, colour contrasts appear more intense.

Stripes of different width and/or distance

Stripes with different widths or spacings, e.g. alternating wide and narrow stripes, create movement in the wallpaper design. Depending on colour choices, this can be stimulating and add depth. Striped wallpaper models of this type provide a special dynamic in the room.

Stripes with small flowers or geometric shapes

In order to add a bit of delicate romanticism to the starkness of stripes, wallpaper designers use cleverly integrated pattern elements. These can be small flowers, birds, ornaments and tendrils in the style of Baroque, Art Nouveau or Art Deco, as well as geometric elements. 

What are the most popular colours for wallpaper with stripes?

Stripes look good in any colour. At the top of the popularity list are silver, grey, beige, green and multi-coloured.


Stripes in silver radiate a cool beauty and elegance. They add sophistication to a range of powdery and creamy colours, creating a feeling of well-being in the room. Silver also represents a very modern and futuristic take on interior design.


Grey and silver are a harmonious duo, because grey brings out the cool charm of silver. All other colours, especially darker and stronger nuances, are emphasised by the neutral colour grey.


Warm beige is one of the natural colours which have an earthing and calming effect. Beige stripe designs exude a homely, cosy character. Striped wallpaper with beige elements is popular in the Country House style as well as in luxurious styles with gold nuances.


Synonymous with blossoming nature, green is the colour of growth and hope. As a result, it is a popular choice for striped wallpaper because it adds modern freshness to the room. The colour palette spreads all the way from apple green to may green to dark moss green.


Multicoloured stripes are fresh and funky. In most cases, the composition of these strong, bright colours creates a signal effect or has a striking visual character. With regard to stripe patterns, several stripes in different colours appear next to each other. Colourful striped patterns exude cheerfulness.

Which colour combinations are particularly popular for stripe patterns?

The sophistication of stripe designs is based on combining colours, with at least two colours defining the stripes. White is always one of the most popular colour combination partners, for instance with black, blue, grey, red and pink. 


Regardless of whether they are very thin or super-wide, horizontal or diagonal - stripes in black and white create a mysterious mood, appear futuristic and are reminiscent of the psychedelic art of the 1960s.


Blue and white stripe design takes you away to country houses by the sea and adds an authentic touch to maritime looks. Dark blue with bright white can also radiate a very modern and cosmopolitan or elegant charm.


Combined within a stripe pattern, shades of grey and white are an excellent choice for rooms that need to look more spacious and are meant to have an understated, classic look. Both colours complement each other in their neutrality, they work together in harmony.


Red and white stripe wallpaper has a strong impact. It dominates the room and is best combined with plain wallpaper in white or red. The narrower the red stripes, the stronger the psychedelic effect, which can be a challenge for the eye.


Combined as stripe colours, pink and white introduce a sense of delicate romance into a wallpaper design. The numerous shades of pink that can be chosen to go with white make each wallpaper model unique. Wallpapers in this colour combination are a perfect match for warm wood or white furniture.

Which types of stripes are available on wallpaper?

Stripes are the opposite of monotonous. For starters, there are horizontal stripes, vertical stripes and diagonal stripes.

Horizontal stripes (transverse)

The term "horizontal" describes a parallel to the horizon. The horizon is an imaginary mathematical line that runs from right to left (that is, across). "Horizontal" also means that something can be aligned on a spirit level.

Vertical stripes (longitudinal)

In mathematics, a vertical is an (longitudinal) straight line which can be determined with a plumb bob. Vertical lines run in a straight line from top to bottom and vice versa.

Diagonal stripes (slanting)

Diagonal strips run parallel to each other at a certain angle. Visually, they are aligned in a diagonal line. This rarer form of stripe pattern is particularly common in wallpaper models with an artistic touch. 

Which are the different ways of applying stripe wallpaper?

Striped wallpaper can be applied to the wall vertically or horizontally. With non-woven wallpaper models, the adhesive is applied to wall; with paper-based models, it is spread over the wallpaper itself.

Vertical application

Vertical application is the most common for the majority of striped wallpapers, both those with vertical as well of those with horizontal stripes. The wallpaper is cut to size and wallpapering paste is applied in accordance with the instructions on the wallpaper label. The wall height is the determining factor for the length of the wallpaper strip.

Horizontal application

If the stripes on the wallpaper are printed vertically but the wallpaper is to be put up on the wall horizontally, the wall length determines the length of the wallpaper strip. If at all possible, the wallpapering process should be handled by two people.

Non-woven wallpaper - wallpapering paste applied to the wall

If the chosen striped wallpaper model features a non-woven carrier material, the adhesive is applied to the wall (length by length to avoid drying out). The wallpaper can be applied directly to the pasted wall without having to adhere to waiting and soaking times. Taking it off at a later date is just as easy, as the wallpaper can be removed dry and residue-free.

Paper-based wallpaper - wallpapering paste applied to the wallpaper itself

Once the first length of paper wallpaper has been cut, the reverse side is pasted with the adhesive according to the instructions on the wallpaper label. The length of wallpaper is then folded up and left to soak for a specific time (5-10 minutes). After the recommended soaking time, the length of wallpaper can be put up on the wall. This process is repeated for each strip of wallpaper, always observing the same soaking time. 

How can rooms be visually corrected with the help of striped wallpaper?

Unfavourable room layouts can be visually corrected with the right striped wallpaper: longitudinal strips for low ceilings; horizontal stripes for high rooms; narrow light stripes for small rooms; wide, brightly coloured stripes for large rooms.

Low ceilings

A low ceiling benefits from a vertical stripe design in light colours, optionally with glossy effects. This makes the room appear significantly higher. The width and density of the stripes should be chosen in accordance with the specific room size.

High ceilings

Wallpaper with horizontal stripes visually brings the ceiling down and widens the room. Darker colours are a good choice as their dominance enhances the effect.

Small rooms

Narrow, vertical stripes provide the perfect solution for small rooms. A mix of wide and narrow stripes is also an effective option. Natural colours, cream hues, pastels and other light colours visually widen the room. Tone-in-tone gradations have a harmonious effect.

Large rooms

A spacious room can accommodate large-scale vertical and horizontal stripe patterns, preferably in intense colours. Stripes with a colour gradient or batik look are also a great idea. Stylistically unusual, colourful stripes can make a large room appear smaller and cosier. They also add movement and depth.

Why is striped wallpaper such a popular wall design element?

There is a plethora of striped wallpaper models to suit every taste. Stripe wallpaper is elegant and sophisticated and, as a bonus, can be combined with other wallpaper designs to create a stunning effect.

Decorative stripes for every taste

The choices of striped wallpaper patterns is almost unlimited. Each design has its own unique effect. Stripe décor caters for many different tastes, as if inspired by Shakespeare's famous line: "As you like it". 

Sophisticated and elegant looks

Wallpaper with stripes can look funky and modern, but - depending on the design - it can also be a very sophisticated and elegant design partner for many interior decoration concepts. In combination with opulent, dazzling or metallic colours as well as in black and white, a glamorous note is added to the room.

Easily combined with other wallpapers

Stripes can be combined with most other pattern designs. They harmonise with geometric elements, provide an interesting contrast to ornaments and also form an enchanting overall look with walls painted in plain colours.

Which interior design styles are striped wallpaper models most suited to?

Striped wallpapers are exceedingly versatile. Amongst the most popular stripe designs are those in the Country House style, the Scandinavian look and modern and luxurious/glamorous interior design ideas. 

Country house style

In rural coastal regions, maritime striped wallpaper in blue and white has always been a firm favourite. Weathered wooden planks in stripe designs tell tales of an adventurous past. Up-market country looks are perfectly complemented by elegant striped wallpaper. In the romantic Country House style, stripes are joined by fragrant roses, ornamental birds and tendrils.


This cool look from the far north focuses on cosy purism, a traditional design element of which is striped wallpaper in light shades. Grey/white, light blue/white, and pastel shades are colour favourites. Diagonal stripes or herringbone patterns are also popular in this style of furnishing.


Modern interior design trends provide huge amounts of options for the striped look. Some are very exotic with a funky ethno flair and tie-dye look. Others play with sophisticated colour effects and delicate material structures. Stripe patterns may come in curved lines or feature a hand-drawn look. A bar code in bright neon colours is also a possible option for modern striped wallpaper.


Metallic colours, glitter, sparkling glass beads, intoxicating shine - details and exquisite materials add the glamour factor to striped wallpaper. This sophisticated effect is perfect for majestic rooms that embody pure luxury. Intricate ornaments or delicate structures can also add to the opulent effect.

Which rooms are most suitable for striped wallpaper?

In principle, stripe patterns are suitable for every room, just as long as they are chosen according to the size and layout of a room. Striped wallpapers are very popular choices for nurseries/children's rooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and hallways. 

Nurseries and children's rooms

Striped wallpaper models for nurseries and children's rooms should be calming and simple, featuring pleasant colours. Depending on the age and gender of the child(ren), size, presentation and colours vary. For instance, babies' eyes prefer wide stripes in bright primary colours. In girls' rooms, pink stripes, also in combination with polka dots, make a big impression.


Striped wallpaper in the Country House style, in strong Mediterranean colours, or in black and white or grey and white, is a firm favourite in kitchens around the globe. Wallpaper models with stripes provide a sense of elegance and a certain je ne sais quoi to this very functional room. 

Living room

Avant-garde, modern or traditional - skilful experimentation is the main motto in the living room. Horizontal stripes are becoming increasingly popular in this area as they offer a new perspective on the classic wallpaper pattern. In combination with floral or damask wallpaper styles, they create the potential for stylish cosiness and well-being.


Imagination, magic and heavenly peace are what we all seek in the bedroom. No other room is more personal - and therefore the wallpaper design should be, too. Glossy white stripes or natural colours, light green and rosé hues all show potential here. Wood look models with a stripe design and antique patina are also fantastic options for the boudoir.


The entrance area of a house or apartment should provide a fabulous first impression. Striped wallpaper can visually correct an unfavourable layout and give the entrance area a touch of individuality and classiness. Striped wallpaper designs applied to the ceiling are another, particularly extravagant option. 

Our tips: Stripe styling for your home

  1. Apply striped wallpaper up to half the height of the wall: Combine a block stripe model with a classic ornamental design, applying the striped wallpaper to the bottom half of the wall. If at least one colour can be found in both wallpapers, a harmonious overall look is created.
  2. Picking up the alignment of the wallpaper stripes: With horizontally striped wallpaper, shelves and picture frames can be aligned with the stripes. This creates amazing effects and makes for clever arrangements.
  3. Striped ceiling, also in combination with a feature wall: Striped wallpaper on the ceiling, in bright and/or zesty colours, puts the room in a new context. The effect is particularly extravagant when the wallpaper is also used on a feature wall. The wallpaper seems to surrealistically flow into the room.
  4. A touch of stripe art: Choose a wallpaper with narrow and wide stripes and at least three colours, including white. Now apply only 2 - 3 length of the wallpaper on one or more walls. The rest of the wall should be wallpapered with lining paper and painted white. Where exactly you place the striped wallpaper (right, left, in the middle) is entirely up to you and your creativity.