Customer stories

Cover the inside of a piece of furniture for a young girl

by Gambert

As always, I was delighted with the design, colors and quality of the wallpaper.

Only one slightly negative feedback regarding the difficulty of cutting once the paper is soaked in glue it tears. This detail was of great importance in my project because there was a lot of cutting and rarely linear!

What helped us enormously in this project was the suggestion of associated colors and their references. This allowed us to first refine our choice of wallpaper based on the paint colors we liked and then order the paint.

Quality paper

by Emanuela from Roma, Italy

Paper has an interesting character and materiality.

I installed it in the bathroom of a restaurant, giving the place an elegant and refined touch.

Very good

by Chiara from Pregnana Milanese, Italy

Very positive experience. I received everything in a very short time, the paper is of good quality and it was easy to apply. The colors and designs matched what I had seen on the site. I am very satisfied with the result.

Beautiful and high quality

by Alexandra from Stockton on Tees, United Kingdom
RoomLiving Room

I'm very delighted with our new wallpaper. The quality is exceptional and distinct from any other wallpapers. Even Mr. Decorator was impressed and said that based on the quality of the material he can assure us that it will last for years. It might seem to be expensive, however, the quality pays off which brings me to purchasing more as this website earned my trust. Definitely recommend it ?


by Rica Tan from Suwanee, United States

Love the wallpaper and the customer service. Fast shipping as well!

Role in environment

by margarita belda cano from valencia, Spain

The paper has been placed in a bathroom environment at the Stand at the Cevisama Fair held in Valencia. The environment consisted of recreating a hotel bathroom and dressing room in Dubai, the area where we placed the paper was the bathroom dressing room.

Perfectly met expectations and mission

by Dani Renalias from Artés, Spain

The role correctly met the expectations placed on it. We have used it to wallpaper a part of some walls in an exhibition trying to give a retro and at the same time elegant air, reproducing an aesthetic typical of the 70s-80s. Easy to apply, although the recommended glue could be improved. We are regular customers of the Papeles de los 70 page and their treatment and kindness in sales and after-sales support is excellent.

Fantastic card!!

by Roberta Merlo from Torino, Italy

The order was processed in less than a week, impeccable service.

The paper has the right thickness to be a resistant product and for easy application. The rough and slightly raised surface in some places enhances the design.

Excellent product, very little waste and a final "magazine" effect. Applied on a portion of the bathroom wall, it makes the environment elegant and modern.

I will definitely order other material for other rooms in the house.

We wanted a statement accent wall in our living room and the Yasmin Turquoise indeed created that luxurious accent wall.

by L. A. VALLES from Manila, Philippines
RoomLiving Room

We had contracted a local wall paper installer that did a great job.

Purchased applied wallpapers. Excellent figure, excellent aesthetics!

by stefano from torino, Italy

Gorgeous colors, warm elegant without being flashy. According to the decorator, excellent performance in the application. The boundaries between the rolls are not visible. Ease of applying a protective resin on the surfaces to protect it and make it fully washable. Ease of matching patterns with adjacent spatula colours. In short, very positive criticism and an experience that we would do again and probably will do again when necessary. To be recommended

Wonderful wallpaper

by Tamas Szabados from Stresa, Italy
RoomLiving Room

This was the second time we used that wallpaper because we already bought it a few years ago in the bedroom of the previous house. Now we have moved house and we were so happy with that wallpaper that we decided to buy it again. It was very easy to parade. There are truly beautiful patterns on the paper, its colors are well matched. And now it reminds us of the previous house. However, the package arrived within a few days without problems. Highly recommended web shop!

Very good!!

by Anette Held from Eschenburg, Germany
RoomDining room

A beautiful wallpaper that creates a wonderful atmosphere when wallpapered.

Very easy to work with and really good for a beginner!

As you can see from the pictures, it fits perfectly into the room design...