Customer stories

Fast delivery - great quality

by Nicole Wölkart-Ulrich from Premstätten, Austria

Received the goods quickly and processed them in the meantime - we covered the bathroom and the kitchen in a caravan that we are renovating with it and additionally treated it with wallpaper protection.

Choosing the right wallpaper wasn't easy as I found 4 of yours that I liked so much - but the family council finally chose this one - and it was the perfect one for our project. All in all, I can fully recommend wallpapers from the 70s!

Tanatu is a pink

by Nicole M. from Lisboa, Portugal

The effect was great. It gives an illusion of greater altitude due to the verticality of the stems. And a fresh look to the room, exactly what I wanted.

It was just a little difficult to stick because I don't think I did the dilution well in the way indicated, but it ended up sticking well.

Gorgeous walls!

by Alessandra from Arezzo, Italy

I found a gentleman who did the wallpapering.

I covered three walls of the corridor, while the other two painted a sage green.

The result: amazing!

I'm very satisfied.

A friend of mine introduced me to the site and helped me choose the model.

There are so many beautiful cards, it was difficult to choose.

Superb decor

by tceso from Poitiers, France

To pose with gloves to avoid all traces of glue which would be indelible, but for a fantastic result!

Amazing!! It furnished my living room by the sea! I'm very satisfied!

by Griffanet Maddalena from Padova, Italy
RoomLiving Room

It wasn't difficult to apply the wallpaper.

The result is spectacular! It makes you want to touch it to feel the cracks in the tiles.

My stay by the sea is taking shape!

Work in progress!

ideal has remained

by Victoria from Madrid, Spain

The combination with wood and black taps gives it a vintage touch.

Used for a shelf, very nice

by Giulia from Roma, Italy
RoomLiving Room

I bought Despina paper, with the famous William Morris design, to cover a small wall in the living room and the inside of a walnut shelf which I wanted to give a slightly vintage look. I haven't used the paper on the wall yet, just for the shelf so far and I really like the effect.

The paper is beautiful, up close you can appreciate all the details and to the touch it is clear that it is a paper of excellent quality. This design goes very well with my living room decor which has lots of vintage details and green tones.

I'll update with a new photo when I've used the paper on the wall.

Very very good quality!

by Mandy Albinus from Cottbus, Germany

Very good quality, no stretching of the panels or quick tearing. You have plenty of time to model. We were super satisfied with the processing! It is easy to cut, both with scissors and a cutter knife, does not tear. The paste calculator also fits perfectly! The pattern is exactly as you can see on the internet with strong colors and spreads a positive mood. We will order from this shop again the next time we change scenery;o)


by Angelo from san giorgio del sannio, Italy

perfect parade in workmanship and details. super fast in delivery and packaging

Master Bedroom Feature Wall

by Maria Oster from WESTLAKE, United States

We used Kasavu Silver Grey Shimmer as the feature wall in our newly remodeled master bedroom. It is gorgeous! The pictures I took just do not do it justice...the color has a warmer appearance in real life. We had a professional install it for us and he said it was very easy to work with. I love that it was so easy to get samples before making a decision. I placed the order on a Friday and it was delivered in the United State on Monday! Service was amazing!

Wallpaper is fabulous!

by Barbara Rohonczy from Southbury, United States

This is a great company to work with! Paper came quickly and was a beautiful quality! Will definitely order again! Thank you!

Spectacular result

by Silvia Miele from Lucca, Italy

I had a professional re-wallpaper who complimented the quality of the product.

It took more paper than I calculated, but the result is fantastic (photo attached).

The paper was applied to a wall in the dining room/kitchen and fits perfectly with the environment and colors of the room. Gives a touch of elegance and brightness to the room.

In the photo the paper looks duller and grayer, in real life it is brighter and more tending towards beige, the result is still beautiful.