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Gorgeous bedroom wallpaper models: modern, romantic, or visionary. Design the walls in your bedroom and dressing room with colours and patterns which have a relaxing and sensual effect on body and mind.

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Bedroom wallpaper - The Guide

In bedrooms, relaxation, gathering new strength, and dreaming are the most important aspects. These requirements should be met when working on interior design concepts with design wallpapers, because every person has their own personal ideas as to which patterns, designs, and colours have a calming and soporific effect. The dressing room is often adjacent to the bedroom or integrated into it with the help of some clever partitioning. Its aim isn't just to achieve an orderly display and clearly laid out storage of clothes, shoes and accessories: with the right wallpaper, it makes fashion and styling even more fun.

Table of Contents

How much wallpaper should be used in bedrooms?

In bedrooms, wallpaper can be used for a feature wall, two opposite walls, or even all walls. The choice is entirely yours! Which wallpaper is suitable depends on the type of bed(s) and the available space.


A double-bed is usually the visual centrepiece of the room, similar to the sofa in living rooms. As a result, the wall behind it is often the best choice for applying one's favourite pattern wallpaper. This type of feature wall emphasises the central aspect of the double bed, especially if the pattern is large-scale or three-dimensional. The remaining walls should be painted in a neutral colour which matches the wallpaper.

If the room is relatively large and contains only a few pieces of furniture which are positioned at sufficient distance to the bed, wallpapering all four walls is also an option. However, the pattern should then be on the small side in order to not overwhelm the eye. Alternatively, nature wallpaper models are a good choice, and as their "pattern" is simply the result of the material structure, they can adorn all walls without causing too much visual distraction.


A room with a single bed is perfectly suited for a feature wall with a gorgeous design wallpaper. It provides an interesting framework for the bed, putting it at the centre of attention. Choosing the right area for the feature wall should be based mostly on the position of the bed and the room layout. For instance, if the bed is placed sidewise at a wall, this wall is suitable for wallpapering. If the bed is not positioned along a wall, i.e. only the headboard touches it, this or the opposite wall are best suited.

Bedrooms containing a single bed are often used as multifunctional spaces, where various living areas are combined due to lack of space. Pattern wallpaper can serve as a visual partition between the different areas (much more than just painted walls). However, it is entirely possible to decorate all four walls of a bedroom with a single bed with your favourite wallpaper, just as long as the pattern isn't too large-scale or overwhelming. And just like in double-bed bedrooms, nature or textile wallpapers can create an atmosphere of comfort and cosiness.

Where should wallpaper be used in bedrooms?

This is predominately a question of personal preference. One of the factors to take into consideration is perspective (for instance from the bed). If there are large wardrobes in the room, these walls are already out of the picture.

Adult/Master bedroom

In master bedrooms, it is mostly the wall where the bed is positioned which is beautified with design wallpaper. The wall opposite the bed can also be integrated into the wallpaper design concept. Covering wooden or plastic headboards with a stunning design wallpaper has become increasingly popular in recent years. Wall projections or partitioning walls in adult bedrooms are also perfect areas for decorating with wallpaper. Those who have a penchant for extravagance and unusual design options may opt to decorate the ceiling with a stunning design wallpaper which will make them float into their own personal dream worlds.

Which colours are best for bedrooms?

In bedrooms, wallpaper colours should have a warm, calming effect. The choice of colour, however, is always influenced by personal ideas. For instance, there might be different preferences for males and females.


Pink, beige, and green are amongst the bedroom wallpaper colours that are considered particularly feminine; a creamy white is also a very popular choice. 

Pink is still THE "girly colour", and even some grown women cannot deny a certain enthusiasm for it. Due to its soothing quality, this combination of red and white is perfect for the boudoir. According to studies, the colour pink lowers the blood pressure and relaxes the muscles.

Beige is a warm, neutral colour with calming and grounding characteristics. It creates harmony and balance and is a good partner for more dominant or bright colours. 

Green exudes fresh energy - the very thing we aim for after a good night's sleep. It is also the colour of nature in all its beautiful facets, where the mind can take time out and relax. Subtle or mixed hues are better suited to bedrooms than intense, bright shades of green.


Men tend to like earthy and cooling colours like blue, brown, grey, but black and a very clean white are also popular choices for gentlemen's bedrooms. A mix of contrasting warm or cool and neutral colours often achieves the best results.

Beyond the blue horizon... In men's bedrooms, royal or maritime are often the preferred shades of blue. The cool beauty of these colours has a calming effect on body and soul, it is emotionally balancing and soothes away the troubles of the day. The infinity associated with blue skies influences the mood in a positive way, creates a feeling of contentment, and sparks the imagination.

Strong, manly, rooted in nature - there's hardly another colour which reflects masculine characteristics as much as brown. In the psychology of colours, brown stands for sensual pleasures and the contemplation of being in the moment, in the here and now. Furthermore, the colour brown is an ideal partner for shades of red and orange, which, as pattern colours, can convey brio and passion. 

Grey is the perfect counterpart to primary colours, but it also works great with black and white. All shades of grey exude elegance and can have a purist and industrial effect.

What is the best method for selecting bedroom wallpaper?

The pattern of bedroom wallpapers should be relaxing, stimulating, and sensual. Unique materials as found in nature, textile, leather, or glass bead wallpapers emphasise the feeling of well-being we seek in our bedrooms.

Country house style

Bedrooms in the country house style benefit from wallpaper models which imitate old/antique or natural materials, e.g. bricks, tiles, or wooden planks. Country house styles are as variable as the regions they come from. Examples for this popular interior design style are plaids, stripes, dots, mille fleurs, and romantic motifs from nature.


Baroque, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Oriental ornamentation - classic wallpaper patterns add a sense of sophisticated exclusivity and a certain je ne sais quoi to the boudoir. They can be glamorous or gentle, suave or seductive. Imaginative floral ornament patterns add a romantic touch.


Beautiful blossoms are suitable for a large variety of enchanting bedroom styles. Sumptuous bouquets add sensuality, whilst delicate calyxes make grey mornings that little bit brighter. Wild meadow blossoms and magical flowers let our thoughts drift into idyllic dream worlds.

Modern styles

Abstract art, geometric patterns reminiscent of the Bauhaus movement, new interpretations of Art Deco, spiritual fantasy styles, psychedelic motifs, and lush landscapes are all examples for design wallpapers which suit a huge variety of modern bedroom styles. The decisive factor here is intuition, because everyone has their personal preferences when it comes to switching off, relaxing, and dreaming.

Shabby chic

The charm of the signs of time, the beauty of patina, and the finesse of the imperfect make Shabby Chic what it is. In bedrooms, it creates a slightly mysterious atmosphere with a cosy character. Weathered wooden planks, old masonry, romantic floral designs, plant tendrils and birds, but also antique-look flock wallpaper are all elements that give this look its authenticity. In terms of colours, Shabby Chic is always light and friendly.

Wood imitation wallpaper

Wood is synonymous for comfort and authenticity. In the realm of wallpaper design, this natural material comes in a plethora of varieties. Many natural interior design looks benefit from wood imitation wallpaper, for instance: modern-sophisticated with dark "solid wood" pattern, stylish-arty with colourful wood mosaics, or alpine-authentic with a log cabin motif.

Which wallpaper types are best for small bedrooms?

To ensure that the bedroom doesn't look too overwhelming, the chosen wallpaper should make it look bigger, fresh and inviting. Here's the solution: stripe wallpaper. An optical illusion with huge impact.


Narrow vertical stripes make a small bedroom appear more spacious. When choosing striped wallpaper for small bedrooms, it is important to consider whether the colour scheme doesn't suggest that some of the stripes are wider than others. However, the stripes do not have to be totally straight and linear. Premium-quality textile wallpaper models with warp threads are a great option for those who prefer their stripe wallpaper to have just one colour, as the material itself provides the stripe element. Subtle light-dark effects in the stripe design provide a sense of depth.

Which wallpaper types are best for white bedrooms?

White furniture and accessories, with some walls simply painted white, continue to be very much en vogue for bedrooms. Well-chosen designer wallpaper models are a fantastic way to create dream-oases for Nordic Clean Chic interiors.


We love the Scandi Style. It feels clean and tidy, never too overloaded, and yet it has an element of whimsy. A great example are wallpapers with 3D geometric patterns, for instance zigzag, diamond shapes, rhombi, and semi-circles in grey, dove-blue, rosé, mauve or pistachio. Black-and-white, scenic-abstract tree motifs, or a winter landscape with a majestic stag, are more outré options for the Nordic Look.

What is the best way to decorate a bedroom?

With a few clever tricks and tips, the boudoir can be re-designed without the time- and effort-consuming need to gut it and start from scratch. The appropriate tactics for individual walls or the entire room depend on the scope of the planned wallpapering project.

Wallpapering a feature wall

Remove furniture from the wall in question by simply moving each item to another wall or a free corner. In order to ensure the best possible results, the wall usually has to be prepared, which often leads to dirt and dust in the room. It is therefore recommended that furniture and accessories as well as the floor are covered with special protective sheeting. Once preparations have concluded, the wallpaper is put up according to its specific type (non-woven, paper-based).

Wallpapering all walls

The most important consideration is being able to work as efficiently as possible within limited spaces. Remove everything from the walls and store it in boxes, labelling them and listing the contents. Removing and re-installing lights/lamps should be left to the experts. Move large or bulky pieces of furniture into the middle of the room to provide access to all walls. If there isn't enough space in the room, you might have to use the hallway or another room. Cover the remaining furniture and the floor with protective sheets. Now prepare each wall and then hang the wallpaper. Always work away from the windows and take note of the daylight and its interplay with the pattern.

Step-by-step instructions for perfect results

To make sure that the wallpaper unfolds its full beauty on walls and ceilings, you need to approach the project the right way. From removing old wallpaper to preparing the surface, from cutting the wallpaper and hanging it correctly to special tips and tricks - you can find detailed step-by-step instructions in our wallpapering instructions.

What is the best method for hanging wallpaper in attic bedrooms? 

Hanging wallpaper in bedrooms with sloped ceilings isn't rocket science; you don't have to be a professional, all you need a bit of patience and sufficient time. A handy trick is to cut the length of wallpaper into two pieces.

Preparing the walls

Preparing the wallpapering surface is the most important basis to ensure a harmonious result. The wall needs to be clean, absorbent, stable, smooth and free of obvious discolouration/colour differences as well as mould or stains.

Putting up lengths of wallpaper on a sloped ceilings in one piece

The main advantage of this method is that no seams will be visible. As lengths (or strips) of wallpaper for sloped ceilings are longer than those for straight walls, it is useful to be able to rely on a helping hand. The mathematical basis for cutting the wallpaper is the total measurement, i.e. from the ceiling edge to the floor edge of the knee wall.

Non-woven wallpaper: Apply wallpaper paste directly to the wall. Now set the length of wallpaper along the plumb line at the top of the wall, pushing it a couple of centimetres above the ceiling/gable area. Please note: The wallpaper should be pressed on gradually from top to bottom. Make sure any air trapped under the wallpaper is gently pushed out towards the sides. If any air bubbles or creases remain, the length must be pulled off carefully up to the affected area and then pressed on and smoothed out again. The bottom part should be held away from the wall by the helping person.

Paper-based wallpaper: The top 1/3 and the bottom 2/3 of the pre-pasted length of wallpaper are folded in. The exact soaking time must be adhered to for each individual length. The top (shorter) end is then pulled out, whilst the longer part remains folded up (held by the second person). Now, the first part can be carefully put up, followed by the second (longer) part. Pressing a broom on the top part can help stabilise this process.

Alternative approach: Putting up lengths of wallpaper on a sloped ceilings in two pieces

Hanging the wallpaper length in two pieces is suitable for heavy wallpapers or those with special surface materials. The first part should be the length of the ceiling edge to the knee wall, the second is the length from the knee wall to the floor (plus a few centimetres each end). In order to make sure the pattern aligns correctly, the exact length of the second strip of wallpaper should be determined by holding the wallpaper roll up against the first strip. After cutting the second strip, it can be aligned so that the pattern continues without any visual irritation. The overlap created this way is than removed with a double-seam cut.

Which are the best colours and wallpaper patterns for dressing rooms?

There are no specific guidelines regarding suitable colours for dressing rooms. The only perquisite is that they should be in line with the theme of style and fashion, and match personal preferences. The same, of course, is true for wallpaper patterns and designs.

Colour choices for dressing rooms

Black-and-white, grey-and-black, pink, rosé, violet, wood or stone imitation hues, soft cappuccino or cream nuances, or cheerful bright colours like orange, red, and yellow all inspire a passion for fashion in dressing rooms or walk-in wardrobes. Another option is to create a colour connection to the bedroom.

Pattern design for dressing rooms

When it comes to expressive wallpaper designs in dressing rooms or walk-in-wardrobes, fashion lovers can indulge in their individual tastes. These might be motifs like accessories, shoes, 50s style, sexy pin-ups, hippie/boho, and tie-dye, to name but a few. Flock wallpaper, marble-imitation or glass-bead models in luxurious colour nuances with glitter effects all provide a sense of glamorous elegance. Geometric diamond shapes and stripes in stunning colour and effect combinations add a sophisticated and ultramodern touch.

Our tips: Current trends and ideas for wallpaper decoration

  1. Arabian nights - oriental glamour in warm spice shades or subtle gold and with typical ornament patterns are a popular trend for bedrooms. Just add traditional lamps from Morocco and velvety cushions and throws to create that sought-after romantic riad atmosphere.
  2. Like sleeping in a fairy tale castle... Choose flock wallpaper models in regal colours (for instance by Versace), a four-poster-bed, luxurious bedding, and crystal chandeliers to create this elegant fairy-tale ambience in your home.
  3. 3D and hologram wallpaper models introduce a modern relaxation mood into bedrooms. Eyes and thoughts lose themselves in the iridescent effects and succumb to optical illusions and subtle light reflections.
  4. Multi-purpose bedrooms: To incorporate a separate dressing area in a bedroom, a room divider adorned with a beautiful wallpaper is a great solution. The back of a shelf unit or wardrobe, or a folding screen, are all suitable for this kind of project. Talented DIY enthusiasts can build a room divider using gypsum plasterboard and beautify it with the chosen design wallpaper.