All about wallpaper

What are the basic wallpaper materials?

Non-woven wallpaper

The carrier material consists of cellulose, textile fibres and a binding agent. The carrier layer is made of tear-proof cellulose and boasts exquisite processing properties. When hanging non-woven wallpaper, the adhesive is applied directly to the wall, which means soaking and waiting times are avoided. These types of wallpaper can be pulled off the wall in a dry state, leaving no traces behind. As a result, smaller tears and rips can be covered easily. Non-woven wallpaper models are inherently stable, moisture-resistant and robust. They are also free of pollutants and softening agents/plasticisers.

Paper wallpaper

The carrier layer is made of recycled paper. The classic paper wallpaper consists entirely of paper. Whilst the carrier layer is made of recycled paper, high-quality types of paper are used for the surface layer. These can be printed, embossed or otherwise refined. The decorative top layer can consist of a huge variety of innovative materials, for instance natural or textile fibres, effect or metal foils, vinyl, or glass beads.

Vinyl wallpaper

This type of wallpaper consists of a carrier layer (recycled paper or non-woven wallpaper base) and a decorative layer made of polyvinyl chloride. For embossed vinyl wallpaper models, a synthetic foam layer adds three-dimensional structures. The synthetic coating means that the wallpaper is incredibly robust as well as dirt- and moisture-repellent. These types of wallpaper are perfect for wet-rooms like kitchens and bathrooms and can be cleaned in a more intense manner.

Do I need to use lining wallpaper?

Lining paper is the ideal starting point for successfully putting up design wallpaper and hiding minor uneven patches on the wall. Using lining paper as a wallpaper base is not a requirement, but it's always a good idea - especially if you are not yet familiar with hanging wallpaper. Apply the same wallpapering paste you will also use for the design wallpaper. If you want to paint some walls in the room, lining paper is the ideal base for paint.

Which different wallpaper looks and finishes are available?


These types of wallpaper exude a sense of calm as their surface doesn't directly reflect the light. They present neither sheen nor shimmer, which means that there are no reflections or glittering effects. The light has no significant effect on their overall appearance.


Special materials, finishes and structures which reflect the light effectively (small details or large-scale) are added to the surface. Through unique light effects or iridescent looks, the room seems lighter and presents a certain glamour. Depending on the design, patterns or backgrounds (or both) are emphasised by the light as it hits the wallpaper. 


Special surface materials, coatings and finishes create shiny looks of varying degrees. The light is reflected from certain parts or the entirety of the wallpaper. The angle of view alters the lightness of the wallpaper. As the eyes move, the light reflections continuously change. Shiny wallpaper lends a friendly, sunny and spacious quality to the room.

How can I differentiate wallpaper surfaces?

Smooth surface

The wallpaper surface is unified so that it feels even to the touch. Visual structure, movement and effects are created solely via the pattern design and colour choice. This ensures a clear, harmonious line for the room. Wallpaper with a smooth surface requires an equally smooth and even wall surface in order to deliver their full potential. To achieve this, the underground needs to be prepared thoroughly to ensure that there are no irregularities.


The delicate surface texture emphasises or highlights the design and creates three-dimensional effects, adding authenticity to material imitations. It can also subtly underline colour contrasts or pattern details. The structure can be felt with one's hand, even if it isn't visible at first glance.


A tactile relief created by an embossing process adds depths and multi-dimensionality to the room, it stands out from the background in terms of look and feel. It can be subtle or strong, trace the silhouette, emphasise specific pattern details, or add three-dimensionality to pattern elements. The embossed relief can be designed in many different ways, depending on colours, embossing techniques, effect materials, etc. This adds movement and depth, and relief-type embossed structures can even create optical illusions.

What needs to be considered when reordering wallpaper?

Generally speaking, only rolls from the same batch (also called "batch number" or “lot number”) should be used for the same wall. This is because different batches that were printed on different days may present colour deviations.

If you would like to reorder a wallpaper roll, please let us know the batch number of the first roll(s) you received. We will then check availability and contact you if rolls with this batch number are no longer available.

You can find the batch number on the wallpaper manufacturer's label which is provided with the roll, protected by the foil packaging. Please enter this number in the "Repeat order" field in the shopping cart on our website.

In which different unit sales is wallpaper sold?

Per roll

Traditionally, wallpapers are offered per roll. These come in a fixed format which cannot be individually adapted to customer requirements. Although the standard format for most rolls in Europe is 0.52 x 10.00 meters (21 inches x 11 yards), many other formats and sizes exist. For this reason, you should always check the exact size specifications under "Format". Note for our US customers: The length of European wallpapers is what is usually called "double roll" in the United States.

Per linear meter

Particularly high-quality and expensive wallpapers are often sold per running metre. The width of the wallpaper is a default measurement, but the length is adjusted to the quantity required by the customer. For example, if you need 5 running metres of wallpaper, a 5-metre-long piece of wallpaper is cut from a large roll and packed up for transport. Note for our US customers:  1 metre  = 3.28 feet. Customised wallpaper lengths cannot be returned (except in case of production errors).

Murals consisting of several strips of wallpaper

Mural wallpapers which cover entire walls are too large to be produced, shipped or hanged in one piece. They are therefore produced as individual sheets which are numbered so that can be put up on the wall following a specific order. A mural is always composed of a specific number of individual lengths, depending on the overall size of the mural or the wall to be decorated with it.

Set of wallpaper sheets

Sets are a new and creative approach to wallpaper décor. They consist of a specific number of large wallpaper sheets with a fixed format. These sheets can then be arranged and put up on the wall individually.

What are the different types of light resistance for wallpaper?


The light resistance of the wallpaper is fairly strong and it fades less in direct sunlight. The risk of the printing inks fading is therefore significantly reduced, ensuring that the colours on your wallpaper will remain vibrant for a long time.

Good lightfastness

The wallpaper is very well protected against sunlight, has great light resistance and therefore hardly fades over time. This makes this type of wallpaper extremely versatile, as direct, continuous sunlight has no effect on the brilliance of its colours.

What does the term "grammage" mean for wallpaper?

The term grammage describes the weight per unit area of the wallpaper, based on one square meter. It is provided to help you get an idea about the thickness of the wallpaper material.

Are your wallpapers suitable in public spaces?

Generally speaking, our wallpapers are designed for private homes. However, the majority of models is also suitable for use in public or commercial buildings. The key characteristic that qualifies a wallpaper for commercial use is how the material reacts in the event of fire. All wallpaper models in our Shop that carry the label "low flammability" in the article description can be used to decorate public spaces. Using our filter function, you can display only models with fire protection certifications. We will be more than happy to provide you the corresponding Fire Safety Certificates for your wallpaper, just let us know per E-Mail or in the comment section during the purchasing process.

Which paste should I use for my wallpaper?

Choosing the right paste for your wallpaper and determining the necessary amount for your wall size is very easy: we can do this for you. Just add your desired wallpaper(s) in the shopping cart and our roll calculator will let you know the number of rolls you need. Once you have placed the required quantity of wallpaper in your shopping cart, our online Shop will automatically recommend the right paste in the amount required for your wall size. Add the paste to your order with just one click and we will include it in your delivery.

What does the term "pattern repeat " mean?

Pattern repeat is the height of the repeating pattern. It also provides the necessary information for the offset match to the previous length of wallpaperThe pattern repeat information for each wallpaper in our Shop is helpful for calculating the number of rolls, taking into account the offcuts created during the wallpapering process.

Free Match

The lengths of wallpaper can be cut in a continuous manner without taking the pattern into consideration. This means there is no loss of material.

Straight Match

Every length of wallpaper looks the same. Patterns are aligned when cutting. Minimal loss of material.

Offset Match

Every other length of wallpaper is the same, with a 50% repeat pattern height offset in-between lengths. Material loss increases according to the pattern distance.

I have never hung wallpaper before, how should I proceed?

Do not worry, wallpapering is really easy if you follow our detailed wallpapering instructions with all DOs and DON'Ts to lead you step by step to the result you hope for. We will guide you through each phase of the process, from all required preparation steps to typical pitfalls and potential challenges to clever furniture and staircase beautification with designer wallpaper. Our detailed instructions explain processes, technical terms and techniques and include valuable tips and tricks. Please also check the instructions printed on the back of the product label, which is provided with every roll of wallpaper.

What are the different cleanability characteristics?


The wallpaper surface is water-permeable and does not have any coating or sealing finish. As a result, it cannot be cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge - i.e. it isn't washable. If damp paste stains are accidentally created during the wallpapering process, they can be dabbed off with a cloth/sponge. Cleaning with water, soap solution or other detergents is not possible. However, dry cleaning with a lint-free cloth, duster or vacuum cleaner is an option.


The wallpaper surface has been treated with a protective coating or sealing finish. Minor water-soluble stains on the surface can be carefully wiped off with water/soap solution and a cloth/sponge. Avoid rubbing and too much pressure. It is not possible to remove stains which contain solvents, fats or oils. Cleaning detergents or scouring agents and brushes are also unsuitable. The surface coating is not designed to cope with them and the wallpaper can be severely damaged in the process.

Super washable

The wallpaper surface has been treated with a very dense coating or a light synthetic finish. A damp cloth/sponge can be used to remove water-soluble or (fresh) greasy stains with warm water or a mild soapy solution. Cleaning detergents or scouring agents and brushes must not be used as they can severely damage the wallpaper. When removing the stains, rubbing should be avoided.


The complete sealing finish of the surface, achieved by a strong synthetic coating, allows for thorough damp cleaning and makes the removal of water-soluble or greasy stains possible. Aside from water and soap solution, mild cleaning detergents and scouring agents can be used, along with a damp cloth/sponge or a soft brush. However, cleaning should be done carefully and rubbing should be avoided.

What are the methods for applying the wallpaper to the wall?

Paste the wallpaper

This process is the same for all wallpaper types with a paper carrier. The appropriate adhesive or paste is spread evenly on the back of the strip of wallpaper, taking special care of the edges. In order to increase the adherence for particularly heavy wallpaper, dispersion glue is usually added. Individual soaking times are stated on the insert label or the packaging of the wallpaper. They need to be observed in order to achieve the best possible adherence results. 

Paste the wall

This process is the same for all wallpaper types with a non-woven carrier layer. The paste or adhesive is evenly spread on the wall or any other suitable surface. This should be done strip-by-strip in order to ensure that the adhesive doesn't dry before the length of wallpaper can be put up. The strip can then be put up straight away. There are no soaking or waiting times.


The wallpaper sticks to the wall without the need to use wallpapering paste. It can be applied in a similar manner as a sticker. The back of self-adhesive wallpaper is coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive which ensures that it sticks to the wall. After peeling off the backing paper, it can be affixed directly to the wall surface. During application, the wallpaper can be repositioned repeatedly if necessary.

What are the methods for removing wallpaper?

Wet Removable

Wallpaper models with a paper carrier layer need to be dampened first to dissolve the adhesive. Warm water, mild soap solution, wallpaper removal products, or steam are all suitable for this process. The liquid is applied with a sponge, roller or a spray bottle and should be left to soak in for about 10 to 20 minutes. If necessary, more liquid should be applied. Coated or thick wallpaper types should first be perforated with a spiked roller so that the liquid can penetrate. After the required soaking time, the wallpaper can be removed with a spatula.


This clean, simple and quick method for the removal of wallpaper is only applicable to non-woven (not paper-based) wallpaper types. Large pieces or entire lengths of wallpaper can be pulled off the wall in a dry state, leaving no traces behind. There is no need for tools, just a bit of elbow grease (how much depends on the specific model and the adherence of the wallpaper). Choosing a non-woven wallpaper means that both putting it up as well as removing it at a later point is easy and fast.


The term "peelable" refers to the two layers which the wallpaper can be split into when it is removed (top layer and paper carrier layer). The top layer can be removed by hand - either the entire strip or large pieces. The carrier layer which remains on the wall can then be scraped off with spatula after soaking. Alternatively, it can remain on the wall as lining paper and then papered over - as long as it is undamaged and fully adheres to the wall. 

Removable & Reusable

Self-adhesive wallpapers can be removed from the wall in one piece in a dry state, and without the need for tools. They are reusable several times, i.e. you can take them with you when you move house. Remember not to throw away the backing paper you peeled off the first time you put the wallpaper up, and make sure you retain it until the next time you need to use it.

Which wallpaper characteristic describes a proven fire resistance?

Low flammability

This characteristic, which meets the requirements of DIN-4102-1, describes the delayed ignition of flammable construction materials and is categorised as Fire Protection Classification B1. A special impregnation component prevents the wallpaper from catching fire quickly, and furthermore it self-extinguishes. The use of wallpaper of low flammability is often required in public/commercial premises. We can provide pertinent certificates upon request. In private homes, wallpaper of this classification adds safety, especially in children's rooms, kitchens, and rooms with stove heating.

How can I determine whether a wallpaper is suitable for the bathroom?

Not suitable for bathrooms

Due to the materials used and the unsealed surface, these types of wallpaper cannot be used in high-humidity rooms. Porous surfaces absorb moisture at a high rate. The result is that the wallpaper gets damp, leading to mould and/or peeling off. Various surface materials like natural and textile fibres, metal and effect foils, are highly sensitive to moisture. The surface is damaged and loses its attractive appearance. Sealing the surface with a special protective product is not an option, due to material incompatibility.

Limited, protective coating recommended

As the wallpaper surface is not treated with a sealing finish, it can absorb some moisture. In rooms with high degrees of humidity (e.g. bathrooms or kitchens), this can result in mould and the wallpaper can peel off. We recommend treating the wallpaper with a protective wallpaper liquid which will seal the surface completely. You can order this product here.

Suitable, protective coating useful

Due to suitable materials, synthetic coating or sealing finishes, the wallpaper surface is moisture-repellent. A liquid wallpaper protection product (which you can order here) increases the water-repellent effect and the cleanability of the wallpaper, improving hygiene in bathrooms and kitchens.

Perfectly suitable for bathrooms

The wallpaper surface is absolutely water-tight due to a sealing finish, or moisture-resistant due to a synthetic coating. It is dirt-repellent and boasts optimum cleaning properties (e.g. super washable or scrubbable). Scrubbable wallpaper can be cleaned with a mild detergent or scouring agent and a soft brush.

How does the roll calculator work?

Number of rolls

Over the years we have continuously worked on improving our formula for calculating the number of rolls required for each specific order. High-quality wallpaper is expensive, and we want to make sure you have the right number of rolls to complete your wallpapering project, with no unused rolls left over. To ensure that you can trust our calculation, we provide you with a graphic depiction of the wallpaper rolls, perfectly fitting your wall measurements. We use a symbolised wallpaper pattern which represents the actual size of the pattern repeat of the wallpaper you are ordering. You can also see how the pattern repeat runs from strip to strip: straight match, offset match or free match. The repeat is of course included in the roll calculation, so that you will still have enough wallpaper despite the offcuts inevitably created when you apply it.

Number of linear metres

Some wallpaper models are sold per linear metre. Instead of the number of rolls, our calculator will let you know how many metres you need for your project. You will then receive a roll with the number of metres you ordered in one piece.

Windows and doors

If there are windows or doors in the wall, one could assume that, since no wallpaper is needed for these areas, less wallpaper can be ordered. While this is indeed true in certain situations, it is not always the case. For this reason, we avoid including (as in "deducting") windows and doors in our automatic roll calculation. There are too many possible eventualities that cannot be calculated with precision. Other wallpaper shops that provide this calculation are playing with fire, as you might end up with not enough wallpaper to complete your project. You will then need to stop halfway and try to re-order the same batch of your wallpaper. This is always a risk, as the batch may no longer be available. It is safer to send an unused roll back to us after the project is finished than to end up with a half-finished wall.

There is only one situation where you could save wallpaper: If the length of wallpaper is positioned exactly above or below a window/door in such a way that it does not protrude to the left or right over the outer edges of the window/door. Only in this one case, the wallpaper strip ends at the top or bottom of the window/door and the amount of wallpaper which corresponds to the height of the window/door can be discounted from the total. When it comes to windows, however, you should also consider the so-called "window reveal", i.e. the area directly around the window that is usually wallpapered. The wall thickness then needs to be added to the calculated length of the wallpaper strip.

What do the North American terms "single roll" and "double roll" mean?

What may sound strange to Europeans has been an industry standard in the United States for many decades. The price of wallpaper is indicated for "single rolls", while the wallpaper is packed as a "double roll". Customers pay for 2 single rolls and then receive a double roll. The packing unit "single roll" does not really exist any longer. Today, the term is nothing more than a traditional calculation unit.

The designations “single roll” or “double roll” do not exist in Europe. For our American customers, however, it is important to know that the price of wallpaper indicated in our Shop refers to the US format "double roll". We do not offer a single roll price. This information is crucial to determine the amount of required wallpaper, because if you use the traditional calculation method, you might end up ordering twice the amount you need.


Can I order samples of different wallpaper models?

We understand that you might want to have a closer look at our wallpapers before purchasing them! That's why we offer a convenient sample service that allows you to evaluate your favourite wallpaper at home. The samples allow you to check the quality of the material, the surface finish and the colours of your chosen models. You can find more information on ordering wallpaper samples here.

How accurately do the colours on my monitor reflect the actual wallpaper?

Several factors such as photographing and digitising the wallpaper, or the settings of your monitor can lead to differences between what you see on screen and the actual wallpaper. The colour representations on your monitor are therefore approximations as good as technically possible. We recommend that you make use of our sample service to check the actual colours of the original wallpaper you intend to purchase.

Do you offer discounts for dealers, architects or designers?

As we constantly battle with other online wallpaper retailers, the price of our wallpapers is always set at a very competitive level, which unfortunately does leave us with very little room for further discounts. We are however willing to provide you with a personalised offer for orders exceeding 1000 Euros, whether you are a professional or a private customer.

Is there a minimum order value?

There is no minimum order value, you can order as little as a single roll. Cutting to individual measurements is only possible for wallpapers offered per running meter. Please check for “Sales Unit” in the product page description.

Can I also buy from you the tools I need for hanging wallpaper?

These days, wallpapering tools are available at low cost in all DIY stores and paint shops. Since the shipping costs would exceed the value of rollers or paint brushes, we recommend buying them instead from a local specialist shop near you. For this reason, we do not offer any tools on our website.

Can you recommend a painter/decorator?

As our customers are located all over the world, it is very difficult for us to suggest specific craftsmen. However, experience has shown that the best approach is to avoid looking on the Yellow Pages or on an internet listing and ask your neighbours instead. Enquire if they know someone who undertook similar work in their homes and whether they were satisfied with the work. Quite often these are long-established craftsmen whose work will not disappoint you.

How do I calculate the number of wallpaper rolls I need?

We recommend that you use our handy wallpaper calculator. It’s designed to automatically take into account the required rapport of the wallpaper, saving yourself this step of the calculation. You will find the wallpaper calculator in each wallpaper page. You only need to enter the dimensions of your wall(s).

Can I still receive wallpaper models that have already been discontinued?

Most of our wallpaper models are available for a period of at least two years. After this time, they go out of production as new designs are introduced. A wallpaper is marked as "discontinued" on our website, once it is no longer produced and all remaining rolls have already been sold. In this case, we cannot unfortunately supply you with any more rolls for such model. We hope, however, that you will find many alternative wallpapers of your liking on our website.

How can I share my wallpapering projects with your community of wallpaper fans?

Show us, and all other fans of "Wallpapers from the 70s", your completed decoration project using our wallpapers. Post photos of your wall with the hashtag #wallpaperfromthe70s on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest. Alternatively, you can send us your photos by E-Mail to picture@wallpaperfromthe70s.com and we will put them online on your behalf. Every three months, we will draw from the submissions the winner of our Photo Competition. The winner will receive a full refund of the purchase price up to an amount of 1000 Euro.

Can I order a printed catalogue?

As we are purely an online shop, we do not print catalogues or create wallpaper books like classic wallpaper shops do. Our range is updated on an almost daily basis: new models are added, and older wallpaper models are discontinued. Printed catalogues would therefore quickly become outdated. Our website always presents our current range of available wallpapers with samples which can help you to make an informed decision.

How do I find the right wall colour to match my wallpaper?

Design wallpaper is often used just for one feature wall. For the other walls, we recommend a coat of paint in a matching colour. Use our lining paper, which you can order with the wallpaper, as a base for the paint.

Choosing the ideal colour shade presents you with endless possibilities: a colour found in the pattern of the design wallpaper is often an excellent choice for painting the other walls of the room. That is why we show you the main colours of each wallpaper in the Shop.

By clicking on the respective colour symbol, you can find the exact colour shade on Encycolorpedia, a kind of Wikipedia for colours and colour codes. If you scroll down this page, you will see a variety of possible paint manufacturers (including wall paints), e.g. Dulux, Valspar, Benjamin Moore and many more. Simply jot down the product code of your favourite brand and visit a paint shop in your area. They will not only mix the right wall paint for you, but can also advise you on the differences in gloss levels or characteristics.

We deliberately refrain from selling wall paints online, because buying locally and on site simply makes more sense, not least for ecological reasons. Colours are liquids and as such quite heavy. Transporting paint by parcel service only causes unnecessary environmental pollution.

Customer account

What is the difference between ordering as guest and creating a customer account?

You can order a product without creating a customer account, but you’ll miss out on many benefits of being a member:

  • Track in real time the status of your orders, including shipment information
  • Create returns labels and track the status of your returns
  • Access your order history
  • Manage your user data, addresses and payment settings
  • View your personal wish list
  • Manage your newsletter subscription

Is my data subject to GDPR data privacy and protection framework?

All your data are stored in line with the provisions guaranteed by the EU GDPR legal framework and will only be passed on to third parties for order processing, e.g. for shipping. Our servers are based in the European Union. We do not store or process your credit card information. Credit card data entered during the purchasing process is directly forwarded to the relevant credit card provider for processing and validation. E-Mail addresses will never be passed on to third parties.

Is my data encrypted?

In order to offer you the best possible security, all your personal data will be encrypted before being transferred to and from our server. We use the industry standard 128-bit SSL protocol encryption to guarantee the safety of your data. The small lock in the address line of your browser indicates that a safe connection is being used.

How does the wish list work and how do I access it?

By clicking on the heart next to each model, you can add your favourite wallpapers to your personal wish list. Your selection will then be saved in your account and you can share it with others if you wish. You can access your wish list at any time by clicking directly on the heart icon next to the My Account in the menu.

I've forgotten my password, what shall I do?

Should you have forgotten your password, you can simply reset it and create a new one. Click on “Forgot your password?” and enter the E-Mail address you used to create your account. We will then send you an E-Mail with a link to reset your password. It may take a moment for the E-Mail to arrive. Please remember to check your spam folder.

I would like to be informed about new wallpapers and trends, what should I do?

If you desire to be kept up to date on new wallpaper models and trends, you can subscribe to our newsletter. You will receive both our wallpaper news and the latest trend reports. Simply scroll to the bottom of our website and enter your e-mail address in the provided registration field. Click on "Register now", to agree to receive the latest wallpaper information and décor ideas via e-mail.

My order does not appear in my account area, what should I do?

If your order does not show in your account, it is likely because payment by credit card or PayPal failed. Payment processes can sometimes be cancelled unintentionally for technical reasons. Please contact us by e-mail (info@tapetender70er.de) to verify if this is what happened. Should this be the case we will ask you to place the order again.

How can I delete my customer account and my data?

If you wish to delete your customer account details and data, please contact us via e-mail (info@tapetender70er.de). Let us know the e-mail address you used for the registration and we will proceed to delete your account and data. We will inform via E-Mail once the process has been completed.

Returns and complaints

Can I return products I ordered?

Have you ordered too many rolls or you are not happy with the wallpaper you received? You are free to return the product to us within 60 days of receipt of the goods, no questions asked.

Our conditions

  • the rolls must still be undamaged and in their original packaging
  • if possible, use our box for the return shipment
  • the return postage is paid by the buyer of the wallpaper
  • the product price will be refunded to you on the same day of reception, upon inspection of the rolls, using the same method of payment you had selected. 

Please note that customer-specific wallpaper lengths, such as wallpaper sold by linear metre are not eligible for return. 

More about returns

We recommend ordering and keeping at least one extra unused wallpaper roll. Should the wallpaper in situ ever be damaged, you can replace the damaged rolls with wallpaper from the same batch. 

Where do I return the products?

Please send your returns to:

Tapeten der 70er
Naitschau 42
07957 Langenwetzendorf

We will inform you via E-Mail as soon as we have received your return and the refund has been processed.

How soon will I get my money back?

Once we receive your return, we will check the condition of the rolls. Upon successful inspection, we will refund you the wallpaper price the same day, using the initial method of payment. This means that credit card payments will be reimbursed to your credit card, while PayPal payments will be reimbursed to your PayPal account. If you have paid for the order by bank transfer, please provide us with your bank account details for the return transfer.

My wallpaper has arrived damaged, what should I do?

We pack your wallpaper order in very secure boxes to ensure the best possible protection during transport. If your wallpaper is not in the conditions you expected, please let us know! 

Even if the parcel is visibly damaged, we ask you nevertheless to first accept the delivery. This allows us to be able to solve the problem much faster than if the parcel service returns the shipment to us. We then kindly ask you to send us photos of any damage to the packaging and the product itself using the following E-Mail address:  info@tapetender70er.de  A member of our team will quickly assess the issue. We will do our best to clarify the situation with the parcel service and send a replacement as soon as possible. 

Why should I check a newly received wallpaper before putting it up?

In rare cases, there might be some production-related printing errors. These can be stains, stripes or other production errors that were not noticed during the manufacturing process. Discovering such a mistake whilst wallpapering and having to stop the whole process is something we don’t want you to experience. If you hire a professional painter/decorator to do the job, they might not notice the fault and finish the whole wall with the defective wallpaper.

We therefore recommend checking the wallpaper thoroughly before starting your wallpapering project. It is best to roll it out on the floor and check the printed image meter by meter. Should you discover a printing error, please take photos of the affected areas and let us know by E-Mail (info@tapetender70er.de). We will immediately send you either a replacement for the faulty roll at no cost or issue a refund of the roll price. 

Before starting your wallpapering project, we also recommend that you carefully read the instructions on the back of the label that comes with each roll of wallpaper. The following checks are also useful:

  • Are all rolls from the same batch? 
  • Do you have the correct hanging instructions?
  • Are you using the correct adhesive? 
  • Are the temperature conditions suitable for wallpapering? 

Please note that some wallpapers are rolled upside down due to specific production methods. The direction in which the paper comes off the roll is not necessarily the direction in which it should be hung. 

I noticed a flaw in the wallpaper during the wallpapering process, what should I do?

Sometimes there are problems with wallpaper that only become apparent when wallpapering. A common example is that the pattern transition from one strip to the next does not align. One might suspect that the wallpaper is "faulty" due to a manufacturing mistake. Problems like this are usually already apparent when the second length of wallpaper is put up, so please stop work immediately and contact us via E-Mail (info@tapetender70er.de). Should this be the case we will take care of your request straight away. However, many problems that might be considered to be the result of production errors are instead due to not having followed the correct steps during the wallpapering process. Our team has decades of experience in wallpapering and - with the help of your photos and description of what went wrong - will be able to provide you with precise instructions on how to proceed to rectify your mistake.

In case of pattern transitions not aligning, first lay two strips of wallpaper next to each other on the floor in a dry state and check the accuracy of the pattern alignment again. This simple test immediately clarifies whether the problem is a faulty wallpaper, or a mistake occurred during wallpapering. 

Our tip: If you hire a professional painter/decorator, don’t leave him alone but supervise the work. Unfortunately, far too often the work is carried through to the end, even though obvious problems were apparent at the start. If the result of the work is not satisfactory, it is frequently the wallpaper that will be blamed, even when it is the decorator that made a mistake. Therefore, please supervise the work progress. If you see a problem, have the work stopped immediately and inform us so that we can help you solve it.

Please do not throw away the product labels of the wallpaper rolls until you have thoroughly checked the finished work to your satisfaction. Should manufacturing defects be found, we will need the production details of such label, to issue a free replacement or refund.

Dispatch and delivery

How long will it take until my order arrives?

Delivery time for wallpaper rolls:

You will find our delivery time for every wallpaper model below the order button. The delivery time consists of two components which must be added together:

  1. The wallpaper might either be ready for immediate dispatch, or it might take a few days until we have it back in stock
  2. The parcel service shipping time, from our warehouse to your front door

While there is no way to speed up the first component, you can influence the second one when you choose between standard shipping or express shipping.

If you have ordered several wallpaper models, each with a different delivery time, we will group them together and send them to you as a single shipment. The delivery time for the total order will therefore be the longest delivery time of the models you ordered. If you prefer to have each individual item delivered separately, please place separate orders.

Delivery time for wallpaper samples:

Unlike wallpaper rolls, samples of all wallpapers are always in stock. Here, too, you can choose between standard shipping and express shipping. If you select standard shipping the sample will be sent to you in a normal letter via Deutsche Post (the national German postal service). Delivery in the recipient country is handled by your local postal service. Unfortunately, these letters do not have a tracking number and the German postal service cannot guarantee specific delivery times. 

As soon as you have selected a sample from our online Shop, we will show you, based on our experience, the estimated delivery time to your country. We will provide you also the estimated delivery time if you choose express delivery by UPS Express. This shipping method is also recommended for countries (like, for example, United States, Italy and the UAE) where the national postal service can sometimes be unpredictable.

Will I need to sign for my delivery?

Yes, your wallpaper package will be delivered by UPS or by post. Both require you sign on reception. As soon as your package is shipped, you will receive an E-Mail with all relevant information about delivery and tracking so you can keep an eye on it.

What happens if my wallpaper is not in stock?

For each wallpaper in our online Shop we provide you with the relevant information as to whether it is ready for immediate shipment or - if not - how many days it will take us to receive new rolls from the manufacturer. Our warehouse stock of wallpaper ready for immediate shipment changes continuously and the number of rolls in stock is limited. As soon as you add the desired quantity to the shopping cart, you will be informed if our current stock is not sufficient to immediately fulfil your order. Should this be the case, we will immediately request new rolls from the manufacturer. The waiting time (i.e. how long it takes until the new rolls are ready for shipment) will also be shown in the shopping cart. As soon as your order is ready for dispatch, we will deliver it to your designated address. You will receive an E-Mail with all relevant information regarding your shipment.

From time to time, certain wallpaper models may be temporarily unavailable from the wallpaper manufacturer. One possible reason for this could be that a model is in such high demand that the manufacturer cannot produce it in sufficient quantities. In this case, we will contact you by E-Mail and ask whether you want to wait until newly produced rolls are available again. However, if there is a backlog for any item, we will ship the rest of your order immediately. You can of course also change or cancel your order if the waiting time is too long for your requirements. 

When will my order be shipped?

We always ship from Monday to Friday; the cut-off point for same-day shipments is 2 pm. The prerequisite for immediate dispatch is payment by credit card or PayPal. If you pay by advance bank transfer, your order can only be processed after receipt of payment on our bank account.

I have not received the samples I have ordered, what should I do?

If you have chosen standard shipping for your samples, we will send them in a regular letter via Deutsche Post (the German postal service). The local postal service will then be responsible for the delivery in the recipient country. Unfortunately, such letters do not have a tracking number, and the German postal service does not guarantee specific delivery times. As soon as you have selected a sample on our website, we will let you know the expected delivery time based on our experience.

In rare cases, postal letters may exceed the expected delivery time even several days. This is mostly due to unexpected delays in the destination country. We therefore kindly ask you to be patient and wait a few days. Sometimes, however, letters might get lost at the post office or en route, and this unfortunately seem to occur more often with some national postal services than others (e.g. USA, Italy). If your samples do not arrive, please contact us. We will then arrange a new shipment to you at no additional cost.

Where is my order, how can I track the shipment?

If a wallpaper model is not immediately ready for dispatch, we will inform you by E-Mail about the time it will take us until shipping. As soon as the parcel has been shipped, we will send you a shipping confirmation E-Mail with the parcel service tracking number. By clicking on the tracking link, you will be able to follow your package in real time. Since unfortunately some E-Mails end up in the SPAM folder, we recommend that you create a customer account during the ordering process. This will allow you to retrieve all information about the shipping process whenever you require them.

How will my wallpaper be packed?

We ship your new wallpaper in special boxes which protect the rolls from being damaged. The box is carefully padded to safely lock the rolls in place, thus preventing a potential cause of transport damage. You can trust our 20 years’ experience in shipping wallpaper worldwide.

What happens if I am not at home when the parcel is delivered?

If you are not at home, the delivery person will try to drop it off at a neighbour's house. Should this be not possible, s/he will leave a collection card which will allow you to pick up the package at the parcel shop (UPS Access Point) nearest to you. Alternatively, the delivery person will inform you with a notification card that a new delivery attempt will be made the next day. However, the safest way is to provide a delivery address where you can be present on the day of delivery.

Our tip: If you know in advance that you will not be at home on the approximate delivery date, we recommend that you specify a different delivery address (e.g. workplace or holiday address) when placing your order.

Can I have my order sent directly to a parcel shop?

You can have your package sent to a UPS Parcel Shop (Access Point) near you and pick it up at a time that is convenient to you. When you place your order on our website, you will be shown a map displaying all available UPS Parcel Shops. Select the one you prefer, and we will send your package to that pick-up location.

How can I identify which wallpapers can be shipped immediately?

Ready for shipping today

The wallpaper is in our warehouse and is processed to go out for delivery immediately after the order has been placed. This means that you will receive your dream wallpaper without any waiting times or delays. Should the ordered amount exceed the amount stocked, we will inform you about the estimated delivery time.

Can I still change my delivery address after the order has been shipped?

UPS offers the option to have the package redirected to another address during transport (free of charge). This could be, for example, your work address or a neighbour's, but also a parcel shop (UPS Access Point) where you will be able to pick up the package at your convenience. Once your package reaches your delivery region, you will receive an e-mail from the parcel service with a link to "UPS My Choice". A one-time registration is required for this service. From then on, you can manage all UPS deliveries (i.e. from all senders who have their goods delivered to you by UPS) using the option "My Choice".

Can I have my wallpapers sent to a different delivery address?

You can have your order sent to an alternative delivery address, i.e. to an address that differs from your billing address. During the ordering process in our online shop, you will also be asked to enter your delivery address.

Can I choose a specific delivery date?

If at the time of ordering you already know that you will be temporarily away from home (e.g. due to a trip), simply inform us of your preferred delivery date in the message field on the order form. If the package is already on its way to you and you would like to change the planned delivery date, please contact the UPS parcel service. As soon as your package reaches your delivery region, you will receive an e-mail from the parcel service with a link to "UPS My Choice". Use this option to give instructions on the delivery date or to specify a different delivery address.

Will I have to pay customs duties or taxes?

If you live outside the European Union, you may be charged additional handling fees, import duties, and/or other taxes once your order goes through customs. These import duties must be paid by the person receiving the package. We have no control over this; local taxes and fees in the destination country are not included in our prices or shipping costs.

Customs policies and import duties vary greatly from country to country. Many countries, such as the United States, Australia or New Zealand, do not tax such imports at all. Other nations, such as Switzerland or Norway, have specific duty and tax-free allowances up to which the import of goods remains tax-free. However, some countries have very high customs duties and fees, for example Brazil or Argentina. To avoid unpleasant surprises, we recommend that you check with your local customs office for the current fees before ordering.

Taxes and fees are usually collected from the parcel recipient by the parcel service on behalf of the customs office (in cash or by invoice). With a few exceptions, you do not have to contact the tax authorities yourself to settle the amounts.

Why it makes little sense to deliver wallpaper in partial quantities?

We understand that you probably want to start your project as soon as possible and might therefore prefer partial delivery of however many rolls we have in stock. However, this creates a bit of an issue: the rolls that would be delivered at a later date may have a different production (or batch) number than the rolls already shipped to you. Since there can sometimes be slight colour differences between rolls from different batches it is not recommended to mix them together on the same wall.

For this reason, we will send you the total number of rolls required from the same batch as soon as they are available. This way, there will be no mixing between rolls of different batches, and you will avoid the risk of colour differences.

How do I know if my order has been received?

As soon as you have placed your order on our website, you will receive a confirmation E-Mail. If you do not receive it within a few minutes, please check the SPAM folder of your E-Mail account. Unfortunately, it can happen for such commercial E-Mails to be classified as unsolicited advertising by E-Mail providers and therefore end up in the SPAM folder.

I need my delivery ASAP, what can I do?

If you order before 2 pm on business days (Mon - Fri) and the goods are in stock, we will send the package the same day. Prerequisite is payment via credit card or PayPal. If you choose the "Express" shipping method, parcel service UPS will deliver to most places within Europe on the next working day (except on Saturday). Outside of Europe, the "Express" delivery time is between 2 and 5 working days, depending on the destination it needs to be shipped to. Our website will show you the delivery time and cost for an optional "Express" delivery to your country during the order process.

I have changed my mind and no longer want the wallpaper to be delivered, what should I do?

Once we have shipped your order, we cannot stop it. If you no longer wish to receive it, please refuse delivery by the parcel service. The package will automatically be returned to the sender and we will refund you the price of the wallpaper.


How can I pay for my order?

We offer three payment options:

1. Credit Card

We accept the following credit cards

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express

2. PayPal

If you are not familiar with this form of payment, you will find all necessary information about this form of payment at: www.paypal.com

3. Bank Transfer

Upon reception of your order, we will provide you with our account details. If you choose this form of payment, you will have to transfer the due amount to our German bank account before we can ship the order to you.

My credit card payment has failed, what should I do?

We use the "3D Secure" system to validate credit card transactions, which adds a strong layer of security to all credit card payments. After you confirmed your credit card details and agreed to the transaction, a window from your bank will appear on the screen asking you to validate the payment. This authentication can be done in different ways, but you usually need the bank's payment app on your smartphone.

If an error occurs during payment, it could be because the confirmation of the payment did not go through properly. If this happens, please try again as there might be occasional hiccups with the technology that can lead to the validation process being aborted. If it still doesn't work, we recommend choosing another payment method, such as PayPal.

Do different payment options affect shipping times?

If you have chosen advance bank transfer as your payment method, your order will be shipped as soon as we have received the payment on our bank account. To save valuable time, you can send us a copy of your bank transfer by E-Mail (info@tapetender70er.de) or fax (+49 36625 50729). If you pay by credit card or PayPal, your order will be shipped immediately upon reception of your order. Should some of the items you ordered not be in stock, they will be ordered from our suppliers.

Do I have to pay VAT as a non-EU customer?

Customers from Switzerland, Norway and all other countries outside the EU are exempt from German VAT. Our online Shop automatically provides you the net price. The local customs authority in the recipient's country calculates the VAT applicable there and charges it to the recipient directly upon delivery of the parcel. More detailed information about the relevant duty and tax-free allowances limits can be obtained from your local tax office or the customs authority in your country.

How does the VAT refund for companies work?

If your company has a VAT ID registered for cross-border business within the EU, you are legally exempt from paying VAT (this does not apply to companies legally based in Germany). Please enter your VAT ID in the corresponding field for your company data. We will manually check the validity of the ID, which can only be done upon reception of your order. The total price you will see displayed on the website at the checkout, will therefore include the VAT. If you pay by credit card or PayPal, we will immediately refund the calculated VAT. If you have chosen a bank transfer as your preferred payment method, please do not immediately transfer the amount due. On working days, you will receive an E-Mail within a few hours. This will inform you about the exact amount to transfer, depending on our verification of your VAT ID.

We recommend that you open a customer account during the ordering process. This will allow for your VAT ID to be stored together with your log-in details. All future orders on our website will then automatically be shown at net prices without VAT.

How do I obtain an invoice for my order?

You will find the original invoice in paper form, together with the wallpaper rolls, in the shipping box delivered to you. Should you also require a digital version of the invoice, please let us know via E-Mail and we will send you an invoice file.

How can I use a voucher?

To redeem your voucher, simply go to the shopping cart and check the tick box "I have a voucher". Now enter the voucher code and click the black button on the right side. The voucher value will automatically be deducted from the total value of your order.

Is my payment secure?

We use SSL encryption technology to transfer data provided by the buyer during the payment process directly to our payment partner. This ensures maximum security when paying over the internet. Braintree, a PCI DSS-approved payment processor, collects and stores your credit card data with your consent. Under no circumstances do we store or have access to your credit card data. If you pay via your PayPal account, PayPal guarantees the protection of your bank data.

Can I change my order after payment?

You can change your order until before it is shipped. As we always try to get our customers' orders on the way as quickly as possible, this time span can often be just a few hours. Unfortunately, we cannot make any changes after the order has been shipped.