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Discovering the power of emotions hidden behind objects, Lisa Bengtsson wallpapers redefine aesthetic design, turning motifs into a unique form of art. Her bold patterns are not afraid to stand out. More

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Lisa Bengtsson Wallpaper: The Guide

There is something truly distinctive about Lisa Bengtsson’s wallpaper designs. Her illustration aesthetic is meticulous and precise, her use of muted colours creates a discreet design that does not overwhelm but rather invites the beholder to embark on an introspective journey into the power of emotions and memories. Finding her inspiration from the world surrounding her and not being afraid of immersing herself in past memories, her motifs allow human destinies and stories to become alive. Her designs, inspired by her motto “unique things with love, happiness and personality” are powerful, often colourful, yet never overbearing, and fill the space with a quirky, almost magical atmosphere.

Table of Contents

Who is Lisa Bengtsson?

Known as one of Sweden’s most expressive, innovative and vibrant graphic designers, Lisa Bengtsson has, in a short span of time, gone from designing a wallpaper model as her degree project to owning a successful wallpaper studio and producing some of the most innovative patterns on the market.

Growing up in rural Småland

Lisa was born and raised in Gnosjö, a small hamlet in the heart of rural Småland, a province in southern Sweden. Despite its small size, the municipality is known for being home to many small businesses. Growing up, many of Lisa’s friends were the children of entrepreneurs and the work ethic imbued is certainly reflected in Lisa’s desire to starting her own business.

Graduating as graphic designer and a career in magazines

Following her passion for illustration, Lisa enrolled in Stockholm’s celebrated Berghs School of Communication. Her time there shaped her future career as, under the guidance of her supervisors, she wholeheartedly grabbed the opportunity to experiment with pattern designs. Upon graduation she went on to work for a magazine as graphic director before starting her own company.

A humble start for her own design studio

Lisa used the recognition received by “Familjen”, the wallpaper she designed as a degree project, as a springboard into a successful business. In 2008, she started her own company, a studio just a few square metres large in a room inside the family's electricity company in the Atlas neighbourhood of Stockholm. Beside a desk, a computer and countless wallpaper rolls, the only decoration was her very first wallpaper.

An expanding business leads to collaborations with Swedish fashion powerhouses

It didn’t take long for the design world to take notice of Lisa’s talent and within a year, her wallpapers were sold by 45 retailers in 15 countries. Her growing success fuelled her desire to expand to fabrics and decoration accessories beyond wallpaper, and to design wallpaper models on behalf of some of the largest Swedish interior design retailers: Indiska Magasinet and Björklund & Wingqvist.

What is the creative concept behind Lisa Bengtsson wallpapers?

Lisa’s designs are not afraid to stand out. The subjects of her wallpaper motifs carry several layers of emotions and meaning, reflecting the way we store memories to create an impactful emotional tapestry.

A passion for storytelling

The style of Lisa Bengtsson’s wallpapers originates from her desire to narrate stories through the motifs she draws with such artistry. Her love for illustration and pattern design is constantly inspired by people and their stories, reflecting on what life would be without memories and passions. Her designs are reflections of life and of people, their little eccentricities and secrets.

Exploring a whimsical world

For Lisa, no subject is out of bounds when it comes to finding inspiration for her designs. Whether it’s a zebra in high heels, a dachshund sporting a tiara, or an opulent collage of fruit, lions, horses, birds and damask elements, her exploration of the whimsical side of the world lets her play freely with figures and forms, history and the present, creating fascinating narratives.

Personality and emotion through graphic

A renowned illustrator and visual artist in her native Sweden, Lisa’s creative philosophy is to use pictures, colours, patterns, forms and typography to communicate emotions and the memories the passage of time leaves on our souls. Her unique style, with a passion for illustrator-drawn, flat designs with a beautifully “worn” feel, reflects her desire to show the objects we collect as physical representations of our memories.

Which are the most celebrated motifs in Lisa Bengtsson’s wall décor collections?

From dog portraits to complex patchworks of empty frames or to more traditional topics like animals and floral fantasies, Lisa Bengtsson’s designs always boast a quirky and unique nature that dazzles.


The very first wallpaper designed by Lisa Bengtsson, her graduation project while she was still studying at Berghs, is perhaps one of the most celebrated in her collection and an international best-seller. Striking photograph frames, of all times and sizes, seemingly belonging to a variety of eras, invite you to fill them with your own photos, creating your unique personal history.


Lisa Bengtson’s affinity for man’s best friend, which extends to creating her own line of dog accessories, is celebrated in a humorous and sardonic style in the popular Tillsammans (which translates as “together” in Swedish) wall décor. Mocking XIX century portraits, Lisa replaces humans with serious-looking poodles in ironic and playful outfits, creating a one-of-a-kind piece of wall art.

Animals and patterns

Animals have long been a staple in wallpaper design, but Lisa Bengtson takes this popular theme a step further by transforming them via ornamental details that are a stark departure from their natural state. It’s the blend of colours and shapes that fascinates Lisa - how snakes intersect or how multiple animal shapes can create a totally unique and mesmerising decorative motif.

Floral fantasies

There is something truly unmistakable in the way Lisa Bengtsson approaches one of the most classic motifs in wallpaper design. The floral fantasies she depicts are lush, rich and in full bloom, but retain the style of historical illustrations, as if they came straight out of an old volume of botany. The choice of muted colours makes for an enchanting tapestry that is perfect for a library or a statement study.

What makes Lisa Bengtsson wallpapers so unique?

Blending traditional and cutting-edge techniques and keeping the production of her wallpapers close to home in order to guarantee sustainability are keys to the uniqueness of Lisa’s collection.

A fascinating wet-in-wet printing technique

There is a secret behind the unique look of many of the models in Lisa Bengtsson’s wallpaper collection: a surface print technique called “wet-on-wet”, which produces colours that appear almost hand-painted. The various shades blend into each other, thus creating a matte finish with a mesmerising layer-on-layer effect. These layers create irregular and intriguing patterns with fascinating depth.

Proudly produced in Sweden

In order to keep the production close to home and ensure a low carbon footprint, Lisa Bengtsson decided early on to avoid manufacturing her wallpapers abroad. She chose instead to collaborate with the legendary Ulricehamn Tapetfabrik, a historical Swedish company blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary technology and sustainable production methods.

Easy to install and remove

Wanting to ensure that installing her wallpaper is an easy process, Lisa Bengtsson’s models are all produced using non-woven carrier materials. This ensures that the single sheets do not need to be soaked with wallpapering paste on a trestle table beforehand. Instead, they can simply be put up in a dry state on the pasted wall. This also makes the removing process far less complicated and less labour-intensive.

Where should I install a Lisa Bengtsson wallpaper?

Lisa Bengtsson models are designed to make an impact and are therefore particularly recommendable for feature walls or for adding personality to a boudoir, living room or corridor.

Iconic statement walls

With their powerful colours and their detailed and unique patterns oozing personality and charisma, Lisa Bengtsson wallpapers are designed to be featured as a centrepiece in the room, rather than just lurking in the background. These iconic statement walls become a true focal point in the room, to be admired like artwork.

A boudoir full of mystery

Imagine a boudoir emanating a sense of intrigue and mystery, the whimsical and unique motifs by Lisa Bengtsson being lit by indirect light. It’s the kind of space that can truly feel yours, where you can just leave the world behind. For a romantic vibe, pick the aptly named “Boudoir” wallpaper with its abundance of juicy fruits and flower bouquets in delicate pastel colours.

Adding personality to hallways

A distinctive and iconic wallpaper has the power to completely transform the room, taking an ordinary furnished and decorated space to a different level by totally changing its atmosphere. This is particularly true for Lisa Bengtsson’s powerful patterns that can elevate a humble corridor, turning it into a work of art that oozes character and personality.