Ordering wallpaper samples



We would strongly recommend ordering samples before buying your wallpaper rolls. The colours displayed on your computer screen or smartphone may differ slightly from the actual product.

When photographing our wallpapers, we always try to ensure that the colours are shown as accurately as possible. However, every computer monitor has different settings for brightness or contrast and can therefore display a lighter or darker colour tone than it is in reality.

Size of the samples

Our wallpaper samples are usually 18 × 29.5 cm, which is about the size of an A4 page. For some wallpaper models where the colours are printed at some distance, we alternatively cut longer (and therefore narrower) sections/strips. This way we can ensure that you can see as many colours as possible on the wallpaper sample. 

Are larger samples available?

We generally just offer samples in our standard size. When it comes to large projects - such as a complete hotel renovation - it is sometimes advisable to buy a whole roll in order to be able to assess the design at room height. You can order individual rolls from our Shop and distribute metre-long sections to the client, the architect and the interior designer.

Selection of the motif section

Each sample is cut by hand from original rolls by our team. We make sure that the wallpaper samples always include the background colour and parts of the main design. However, flowers, birds or other design elements might only be seen in part as the samples are mainly used to assess the exact colour, print quality and texture of the wallpaper.

Immediate shipping of your order

We know how urgently samples are often needed to select the right wallpaper. Therefore we guarantee that all samples will be shipped within 12-24 hours after receipt of the order. We use a kink-proof cardboard envelope for shipping to ensure that the samples arrive undamaged.

Delivery time depending on shipping option

We send the wallpaper samples by regular mail. The delivery is done by the local postal service of the addressee's country. Unfortunately, the postal service cannot guarantee a specific transport time, but you can find information (based on our experience) about delivery times to your country in our online Shop. For very urgent orders, you can choose express delivery by UPS as an alternative to the postal service. With UPS, worldwide delivery takes only 1-2 days. This shipping method is also recommended for countries (like, for example, United States, Italy and the UAE) where the national postal service can sometimes be unpredictable.

Costs for samples and shipping

The price of a sample is always stated along with the price of a roll in our online Shop. This varies slightly from model to model but is always based on the price of a roll. The shipping costs depend on the selected shipping method chosen in your order and are shown in the shopping cart. We can send up to 30 samples in one envelope. We are also happy to send you more than 30 samples - we will simply fill a second envelope.

Are free samples also available?

Unfortunately, due to the time-consuming work involved in this service, we cannot offer free samples. However, we have created an alternative that costs you nothing and also does not require waiting. For every wallpaper, you will find the option to "Print a sample". You can print a 1:1 image of a pattern section. Of course, this is not the original material and the colours may also differ slightly, depending on the printer. Nevertheless, it definitely helps to get an exact idea of the design and the proportions of individual pattern elements.

Cleverly reusing samples

Once a specific wallpaper has been decided on, the samples have done their job. However, they are far too beautiful to simply end up in the bin, which also pollutes the environment unnecessarily.

Our tip: Fold the sections in the middle to make decorative greeting cards for your friends. Write your messages or congratulations on the back - hey presto: an individual card nobody else has.