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Modern wallpaper styles express the zeitgeist and current trends in their own unmistakable way. Let a fresh breeze blow into your rooms, be it living room or bedroom, restaurant or hotel.

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Modern Wallpaper: The Guide

In terms of colours, patterns, motifs and materials, modern wallpaper designs are characterised by the innovative spirit of the times, the attitude to life in the here and now. They have a new, fresh character, even if they are inspired by classic and vintage. Modern wallpaper designs are often based on fashion, architecture and home style trends - or they simply set new trends. Find out all about contemporary wallpaper models that make life more beautiful, more colourful and more varied, while meeting individual requirements. 

Table of Contents

What are modern wallpapers?

Modern wallpaper designs tie in with current trends and tastes. In terms of conceptual definition, modernism, contemporary design and modern art go hand in hand. 


In general terms, modernity can be defined as a period of change and upheaval and stands for the opposite of tradition. Modernity thus refers to the present, the progressive nature associated with it and the prevailing views of the time.  In history, modernity begins at different times, depending on the field (e.g. philosophy, economics) in which major changes have taken place. In stylistics, the term "classical modernity" stands for an era that has ended. 

Contemporary Design

Contemporary or current design is created in the here and now. It is influenced by current events, as well as current technical, cultural or social developments. It can be inspired by past time, design and art epochs or it can adopt a completely new way of expression. 

Modern Art

Modern art comprises a number of styles that have been formed since the 19th century and influenced by world-famous artists.  These include Bauhaus, Dada, Expressionism, Futurism, Impressionism, Art Nouveau, Constructivism, Cubism and Surrealism. Modern art should be distinguished from contemporary art, which refers to the current epoch.

Who determines what is "modern" in wallpaper?

Hip wallpaper trends can be born in many design areas, or they can be created by an ingenious stroke of luck. Trend researchers for interior design, colour experts and fashion designers have a particularly strong influence on modern wallpaper designs.

Trend researchers for interior design

Trend researchers for interior design examine how the parameters of living and working are changing in terms of design.  New interior design trends are constantly being developed all over the world.  Functionality, colour schemes, comfort and various other topics determine the new face of interior design year after year.  Wallpaper styles that move with the times adapt to the latest developments.

Colour experts

Every year features its own trend colours in home design. Often the trendy wallpaper and wall colours are new compositions by colour experts, e.g. from large manufacturers such as Pantone, known for the colour mixing system of the same name. Physiological and psychological aspects are incorporated in colour development, which can set new priorities every year.

Fashion designers as trendsetters

Fashion very often leads the way, especially when it comes to the patterns, motifs and materials of the season. Wallpaper artists transfer the inspirations of great fashion designers to exclusive wallpapers, providing both visual as well as haptic delights. Examples: creations in soft imitation leather with animal prints or silky paper wallpapers with glittering stones. 

In which rooms do modern wallpaper models provide new ideas for wall design?

In almost every room of the house - but also in the office - modern wallpapers can inspire the wall and room design. Living room, bedroom, kitchen, hall, entrance area, bathroom and dining room are transformed into exceptional living spaces. 

Living room

The living room is a representative, sociable as well as very cosy and private room. 
 Modern wallpaper designs open up a wide variety of possibilities to design this area according to different aspects and requirements. Enchanting floral and botanical patterns, luxurious designer wallpaper, authentic wood and stone wallpaper are just a few examples. Individual theme preferences, e.g. damask, English Cottage, Minimalism, and Modern Art are also implemented in hip new designs. The living room becomes a room that reflects the personality of the owner, giving it a very unique and attractive touch. 


The realm of dreams is adorned with fantastic, romantic, mystical motifs that put the mind at rest and carry it off into its own magical worlds. Even fairy-tale king Ludwig II of Bavaria knew how to design his bedroom so that he could escape into Wagner's secret magical world.  This symbolised that he was in touch with the zeitgeist, as Wagner was one of the most important contemporary artists of the time.  With modern wallpaper, anyone can create their own dream world. This could be a feudal royal chamber, a mysterious enchanted garden, a cosy forest landscape or a colourful grove of flowers. Fantasy elements, antique wood, colourful graffiti, cool concrete, Arabian mosaics straight out of an exotic fairytale... The list can be continued endlessly, because new, breathtaking designs are constantly finding their way into the world of wallpaper.


The kitchen has long since ceased to be a separate room which only the housewife works in. Open kitchens are hip and invite family, friends and acquaintances to cook and relax together. The wallpaper design is usually based on the kitchen furnishings and effectively complements them. Personal preferences are taken into account, e.g. for stone or wood design, marble, geometric shapes, plants or unusual motifs. Country House style, Scandinavian Look, Purism, and Industrial feature preferred patterns that characterise modern wallpaper in their own contemporary way. Breaks in style are a popular styling device and prove creative courage.


Show me your entrance and I'll tell you who you are!  
 This saying hits the nail on the head when it comes to the wallpaper design of reception and passage areas. Modern wallpaper with luxurious, extravagant, unusual or luxuriant designs meets all potential requirements. They make the corridor and entrance welcoming and provide a surprising view and first impression.  As we all know: There is only one chance to make a first impression! Modern design wallpapers have the X factor and visitors will be delighted. Mainstream wallpaper is a thing of the past, today we expect diversity and excitement. 


Beauty and wellness are the main themes in the bathroom. Your own good taste determines how these are individually implemented in terms of wallpaper.  And with modern wallpapers, the possibilities are endless.  Opulent elegance, tropical-exotic beauty, smooth stone looks, brightly coloured, black and white or metallic shine are all popular parameters for suitable trendy wallpaper patterns. Ingenious wallpaper models with special protective coating can now largely replace tiles in the bathroom - another major advantage of modern wallpaper. Thus, almost all design wishes can be fulfilled. 

Dining room

Even in smaller apartments, the dining room next to the kitchen is becoming increasingly important again. Thanks to modern wallpaper designs, this separate space for convivial, cosy meals becomes an appetising area where the senses of enjoyment are addressed on every level.  Patterned wallpaper inspired by the classics or abstract futuristic creations (and everything in between!) can create an oasis of good taste. The resulting special ambience at dinner brings people together and promotes relaxation. As a consequence, dining room wallpaper can be sensual and enchanting.


Depending on the focus of work activities in an office, such as concentration or creativity, modern wallpaper models can motivate, inspire, and offer magical moments for important break times. Sterile offices are most definitely a thing of the past.  These days, well-being is the order of the day and personal aspects are also taken into account. Patterns and colours can be selected according to specific requirements. In office premises where clients visit, the wallpaper may also be luxurious and striking, just as long as it effectively matches the business focus.

Which colours feature on modern wallpaper at present?

Colours such as grey, silver or black/white are standard for modern wallpaper as they are timelessly modern.  At the moment, blue, brown, green and red are also very popular for trendy wallpaper designs.


This neutral colour, a combination of black and white, comes in many nuances and is a versatile hue in modern wallpaper design. In terms of modern wallpaper designs, grey is a true magician. The colour also has a puristic character. It can create a warm or cool ambience and brings out strong colours. 


In modern and futuristic designs, silver has always been a popular stylistic device. Silver also has a sophisticated, cool and very elegant effect, which gives clear modern interiors that certain je ne sais quoi. Moreover, the colour of the moon harmonises with a huge array of different patterns. 

Metallic wallpaper surfaces with a chrome or stainless steel effects give silver a high gloss finish.


Blue exudes strength and power; it is expressive and yet keeps a cool head. The thematic implementation possibilities for modern wallpapers are as versatile and multi-layered as the many nuanced shades of blue. From majestic to mysterious and sea-fresh, blue offers plenty of trend potential. Dark shades of blue are currently particularly popular.


The colour brown is often associated with Mother Earth and a feeling of security and warmth. This cosy colour has established its place in modern home design and is often equated with comfort and relaxation. Brown also symbolises pleasure, just think of chocolate or cocoa! 


Green is the colour of nature, of the lush plants and flowers that we enjoy so much. Green stands for stability and hope, clears the mind and senses for new things and stimulates creativity. All of these factors are significant elements of new and modern wallpaper trends. 


Red is a colour favourite for modern wallpapers, and for good reasons. This warm, stimulating colour exudes fire and passion and has a strong effect. Whenever a design needs that extra dose of dominance and sophistication, red is the go-to choice. 


Black and white patterns are a main component of modern wallpaper designs. Depending on pattern or motif, conventionality, experimental joy and sensual coquetry can all be expressed in this colour combination. Black and white wallpapers are the right choice for individual looks in your own four walls, in the office or in hip scene locations.

Why are modern wallpapers the first choice for trend-conscious interior design styles?

Those who want to keep up with the times when it comes to interior design can rely on modern wallpaper. Unusual designs and exclusive trends offer pure luxury for a feature wall.

Unusual design

Extraordinary design is based on unusual patterns, motifs, colour combinations and materials.  It can make you smile or think, but it is also often provocative. Above all, it has no old-fashioned or run-of-the-mill charm; instead, it is a true eye-catcher that appeals to different senses.

Exclusive trends

Any personal approach to interior design is inspired by exclusivity and individuality. Patterns and materials designed exclusively for a collection may even be limited editions. They meet the highest demands for unique wallpaper design. In this context, top-class artists are often commissioned for their creative flair.

Luxury for feature walls

Modern wallpapers attract attention, they inspire new ideas or present themselves as wall art. They leave plenty of room for interpretation. Generally speaking, the more conspicuous designs lend themselves to a feature wall, which creates a luxurious ambience without overwhelming the beholder.

Which wallpaper styles are re-interpreted in modern wall design?

Modern wall design is not tied to any particular wallpaper style. In fact, it is extremely free and creative. However, there are a few styles that often influence modern wallpaper designs, above all the modern take on the Country House style, Geometry & Graphics, Damask, Bauhaus, and Retro. 

Modern Country House

The modern take on the traditional Country House style is focussed on diversity, for example in the shape of botanical, floral, figurative, classical patterns or motifs that are set in a contemporary context. This style is based on attributes such as light, youthful, zesty and Mediterranean, avoiding pomp and heaviness.

Geometry & Graphics   

Geometric and graphic designs are timeless, and special subtleties, details, colours and effects lend them a highly modern touch.   Circles, diamonds, wave designs and new abstract shapes are often found on modern wallpaper. Bright colours and three-dimensional effects give the patterns an additional appeal. 


Sophisticated, opulent, a little playful and a little ostentatious:  With their tactile, elaborate ornaments, damask wallpaper models exude luxury and elegant individuality. Wallpaper models in the Neo-Baroque style can set striking accents in spectacular colours. 


Abstract, geometric, in bright primary colours and with clear lines, the Bauhaus style enjoys great popularity to this day - often in the shape of hip wallpaper designs. For all those who love great functionality, design and stylistic harmony, the new models based on this extremely popular style tie in with the great era but have their own expressive power.


Funky retro patterns reminiscent of the 60s and 70s have established a firm position in modern wallpaper design. Stylised and abstract flowers or psychedelic geometry are examples of elements that offer a wealth of new possibilities and appeal to the current zeitgeist.

What are the most popular modern wallpaper patterns?

Modernity is often equated with certain patterns. 3D designs and concrete and wood imitation looks are in particularly high demand, as are wallpapers where flowers, birds and stripes provide the visual appeal.


3D technology is one of the achievements of the modern age. As an example, movies in 3D which, when viewed with special glasses, give the viewer the impression that he or she is actually part of the action. Three-dimensional pattern motifs create a playful depth, they can create optical illusions and plastic effects.


In their diversity of species and their countless variations, flowers delight heart and eye. They represent romance and have their own symbolic language. Depending on their depiction, they exude a fresh character with a strong reference to nature. Modern floral patterns can be abstract, representational or graphic.


Birds soothe the soul and enchant the eye. They are an important component of exotic and botanical wallpaper designs and effectively emphasise floral pattern motifs. When depicted in an unusual manner, they can give modern wallpaper an irresistible charisma.


Stripes never go out of fashion. They reinvent themselves again and again or are put into a contemporary context by designers. They play with colours and change their width and dimensionality. Interesting movement is provided by sophisticated materials and structures. 

Concrete look

For several years now, the concrete look has been a firm feature of trendy wallpapers, presenting a different side every season.  Some are characterised by a rough and cool beauty, some show traces of paint or graffiti. Others look as if concrete had just been accurately applied. Modern concrete look wallpaper models are a fabulous, often elegant addition to any room.

Wood look

Wallpaper models in a wood design are undoubtedly among the classics of the modern age. They are continuously adapted to new trends and as a result offer great diversity. Wood also conveys a lively, warm aura, which unfolds in the room via wood-look wallpaper. Wood imitations in the Shabby Chic style are particularly popular at the moment.

Our tips: Ideas for modern wallpaper design

  1. Stylish minimalism: In the bedroom, wallpaper the headboard of the bed with dark herringbone wood-look wallpaper. The remaining walls should be painted in a pleasant cornflower blue. Those wishing to create a sense of magical depth could choose a wallpaper with a black background and a silver pattern for the bathroom. Bathroom ceramics are presented in a glossy white.
  2. Metallic colours:  Modern wallpapers in trendy metallic colours such as rose gold, copper bronze or aluminium lend the room a touch of elegance and provide subtle luxury. Match the colour of your home accessories to the colour of the wallpaper. 
  3. The toilet as its own universe: WCs don't have to be boring and functional. Velvety textured surfaces in bright hues of purple are just as much an option as touches of gold or modern wallpaper prints in the style of antique masterpieces.
  4. Floral and botanical patterns in XXL: A feature wall in black/grey/white with a soft or abstractly drawn large-scale flower or plant design is all that is needed to create a fascinatingly artistic atmosphere in the room, e.g. in the living and dining room or in the office.