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Interior design concepts for catering establishments are being reinvented. Guests of restaurants and bars expect an experience exceeding mere culinary delights. Contract gastronomy wallpaper is a fabulous tool for realising individual ideas. More

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Gastronomy Wallpaper: The Guide

Concepts for gastronomic establishments like cafés, bars and restaurants continue to become more and more spectacular, unusual and individual. Today's guests look for more than just culinary enjoyment, delicious dishes and drinks; they expect a refined atmosphere and a memorable event. Well-chosen design wallpaper is the perfect way to realise attractive innovative concepts. 

Our wallpaper models for the HoReCa industry meet the stringent regulations for hygiene and cleaning. 

Table of Contents

Which types of catering establishments are suitable for wallpaper décor?

The gastronomy landscape is incredibly varied, and each individual venue can benefit from a design wallpaper to create a unique atmosphere. In various different establishments, e.g. restaurants and bars, wallpaper is the first-choice decoration tool.


Cleverly selected pattern and motif wallpaper models can visually emphasise the culinary focus of an eatery or a specific theme, for instance Mediterranean, molecular, or Asian cuisine. In hip, fashionable restaurants, an authentic interior design is often part of the corporate identity as well as an important marketing factor. Design wallpaper determines the individual ambience and style, whets the appetite, and sets the mood for indulging in freshly created delicacies.


Not every bar is the same. Each variant has its own identity and characteristics. For example, a classy place named "The Havana Lounge", where regulars enjoy a good drop of oak-aged whisky whilst sitting in comfortable armchairs, will be the perfect environment for wallpaper models in a colonial or Art Nouveau style. A cocktail bar in the style of the 1920s or a milk bar in the style of the 1950s benefit from the typical pattern design of these eras. Spanish tapas bars look even more authentic with a sunny Mediterranean design. Designer wallpapers are a fabulous way to reflect individual bar concepts based on historical or geographical themes or innovative ideas.


Cosy, whimsical, perhaps with a regional touch like Vienna Coffee house, or ultra-modern? Cafés are places where guests wish to relax, chat, let the time stand still for just a little while, or make plans for the future. Pattern wallpaper helps create the desired ambience and provides the eye with much-needed restfulness.


The right wallpaper can create the desired atmosphere for a club. The term "club" covers a multitude of interpretation possibilities, from dance club to night club, from a relaxed lounge ambience to an exclusive members-only environment (e.g. gentlemen‘s clubs, chess clubs, racing clubs, etc.). With the appropriate wallpaper décor, any club can boast a personal touch, be it glamorous, retro or even rock'n'roll. Effect foil wallpaper models or material imitations like leather are top of the bill here.


Dancing is sensual and emotional, it can be wild, romantic, or downright crazy. In a "disco" or traditional dance hall, the atmosphere is partly down to the interior design. Colours and patterns have a direct impact on hips, pelvis and legs via the nervous system. Special lighting can make wallpaper pop even in dimmed areas.


With its traditional, lovingly designed bistros, France has left a mark on the global restaurant scene. These establishments which serve snacks, small dishes, and drinks are popular with young and old, locals and tourists alike. The right wallpaper will attract the gaze of potential guests from the outside and pull punters in. It will raise interest, which is exactly what a bistro needs to stand out from the crowd.


Bella Italia - the country that gave us pizza is as varied and multi-faceted as the toppings available for pizzas. With creative wallpapers reflecting the beauty of Italy and its delicious cuisine, a regular pizza joint turns into a popular meeting place for lovers of the culinary art of southern Europe.

Ice Cream Parlour

When enjoying a truly delicious ice cream, we forget time and space, and surrender to the sensual experience. Wallpaper models in pastelly ice cream colours with imaginative pattern motifs emphasise this culinary pleasure. Striking images which transport us to ancient Greece or Rome, or Botticelli-style angels, are also fabulous options for a truly sensational Gelateriaexperience.

Coffee Shop

Total relaxation - in terms of design, coffee shops in Amsterdam or New York offer the perfect style blueprints for a small, convivial establishment where coffee, non-alcoholic drinks, and small delicacies are consumed in a cosy atmosphere. Bohemian wallpaper models with stimulating patterns and muted, darker colours are the perfect option for this kind of environment.


English or Irish - that's merely a question of details. The typical pub flair, a combination of warm, aged wood, bare bricks, classic, nostalgic patterns as well as a cosy character, can be recreated without great effort with deceptively realistic wood and stone imitation wallpapers.

Sports bar

A place where sport fans meet to actively participate in games of darts, pool, billiards, and table football, or to watch live sports events with friends on large screens. Designing wall décor with the help of wallpaper can create an interesting connection to various types of sport, or emphasise a mutual interest in sport.

Snack Bar/Kiosk

A juicy burger or delicious fish and chips dish will taste even better if the eyes are also spoiled a little. Unusual pattern wallpapers with food motifs are fabulous highlights for snack bars - and they can even have an appetising effect! Tasteful wall décor can provide the positive "upgrading" that will enable a small fast food establishment to compete with the large chains.

Which target group is meant to be attracted by the wallpaper décor?

The first impression provided by wallpaper décor is one of the factors determining whether or not the envisaged target group will feel at home in a catering establishment. The subconscious preferences of various types of guests can help determine which wall decoration is right.

Older customers

Classic and elegant, muted (rather than bright and garish) colours, perhaps a sprinkling of gold and silver - this is what appeals to the older clientèle. Larger patterns are preferable to small-scale ones, because as we all know, any meal should be a feast for the eyes, too. (And depending on the average age of customers, their eyesight might not be quite what it was either.)

Younger customers

Young people are the trendsetters of today, and as a result, they feel most comfortable in hip and trendy establishments. This target group enjoys unusual and original looks, and wallpaper models in the cool Industrial or the relaxed Lounge style are as popular as the Urban Street style with imitation concrete or colourful graffiti. 

Families with children

Wall décor for this target group can be brightly coloured, cheerful and large-scale; patterns and motifs should be adapted to individual gastronomy concepts. Playing corners for the little ones can be visually separated from dining areas by using appropriate wallpaper. With the right wall design, families with children will immediately understand that they are welcome here.

To see and be seen

A glamorous ambience is the perfect backdrop for a more or less theatrical "public appearance". Glossy or effect foil wallpaper models, glass bead models, and premium-quality textile wallpaper types all meet the requirements. In terms of colour, crimson, gold, silver, royal blue, and emerald green are all perfect for a truly sophisticated ambience.

Romantic dinners for two

Design wallpapers in dark, warm hues of red emphasise the romantic aspect of a dining experience "à deux". Purple symbolises the magic of love. The emotional flair is provided by delicate floral or botanical motifs, depictions of animals, and a plethora of other classic romantic designs.

A quick and hearty lunch

Clear designs, large-scale patterns, and harmonious colours - simple geometry or wood imitation wallpapers appeal to anyone who has a limited amount of time to spare, but wants to enjoy their lunchtime meal nonetheless. In order to create a relaxing environment, the gaze should not take in too much of the environment.

How can wallpaper be used to create experiences that will remain in the minds of restaurant/café/bar guests?

In gastronomy terms, the real "experience factor" is a combination of culinary offerings and ambience. Its impact depends on the individual concept, which should be unique, unequalled, and holistically planned in order to provide obvious added value.

Holistic planning in the catering industry

"Holistic" planning means tackling all questions concerning a gastronomic business. These include the target group to be attracted, the culinary emphasis, and the design concept for all areas. This covers the wall décor as well as furniture and equipment, lighting, and decorative accessories. The decisive factor for success is the uniqueness of the concept, a clear profile, and a specialisation that ideally should be unique.

Emphasising added value for customers

The added value for guests should be reflected in every little detail: in wallpaper design, colour(s) of furniture, equipment, staff, and specific services. The term "added value" can also include ideas like special surprises and performances. If guests are offered more than they expect, they feel like their requirements have been exceeded. All these elements together create a special atmosphere, and it is the atmosphere that determines whether guests will return and/or recommend an establishment.

Which current gastronomy trends can be realised with the help of wallpaper?

For almost every new trend in the catering industry, there is a suitable wallpaper. Let the currently most popular interior design trends inspire you, e.g. French Style, Vintage Style, and Cocooning Indoor.

Festive and elegant 

This trend goes hand in hand with fine dining. High quality table linen and crockery/cutlery, crystal glasses, chandeliers, softly upholstered chairs in sophisticated modern or antique looks - these are all elements closely linked to the festive and elegant trend which is a firm favourite for weddings, too. Wallpaper and decorative accessories often come in grey or silver hues; subtle shades of cream are also popular. Stripes and classic patterns complete the (wallpaper design) picture.

French Style 

As we all know, France is the birthplace of Haute Cuisine. In terms of interior design trends, the so-called French Style boasts a very tasteful "Parisienne Chic" vibe with simple-yet-elegant rattan furniture, whimsical crockery, posh table linen, and matching cutlery and crystal glasses. This trend is predominantly meant for al fresco dining, but with spring-fresh, light floral wallpaper designs, it exudes its charming effect indoors, too.

Vintage Style 

The Vintage Style combines new and old. Furniture and fixtures from days gone by, or inspired by important style eras like Art Nouveau or Art Deco, are cleverly combined with new, modern elements. For instance, a gorgeous Eames chair can complement an opulent Baroque armchair. The overall impression should be clear and consistent. Pastel colours add to the general impact of this sought-after style, for instance in wallpapers with vintage designs.


A juicy steak or burger tastes even better in the appropriate ambience - more often than not with a touch of the Americana style. Rustic wood determines the interior decoration concept, i.e. furniture and furnishings. White, black, and red elements re-create the popular American Diner style. Designer wallpaper with typical US pattern motifs are the cherry on the American pie. The presentation of the food, for instance on tiles of slate, in metal baskets, or china bowls, adds another authentic touch.


A large number of people all sitting on long benches around large tables - this current trend for table-sharing is bringing people together and is especially popular with young people. Modern and with whimsical accessories - this style is easy to implement with, for example, stone imitation wallpaper or unusual Street Art designs.

Cocooning Indoor 

Retreating to one's private sphere, getting cosy, relaxing - this is what "Cocooning Indoors" stands for. This concept also works perfectly in public catering businesses where the dining areas are geared towards comfort, cosiness and intimacy. The looks is characterised by sofas and comfy armchairs instead of wooden chairs, large wooden tables, warm shades of yellow and orange, decorative objects made from natural materials, wallpapers with a high well-being factor, e.g. green landscapes, flowers, delicate geometric patterns.


Club Style 

The Club Style, often found in hip and trendy establishments, is usually a bit "out there" and very unconventional. Unusual wallpaper models are very much part of the concept. Rough table tops with graffiti paired with Rococo chairs and a whimsical selection of DIY decorations complete the picture. The wall design can be fairly outrageous and bold - after all, the wallpaper should be memorable for guests.


New Street Food 

New Street Food is a joyous new trend with a touch of the imperfect and a healthy dose of Shabby Chic. It is mainly celebrated al fresco - with brightly coloured folding furniture and colourful equipment which doesn't have to be perfect. Accessories should be stylish and in keeping with the style. This outdoor feeling can be re-created indoors by using wallpaper with strong colours and cheerful patterns.

Country House 

Nature in all its glory and bucolic scenes in the countryside are reflected in the popular Country House style, which comes in a whole array of country-specific varieties (e.g. England, Ireland, France, Sweden). This trend is characterised by traditional wooden furniture as well as wallpaper models in pastels and natural colours, stripes and dots in blue-and-white or red-and-white, and romantic floral motifs. Decorative elements made of natural materials and rustic fabrics complete the look.

Industrial Chic 

Industrial Chic is characterised by clean lines; this includes furniture and furnishings as well as decorative elements and wallpaper. Premium-quality, unfussy pieces of furniture in real wood or a combination of metal and glass, wallpaper models with oxidised metal designs, weathered imitation concrete or wood, and sparse decoration are the main elements of this trendy style.

Why is "instagramable" wall décor so important in today's catering industry?

Today, a large proportion of marketing is done via social media, i.e. by people like you and me who post pictures of their visit to the latest cool restaurant or trendy club. The wall décor in the background can be a real eye-catcher and stir some curiosity in the location.

Gastronomy concepts need to be authentic

In order to be authentic, gastronomy concepts have to be credible. They have to appeal to potential customers and create the desire to return. In order to achieve this, thorough research and planning are essential. Imagination and creativity are as much part of this process as a feeling for the zeitgeist and the courage to implement new trends. The needs of the target group must be met, but surpassing expectations with clever extras and surprises is a huge bonus.

Wallpaper as a background for selfies = visibility in social media

When used as a background for selfies which appear in social media, an unusual wallpaper can be one of the best advertising tools for any catering establishment. Wallpaper can provide a high recognition value and is a great conversation starter. The name of a venue is associated with the pictures and arouses curiosity, and may well trigger a future visit.

Which colours are the most appetising for wall décor in restaurants?

A good colour scheme can quicken (and increase) the appetite. Red, gold, brown, yellow, and orange are amongst the best "appetisers".


Juicy fruits like cherries and strawberries, or delicious vegetables like tomatoes and peppers, seduce us with their intense shades of red. Edible fruit and veg have always ensured our survival, which is why, in evolutionary terms, humans subconsciously link the colour red with appetite. In addition, there is also the association with fire. In restaurants, warm hues of red are a tried-and-tested way to inspire customers to order more food.


Gold symbolises warmth and luminosity. In the summer, fields of grain in enchanting hues of gold appeal to the eye whilst simultaneously offering an elementary source of food. Gold is also associated with opulence, wealth, and luxury. Restaurants which rely on nuances of gold as their main interior design colour, or even just golden highlights, exude a sophisticated elegance. Guests feel spoilt and valued, which has a direct impact on their appetite.


Root vegetables, chocolate, nuts, coffee - a large number of culinary delights come in a tempting shade of brown. This earthy natural hue has always appealed to humans and feeds into the need to satisfy one's appetite. In addition, brown is a colour full of epicurean opposites: mild and spicy, sweet and bitter, hearty and delicate.


The colour yellow stands for sunshine and cheerfulness and is considered the most appetising colour after red. Small doses of yellow are sufficient to stimulate the urge to indulge in delicious delicacies. Together with green, yellow has a sour aspect which can be very appealing in a restaurant context as it has an impact on the taste buds.


The fruity colour orange suggests: Life is beautiful and incredibly exciting. No other colour deserves the label "happy" as much as this combination of red and yellow. Enjoying all that life has to offer with friends in a relaxed atmosphere - this is the motto of restaurants which rely on orange as their preferred interior design colour.

Which colours are most suited for illuminated walls in bars and nightclubs?

Light absorbs colour, so wallpapers for bars and nightclubs should boast intense, expressive, or dark hues like royal blue, purple, or black. Shiny silver highlights add sophistication and glamour. 

Royal blue

Sophisticated and with a cool note: royal blue exudes modern elegance. This calming colour has a deeply relaxing effect. Large-scale, eye-catching patterns in combination with gold and silver can have a sculptural effect without being too overwhelming.


The colour of the sea has a fresh effect and lifts tired spirits. Indirect lighting can create an enchanting and intoxicating play of colours on the walls, with nuances of green and blue taking centre stage. Turquoise creates harmony and balance, a welcome effect after exuberant action on the dance floor.


This mixture of blue and red with a high proportion of the latter exudes a majestic character. Opulently decked out, glamorous clubs, bars, and discos are provided a slightly eccentric touch by this regal colour, which is named after its original source, the purple snail. 


Violet is a mixture of red and blue, with a larger proportion of the latter. It is considered the colour of inspiration, art, magic, spirituality, and meditation. As extravagant as it is elegant, it's often used in psychology as an aid for focussing on one's inner self. In clubs and discos, it promotes relaxation and an opening of the senses, whilst being stylish and slightly eccentric.


Silver isn't "gold's little sister", as is often falsely claimed. In fact, it is its counterpart. With its understated sheen and cool beauty, it exudes excitement and elegance. Silver promotes communication and conviviality, thus making it easier to meet new people. In addition, silver is the perfect choice for unconventional, modern, and original design concepts.


On illuminated walls, black has depth without being sinister or gloomy. With its somewhat eccentric reputation and its slightly mysterious and celebratory aspects, this colour stands for purist luxury. With appropriate lighting, black appears softer and more nuanced. 

Which material requirements have to be met by wallpapers for the catering industry?

Only specific wallpaper types are suitable for wall décor in catering businesses. They have to adhere to stringent fire safety and hygiene regulations and meet the requirements for cleanability and robustness.

Fire safety regulations by building authorities

Wallpaper types used in catering establishments must meet specific fire safety regulations. 

Due to various country-specific fire protection standards, only wallpaper models with the certificate "low flammability" can be used. Before ordering wallpaper models with the "low flammability" characteristic, it is recommended that you contact the manufacturer to inquire whether the certificate is available for the chosen product.

Hygiene regulations by health authorities

Depending on the type of catering business, different hygiene regulations apply. In terms of wallpaper, the regulations for acceptable materials for business premises must be met. They have to be non-toxic, food-safe, and smooth. As for wallpaper surfaces, they must be cleanable and disinfectable.

Cleaning characteristics and robustness 

In catering businesses, wallpapers are prone to stains and damages. As a result, the chosen wallpaper should be robust with a washable surface. Super washable or scrubbable wallpaper models meet the requirements for thorough cleaning without impacting the visual appeal of the decorative surface of the wallpaper.

Our tips: Wallpaper décor which will make your guests salivate

  1. Dining like royalty: Multi-course menus, based on the culinary art enjoyed by European Kings and Emperors, will taste even more exquisite when taken in a beautiful restaurant in the opulent Baroque style with fabulous ornamental wallpapers.
  2. A Mexican bodega that Frida Kahlo herself would approve of: Wooden furniture with Shabby Chic charm, wallpaper models with colourful parrots, tropical plants, or Frida Kahlo-style art. All that is needed to complete the experience is delicious Mexican food worthy of the famous painter and her equally illustrious friends.
  3. A bar with three salons: The green, the blue, and the red salon, each with a different theme and emphasis, but all based on historical models. Each salon's colour determines the décor and wallpaper. Patterns from various style epochs are as much an option as modern geometry wallpapers.
  4. Art on wallpaper - for all those who strive to combine culinary and artistic concepts, wall décor offers the perfect opportunity. A great example: blackboard wallpaper models which provide the space for the ever-changing "artwork of the month". Well-known artists of the region will be delighted to be represented, perhaps combined with a fabulous opening night which will bring new costumers.