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Charlotta Sandberg from Swedish wallpaper brand Majvillan creates magical worlds full of love. This modern yet timeless approach is the focus of these stylistically pure and playful new wallpaper classics. More

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Majvillan wallpaper: The Guide

Magical worlds and places define the popular wallpapers by Majvillan. The Swedish company was founded in 2012 by Charlotta Sandberg, who had previously made a name for herself as an artist and designer. Fairytale prints, sophisticated colour shades and a breathtaking, tactile chalk surface are the trademarks of these stunning design wallpapers. They are made from eco-friendly and high-quality materials to ensure sustainability, longevity and durability. Majvillan wallpapers are an homage to fairytales, the imagination and childhood.

Table of Contents

When was Swedish wallpaper company Majvillan founded?

Wallpaper brand Majvillan was founded in Gothenburg in 2012. The now world-renowned wallpaper label developed from the former art gallery of the same name.

Founded in 2012 in Gothenburg

The Majvillan wallpaper company was launched in 2012 by Charlotta Sandberg in Gothenburg, Sweden. The brand designer launched her first wallpaper collection in 2013 and worked alone for the first three years. As the company's Creative Director, the artist is responsible for the exclusive design and styling of the stunning wallpaper range.

From art gallery to wallpaper manufacturer

Together with her husband, also an artist and designer, Charlotta Sandberg ran the Majvillan art gallery before founding the wallpaper company. In addition to their own art, the range included works by other Swedish artists. The gallery was located in a small house next to her home, which turned into the creative hub of the wallpaper company.

Who is the founder behind Swedish wallpaper brand Majvillan?

Artist and designer Charlotta Sandberg founded Majvillan as a wallpaper label. After studying art and textile design, she worked successfully as a product designer for large Swedish companies. Today, she fulfils a multi-faceted role as Creative Director of Majvillan.

Artist & designer Charlotta Sandberg

Charlotta Sandberg is the founder and designer of Swedish wallpaper brand Majvillan. She was born in 1975 and lives in Gothenburg with her husband and two sons - in the house that gives the brand its name, "Majvillan".

Studies in art and textile design

Charlotta Sandberg completed a two-year art degree and then studied textile design for one year at the "Capellagården School" (Carl Malmsten School) in Öland. This was followed by a further three years of textile design studies at the Borås Textile College in the Swedish city of the same name. Before founding wallpaper label Majvillan, she worked as an artist.

Product design for renowned Swedish companies

Her many years of experience in design and art have led Charlotta Sandberg to work with world-famous Swedish companies such as IKEA. She has created patterns for famous brand Sandberg Tapeter ("related" in name only), including the first children's collection with the Kasper wallpaper, still one of the company's best-selling models. She also worked on her own textile brand "Undra" (wonder/marvel, her middle name) for a while.

Tasks as Creative Director

Depending on current requirements, Charlotta's activities as Creative Director at Majvillan vary greatly. For example, there are periods when she draws all day or collects sensory impressions. In addition, she works with room simulations in the photo studio or is busy meeting clients and taking and delivering orders. She likes to end workdays with her family, watching a good Netflix series.

Where does the name Majvillan come from?

Majvillan means "House of May" and is synonymous with the awakening of life. The house where Charlotta Sandberg lives with her family had this name long before the company was founded.

House of May

Majvillan has always been the name of Charlotta Sandberg's residence. Together with her husband, she gave the house this Swedish name which translates as "House of May". It conveys the exact feeling that is important to the Sandbergs in their own home.

Majvillan as a synonym for the awakening of life

"The name Majvillan felt just right," says Charlotta Sandberg. The month of May is a time of excited expectation, of nature awakening with bright and vibrant colours. The world awakens as if from a long period of hibernation. To reflect this unique feeling was the aim of wallpaper brand Majvillan and as a result, the choice of name was easy.

How can the conceptual and creative background of Majvillan wallpapers be described?

Majvillan wallpapers are an homage to fairytales, to the imagination and childhood. They provide the inspiring backdrop for dreams and for the carefree imagination of children, creating a fairytale environment for kids. The focus is on life-enhancing wallpaper patterns for the heart.

Homage to fairytales, fantasy and childhood.

Fairytales, imagination and childhood add a fascinating and light-heartedness to life and open the door to creativity. Majvillan wallpaper patterns reflect the dreams and memories of Charlotta Sandberg which she associates with her own childhood stories. She has held on to them to adulthood and uses them as a significant source of inspiration.

A backdrop for dreams and the carefree imagination of children

Creativity is Charlotta Sandberg's life, and she is grateful for the joy that a beautiful wallpaper gives. Majvillan wallpapers are meant to provide room for fantastic stories. Her pattern motifs prepare the stage for dreams to roam freely. The depicted characters are intended to stimulate and inspire children's imaginations in many different ways.

Fairytale environment for children

Imagination is the driving force that creates magical, unforgettable moments and encourages creativity. The aim of Majvillan children's wallpapers is to create a fairytale environment for children that opens up their own worlds where they can feel free, dream and develop their imagination. 

Life-enhancing wallpaper patterns for the heart

Charlotta Sandberg draws and designs her wallpaper patterns entirely from the heart. She wants her wallpapers to be striking without being overbearing, simple yet attractive, calm even when they sparkle. The patterns are beautiful, whimsical and enchanting, the colours warm and interesting, gently blending into each other and becoming a natural part of the interior.

How does Charlotta Sandberg create her designs?

The design process follows the heart. Childhood memories and daily impressions are Charlotta's inspirations. Treasures of the imagination become new ideas. She explores spaces with all her senses and creates magical worlds full of life and love.

Design process follows the heart, blossoms and grows

Charlotta Sandberg's designs are characterised by graphic forms and figurative motifs. She is particularly keen on finding the perfect colour combinations. When it comes to following her heart in the design process, she has retained her freedom and independence. In practical terms, this means that she gives each design the time it needs to blossom and grow.

Childhood memories and daily impressions as inspiration

Her own childhood memories as well as treasures and dreams collected and preserved over the course of her life provide the inspiration for the lovingly designed patterns that are intended to fire children's imagination. Charlotta is also inspired by the world around her, i.e. colours, sounds, shapes, nature, architecture and everyday objects. Each day is unique and different.

New ideas emerge from the treasures of the imagination

The artist searches for beautiful things in her imagination in the same way that she and her husband search for beautiful objects for their home in reality. She closes her eyes and looks inside the treasure trove of her imagination. With passionate curiosity, she creates pattern shapes from what she has experienced and seen. The ideas are transformed from an internal concept into an external sketch.

Exploring spaces, using all senses & grasping details

Charlotta composes rooms in reality and on paper. In her imagination, she wanders through houses and rooms to explore them. What are the people doing there? What type of music is playing? What aroma is emanating from the kitchen? Which flowers fill the vases? Are the textiles light or dark? Based on this journey of the imagination, she creates sketches which she fills with soft, romantic colours.

Magical worlds full of life and love

For Charlotta Sandberg, wallpaper patterns are like little worlds and places you can visit. They are meant to convey a feeling of love to young and old. Figurative patterns are particularly close to the designer's heart, as she can use them to create magical worlds full of life and love.

Which patterns and motifs characterise Majvillan wallpapers?

Majvillan wallpapers are characterised by magical landscapes with charming animal depictions. Imaginative floral patterns, fairytale cities and places, as well as geometric shapes in the popular Scandinavian style complete the enchanting range of motifs.

Magical landscapes with charming animal depictions

The magical landscapes with their lush flora are child-friendly and characterised by a special approach to abstraction. They are populated by fabulous fairytale animals and exotic or wild animals. Unicorn, deer, rabbit, panda, tiger and dragon invite children on a big adventure.

Imaginative floral patterns

Due to their fresh, warm colour combinations, the beautifully detailed floral patterns with a retro touch in the style of the 1950s to 1970s look modern and timeless in equal measure and are the perfect choice not only for children's rooms. They add lively movement to the room, giving it freshness and gentle beauty.

Fairytale towns and places

The fairground as an enchanted playground, an Asian pagoda landscape with panda bears, pretty small towns above the clouds, or dragon skies with extraordinary palaces are just a few examples of the magical worlds that make Majvillan wallpapers an irresistible experience. (And not only in children's rooms!)

Scandinavian-style geometric shapes

Simple geometric elements such as triangles, rhombuses or circles advance to modern pattern shapes via Charlotta Sandberg's unique design language and exquisite colour compositions. In addition to the popular Scandinavian style, vintage components are also incorporated. The patterns look light, sometimes deviating from the norm, which makes them even more interesting.

Contemporary creations with retro design

"Make your dreams come true" is Majvillan's motto. The idea is to discover treasures round every corner. Charlotta Sandberg combines her instinct for the contemporary with a whimsical retro aspect, merging emotions, memories and the excitement about what is to come. 

Which colours are used to design Majvillan wallpapers for children & adults?

Romantic, warm and soft colours as well as smoky pastel shades with white and grey characterise Majvillan wallpapers for young and old. These shades and shapes create incomparable moods.

Romantic, warm, soft colours

Mint-turquoise, apricot, pink, earthy brown, spring-fresh green, sunny yellow and golden yellow are shades that relax the mind or subtly stimulate the imagination and provide that sought-after feel-good atmosphere. A sense of security and a unique beauty merge into one harmonious unity. The mix of stronger and softer colours adds its own charm.

Smoky pastels with white and grey

Slightly smoky pastel shades which seem to put a delicate veil over the motif scenery are combined with lots of white and grey. Together, they create a sensual magic that merges the unreal with reality.

Shades and forms

"Colour can be so much more than colour," Charlotta Sandberg exclaims. She looks for shades and shapes that are cheerful, clever and calming at the same time. In addition, she has a particular penchant for warm colours that gently blend into each other.

Why is the production of Majvillan wallpaper particularly environmentally friendly?

Majvillan wallpapers are produced on old machines using the classic surface print method. The environmentally friendly approach extends across all stages of the production process.

Production on old machines using the surface print process

The wallpapers are printed using the surface print method on historical machines in Sweden's oldest wallpaper factory. This printing technique ensures a beautifully tactile surface. Charlotta Sandberg works closely with the factory's colour masters to mix the perfect shades by hand. This ensures a genuine and authentic printing process.

Environmentally friendly production process at all stages

Majvillan's corporate values include environmentally friendly production at all stages of manufacturing. To this end, traditional technology is combined with the latest resource-saving innovations. The print is applied to non-woven wallpaper. Paints are water-based and absolutely free of PVC and solvents. Surplus paint is reused in an environmentally friendly way, paper waste is used to generate thermal energy.