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Anna and Nathan Bond hold the reins of lifestyle brand Rifle Paper. Their distinctive pattern motifs, hand-painted illustrations and extraordinary colours are inspiring all of America - and beyond. More

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Rifle Paper Wallpaper - the Guide

With a lot of optimism and entrepreneurial spirit, Anna and Nathan Bond founded the paper and stationery brand Rifle Paper Co. in 2009. Their declared goal was (and is!) to create quality products that bring beauty to everyday life. Anna Bond conquered the social media world as a blogger as she let the public share in the development of the brand and her ideas. Rifle Paper is known for hand-painted, bold floral motifs that speak their own style language and have made the lifestyle brand famous across the globe.

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What is the story behind Rifle Paper?

In 2009, Anna and Nathan Bond founded the stationery brand Rifle Paper, which has continuously grown into a sought-after lifestyle brand. Anna Bond laid the foundation back in 2008 by designing customised wedding cards.

Founded in 2009

In 2009, married couple Anna and Nathan Bond invested 10,000 dollars in founding their own stationery company Rifle Paper in Winter Park, Florida. Their apartment above Nathan's parents' garage served as their creative workspace, and soon they opened a small satellite office in Soho, New York. Since the very beginning, the company has made a profit and is financed entirely from its own resources.

Individual wedding cards were the foundation

The wedding cards Anna Bond designed for her own wedding in 2008 were so well received by her guests that she was immediately commissioned to create some for her friends. The demand for these individual wedding cards quickly grew and spurred the idea of her own stationery brand which would clearly stand out from the competition. So she created an extraordinary brand identity that expresses her love of calligraphy, illustration, design and paper.

From stationery brand to lifestyle brand

Stationery was just the beginning - the product range has expanded significantly over the years. The number of employees has also grown, from 2 to 200. Today, the product range includes wallpapers, carpets, mobile phone covers, cushions, bags, trainers and water bottles. Rifle Paper has positioned itself in the market as a new lifestyle brand that brings vibrant beauty to everyday life. 

Who are the founders of Rifle Paper?

As Creative Director, designer Anna Bond puts her passion into practice - with enthusiasm and great discipline. In his role as Chief Executive Officer, husband Nathan Bond is responsible for the management of the company. For both of them, their family comes first, before their job.

Anna Bond, Creative Director

Born in 1984, Anna Bond studied art and worked as a freelance illustrator before deciding to start her own business. Her drive and energy is inexhaustible, as is her willingness to work hard and make the necessary sacrifices. She remains flexible and open to new options to navigate the business into a prosperous future.

Nathan Bond, Chief Executive Officer

Creative minds attract each other - husband Nathan Bond used to be a musician in the bluegrass band "Marino", for which Anna designed the posters. Today they run Rifle Paper together, with Nathan as Chief Executive Officer responsible for finances.

Family has top priority

For the Bonds, family is the undisputed number one priority and comes before the job. They live with their three young sons (Ford, Ronan and Louis) in close proximity to their studio in Winter Park, Florida. It takes them less than 10 minutes to get to work or home, so they can easily coordinate family and job.

What does the lifestyle brand's name "Rifle" stand for?

An obvious link would be the concept of "rifling through paper", but that wasn't the deciding factor for the brand name. It was more a question of appeal and a catchy name that expresses spontaneity.

To rifle through something

"To rifle through something" means to rummage, for instance through papers. It seems obvious to choose "Rifle Paper" as the brand name in order to establish a connection to the paper goods which the initial range consisted of. However, this is not the case, because the brand name was more like an inspiration that both immediately liked.

The appeal of the name was the deciding factor

Starting your own business is always an adventure. It also requires the courage to be spontaneous. Anna Bond puts it this way: "We had absolutely no idea what we were doing". She decided on the name Rifle Paper because she simply liked it, and because it carries a certain sense of adventure. 

What is Rifle Paper's philosophy?

Rifle Paper focuses on the credo of intentional imperfection. The label attaches great importance to quality products that are characterised by hand-painted illustrations and unique colours.

The credo of intentional imperfection

Absolute perfection in terms of stylistic expression is not an option for Anna Bond. Rather, it is the small deviations that deliberately create imperfection and thus joyful excitement. These include, for example, hand-painted flowers, whimsical characters, bold colours or a huge variety of inconspicuous details. This intentional imperfection is the trademark of Rifle Paper. 

Hand-painted illustrations and unique colours

Handmade, high-quality and environmentally friendly materials, an eye for detail, a distinctive colour palette and perfect colour choices characterise the quality products created by Rifle Paper. Even during the creative process, only objects that the Bonds themselves would use and that make everyday life more beautiful and worth living make the grade. 

How does Creative Director Anna Bond work?

Anna Bond has been passionate about "all things print" since childhood. Her tasks as Creative Director are varied and demanding, which is why she adjusts her working methods and work ethic in such a way that she remains open, productive and relaxed.

Passion for "all things print" since childhood

Printed papers have inspired Anna Bond since childhood. As a child, she was very much taken with the stamps that were collected in the family. She enthusiastically added to her grandfather's collection that had been handed down to her, and she also eagerly and creatively pursued writing letters to pen pals. In 2016, she was lucky enough to find her dream project: designing a "Love" stamp for the US Postal Service.

Tasks as Creative Director

Anna Bond's workday starts around noon when she arrives at the office and quite often ends around 2.00 or 3.00 am the next morning. She develops new product designs, instructs the designers on work to be done, takes stationery orders and discusses ongoing business with Nathan. In addition, she is responsible for the continuous development of the product line.

Anna Bond as a social media star

Anna Bond has blogged about every step of the company's development since 2009 and still maintains this openness on social media. She advanced to become the darling of the lifestyle and craft blogosphere, with over 1 million followers on Instagram. Although her mantra is "work harder than everyone else around you", she practices healthy self-care and takes lots of little breaks. 

How are Rifle Paper designs created?

Anna Bond draws inspiration from her travels, combining handmade and digital techniques to create unique designs. With a brush and gouache paint, she creates patterns in the watercolour painting technique. High-quality printing technologies guarantee a refined end-result.

Inspiration drawn from travelling

Numerous Rifle Paper wallpaper models were created as a result of impressions Anna Bond gathered on her travels to the picturesque province of Gascony in the southwest of France. Especially a visit to the home of author and celebrity chef Katie Hill Camont struck a chord with the designer. Her 18th century farmhouse provided a wealth of "vintage" inspirations.

Combination of hand-painted and digital techniques

At the heart of Rifle Paper's unusual wallpaper designs are the drawings and illustrations Anna paints on watercolour paper. She scans these images onto the computer and processes them in the unique Rifle Paper way. For example, elements are repositioned, colours adjusted and new patterns created. Hand-painted and digital techniques merge to create the final design.

High-quality printing technology

Only the highest quality printing techniques and sustainable materials are used for the production of Rifle Paper wallpapers. This ensures the most vibrant colours and textures. From bright splashes of colour for that extra bit of motivation, to bright and contemporary shades that fill the room with modernity and elegance, the select printing techniques provide unbeatable results.

What are the most popular models among the Rifle Paper wallpaper range?

Popular wallpaper models that reflect Anna Bond's love of beautiful things, both large and small, include Camont, Peacock, Flower Garden, Peonies and Wildwood.


Katie Hill Camont's historic farmhouse in France provided Anna Bond with plenty of inspiration for this motif wallpaper. It shows the charming estate with lush lemon trees, dreamlike gardens and waddling ducks. Combined with an antique pattern from the York Archives, it presents a romantic summer country holiday in wallpaper form.

Peacock Tree

The proud peacock is a popular motif for Rifle Paper products and graced early items such as file folders. This peacock-themed wallpaper is a beautiful large-scale Chinoiserie print, bringing the brand's signature style to life with bold flowers, climbing branches and animal illustrations. Gold-coloured details add a visible sparkle to the wallpaper.

Flower Garden

Rifle Paper's famous floral designs traditionally feature on the brand's stationery. The flowers on this classic, mural-like wallpaper grow upwards from the floor and taper towards the ceiling. The beholder is tempted to be carried away in any direction and feel the pulsating dynamics.


Sophisticated floral wallpaper Hydrangea shows these gorgeous flowers in great detail. It's like an invitation to explore the lush garden behind them. A charming flower jungle that transports you to the infinity of your own romantic thoughts.

City Maps

Paris, London, Bangkok, Cairo: Miniature images of famous world capitals invite you on imaginary dream journeys around the world. One look at this stunning wallpaper design inspired by a map is enough to quench your longing for travel. As you would expect from Rifle Paper, the richly detailed illustrations by Anna Bond contribute to an invigorated atmosphere.


Peonies is an original Rifle Paper motif. Unlike some other super-detailed prints, the large flowers are less intricate, but this doesn't diminish their effect. This popular wallpaper is predestined for casual kitchens as well as cosy living rooms or guest rooms.


This stunning model shows the wild forest in all its perfect, profound beauty. With a variety of wild flowers and foliage, this design makes the heart of eclectic traditionalists beat faster. This design wallpaper references antique, botanical drawings and is incredibly versatile thanks to its luxurious and calming effect. 

What are Rifle Paper-characteristic wallpaper patterns?

Rifle Paper's distinctive wallpaper patterns feature bold floral designs and aesthetics, graphic patterns, and animals and mythical creatures. They are timeless, surprising and expressive in every way.

Bold floral designs and aesthetics

Floral designs that are bold, invigorating, occasionally calming and profound, characterise the brand identity. The stunning floral patterns, including Rifle favourites like "Garden Party", boast many facets. The spectrum ranges from spring-like to wild and magical to Scandinavian lightness. Add to this the beguiling aesthetics of the expressive illustrations and the result is a range that caters for every taste and preference.

Graphic designs in the Country House style

Anna Bond brings back plenty of inspiration and ideas from her travels. Rural motifs with a touch of fresh romance, impressions of scenic nature and city motifs flow into the designs and provide a unique expressiveness. Geometric elements are also given a new, atmospheric context in the sought-after Rifle Paper range.

Animals & mythical creatures

Large and small, pretty and proud birds adorn many of the Rifle Paper wallpaper motifs. Mythical creatures and tropical animals are also an integral element of these exclusive wallpaper patterns. Depending on the design, the animals are right at the forefront or can be discovered as details of the pattern motif.

Timeless, surprising and expressive

The wallpaper patterns by Rifle Paper trigger joy and optimism. Although timeless, they are also strikingly contemporary, occasionally with a vintage touch. They enliven the room, can act as a mood booster and master the magic of the unexpected. Colours and motif sizes provide a plethora of stunning and innovative design options. 

Which colours define Rifle Paper wallpapers?

Light and dark shades in contrasting interplay as well as bold and metallic colours create the exciting and lively dynamic that has become a trademark of Rifle Paper.

High-contrast interplay of light and dark shades

Strong or subtle contrasts give Rifle Paper wallpaper motifs their unique look. Shades of dark blue, green and black are combined with strong colours such as pink, apricot and yellow or with lighter hues similar to the basic colour. This creates a natural coherence that pleases the eye. 

Strikingly colourful

The unmistakable floral motifs seem to burst with an expressionistic colourfulness that is a real joy to behold. Vivid red, bright pink, cornflower blue or violet purple alternate with sunshine yellow or caramel brown, and the addition of mint green completes the visual delight. The tropical motifs, too, boast a colour palette that is like an invitation to go on holiday.

Metallic colours

Metallic colours, for instance gold and silver, lend the pattern motifs a sensual, subtle sheen and underline the high quality standards. They emphasise and complement the existing colours. Anna Bond also deliberately draws floral silhouettes with metallic colours to create a glamorous contrast to the basic colour.