WallpaperStories: James Bond

WallpaperStories: James Bond

"Vodka Martini. Shaken. Not stirred."

He is probably the most famous action hero of the last 60 years. His daredevil antics fascinate young and old alike. Many actors have taken on his persona and brought his adventures to the silver screen. And that is why, in this WallpaperStory, we will try and find out more about the character "James Bond" - what kind of a person is he, in what environment does he live, what clothes does he wear and how does he see himself?


In the wake of the release of the latest movie "Spectre", James Bond is once again the name on everyone's lips. The new film is considered one of the most emotional of the franchise. Bond, usually so cool and aloof, is faced with his past and has to overcome his trauma and risk everything in order to save his latest Bond girl.


In "Skyfall", we found out quite a few details about Bond's childhood. We know that his parents died early and that he grew up with a friend of the family. After he started working for the government, he left the parental home, only to return to "Skyfall Lodge" for the movie's spectacular showdown.

The fact that a family friend had taken him in like a son created huge resentment in his adoptive brother. For a long time, Bond thought him dead - until he finally returned to his life and dropped his mask. But see for yourselves!


Truly, we don't know a great deal about Bond's private life, and he seems to live in a long line of luxury hotel rooms typical for the respective country. We rarely see his own home, which is not too surprising. Bond has no hankering for a quiet, cosy life with a beautifully presented lounge and a neat little kitchen. His abode simply needs to be functional, as he is hardly ever there. The few pictures and paintings he does possess are leaning against walls painted a minimalist white. And even though he could doubtlessly afford it, he has no need for designer furnishings.


Bond seems quite emotionless and has the air of a man who can handle any situation, who is always in control. And that is probably the very impression his home is meant to convey. He develops no emotional ties to it and displays a certain aura of detachment in relation to interior design.


But this lack of interest does not reflect a lack of style - which he certainly has in droves; unique and unmistakably "Bond". His trademark is a tailor-made, high-quality suit which he wears nonchalantly. Even during his most dangerous, break-neck adventures, Bond is always dressed impeccably. All the latest fads, like wearing patterned ties and brightly coloured socks with a suit, are definitely not for him.


The same applies to his choice of car. It might be equipped with state-of-the-art technology, but he clearly prefers classic models. His car is always a refection of him: sleek and effective, yet chic and elegant.


So we have learned that the typical Bond style is characterised by subtle colours and simple patterns. A wallpaper shouldn't be attention-seeking and "scream" at you the moment you enter a room. Instead, it should remain discreetly in the background and still create the impression that it is absolutely indispensable, that it is essential - just like Bond. He does not stick out like a sore thumb or some sort of garishly-clad wannabe - but he is present, pulling strings behind the scenes and saving the empire.





There is nothing wrong with wallpapers being a bit pricey, as long as they look good, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't be able to find a more inexpensive yet fantastically effective model. After all, Bond wouldn't look at the price tag. It's so much more important that it works as the perfect backdrop to the Martini glass!


Until the next WallpaperStory...
Yours, Laura