What are WallpaperStories?

What are WallpaperStories?

Scientists have determined that many people subconsciously choose life partners who are very similar to one of their parents. They say that our inner urge to surround ourselves with familiar things (and people), because we know and understand (and therefore love) them, is stronger than the temptation to try something new. What if we don't like this “new thing”, what if it is too exhausting or simply doesn't fit, or work for us? The same is true for wallpapers - you need to be 100% sure about your choices. Quite often, they are present in our entire home - our private refuge. This is why we should listen to our instincts and choose wallpapers that match our personality. But there are almost as many different styles of wallpapers as there personalities - how on earth are you supposed to find The One?

In the end, every single person will have to embark on their own search, but there is no law against finding some inspiration: Perhaps you identify with the protagonist of “The Devil wears Prada”, Miranda Priestly, or you consider yourself a sensitive flower, like world-famous author Jane Austen; or do you rather feel like the introvert and absent-minded Mr. Darcy from Austen's seminal work "Pride and Prejudice"? But what kind of wallpaper would these characters choose for their own home? What would they surround themselves with? And which patterns would reflect their individual character traits?

In our series “WallpaperStories”, these questions will be thoroughly examined, with the aim to assist and inspire those who are embarking on the difficult journey to find for their own perfect wallpaper.

So stay tuned for what's to come!
Yours, Laura

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