WallpaperStories: Carrie Bradshaw

WallpaperStories: Carrie Bradshaw

New York - the ultimate fashion metropolis. Home to one of the most famous style icons of our time. Today's WallpaperStory is all about Carrie Bradshaw and her chic, glamorous life.


When referring to Carrie, most of us immediately think of her extravagant lifestyle. Her obsession with shoes and unusual clothes continues to fascinate. But she is not a follower of the latest fashions – quite the contrary! She CREATES the latest fashion. The way she puts clothes and accessories together immediately becomes unwritten fashion law. Thousands of women envy her strength of conviction and self-confidence in terms of what she chooses to wears.


Despite being an idol in the world of fashion, Carrie remains down-to-earth, and steadfastly refuses to become involved in catty power games or showing off. Her little apartment - which she adores - is proof of that fact. Even though it has become far too small for her huge collection of clothes and shoes, she wouldn't dream of moving. This little refuge is her oasis in the noisy, hectic city. It provides her with the necessary time and peace to contemplate her own life - and that of her three best friends Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte.


Carrie's newspaper column, “Sex and the City”, demonstrates her exceptional power of observation. Samantha's fear of ageing, Miranda's professional troubles, or Charlotte's love life give Carrie enough material to write a lifetime of columns. Carrie is always ready to give good advice - and as a columnist, she certainly doesn't want to deprive the general public of it. Her ideas and thoughtful musings are later collated in a number of books, elevating her to even greater prominence and fame.


But her own search for “Mr. Right” is not without its ups and downs. She is looking for true, honest love - not just for butterflies in the stomach but for fireworks every day. After countless awful dates, broken relationships and even a wedding cancelled at the last minute, Carrie finally finds love: John Big is the man Carrie wants to spend her life with, and watch old black-and-white movies whilst snuggled up in bed.

After all, Carrie isn't just a mover and shaker in the fashion world, she is also a traditionalist when it comes to things like movies or poetry. One of her favourite books is "Love Letters of Great Men". She often reads this book about deep commitment and adoration until she cannot keep her eyes open any longer. The book is also the source of her marriage vows to Big. “Ever thine, Ever mine, Ever ours” becomes the motto for this, her greatest love.


Carrie's style combines old unique pieces with such skill that they appear extremely glamorous. As a result, her entire look demands attention without being too loud. Her outfits are always balanced and never ostentatious or garish. The same is true for her apartment. Small details create large effects in this simple and elegant ambience.


The base colour of her abode is blue. Perhaps Carrie enjoys the calming effect of that hue - she has managed to build a sanctuary of calm in the middle of the hustle and bustle of NYC. To create this atmosphere, many largely abstract paintings adorn the walls. Subtle flowery patterns and the odd antique here and there fill the rooms with a unique feminine charm. The overall effect is like an invitation to dream and muse, and to write your thoughts down.


You, too, can introduced this delicate glamour and a girly, playful note into your own four walls:



But the true Carrie Style is in the details. How about a feature wall displaying this beauty:


So if you desire a romantic and glamorous life just like Carrie Bradshaw's, why not create your own refuge for your innermost thoughts and dreams?

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