The Sky's the Limit

The Sky's the Limit

Glancing skywards, the most beautiful and interesting vistas can be discovered - and not just in churches or palaces. Ceilings complete our perception of a room. In recent years, interior designers and decorators have started to give it the attention it deserves by using unique innovative and traditional techniques to decorate it. The décor of a ceiling can change an ordinary room into an exceptional eye-catcher, for instance in the famed restaurant "Green Goddess" in New Orleans, where a gorgeous metallised wallpaper with a floral design beautifies the ceiling. The walls are optically elongated towards the ceiling and lights are reflected in the wallpaper, creating a surreal sense of space. The mirror effect opens the room towards the top and makes it feel larger. It also creates the impression that one can see through the ceiling, as if one is actually standing out in the open.


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The concept of opening a room towards the top is not a new one: The old masters, like Michelangelo and Giotto, knew how to use this method to great effect. For hundreds of years, frescoed ceilings have opened rooms towards heaven. Raising your eyes in the Sistine Chapel in Rome is rewarded with the unforgettable vista of the world-famous scene "The Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo. And in the Chapel of the Scrovegni in Padua, we see Giotto's starry sky high above us.


Quelle: Flavor Paper

These days, wall and ceiling décor is not the exclusive privilege of clergy or gentry, and anybody can reawaken the Italian Renaissance in the kitchen or add a dramatic blue-grey sky to the living room by simply choosing the right wallpaper. An impressive ceiling not only draws the eyes upwards ands creates the illusion of space, it enables you to turn a simple room into a palace. Clever ceiling design is a simple way of updating and upgrading a room.


Even around the year 1300, when the Chapel of the Scrovegni in Padua was adorned with beautiful frescoes by Giotto, this was a well-known fact. Architecturally, the Chapel of the Scrovegni is a relatively basic room with flat walls and a barrel vault. By recreating fascinating scenes from the bible and painting deceptively realistic marble columns and a fantastically impressive starry night sky, Giotto succeeded in turning this simple room into a true attraction. We can't help looking up into the deep blue sky full of stars which hasn't lost any of its appeal 700 years after its creation.


The "heavenly display" still works a treat. Choosing the right wallpaper can transform an ordinary bedroom or children's room into an exquisite space adventure. Furthermore, it will make you feel like you are sleeping in the great outdoors. Besides motives like clouds and stars, wallpapers adorned with birds or floral designs will also draw the eyes to the ceiling. Be it the bedroom, living room, kids' room, bathroom, hallway or kitchen - all you need is a bit of courage and the sky will be yours!

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