Party room: how to create a great atmosphere with wallpapers

Party room: how to create a great atmosphere with wallpapers

When designing your private party room, you can choose from a multitude of themes depending on the kind of the parties you're planning to host. With our great variety of wallpaper patterns and designs, you can opt for any style or concept. To help you make up your mind, we have compiled some design inspirations (including wallpaper examples) for you.

However, before we can get creative and choose the wallpapers, we first need to complete some mandatory steps. In other words, we will take a closer look at the room where you want to create the right party mood with the help of our exceptional wallpaper. Some points should be observed to achieve the ideal result:

Basement party room – as dry as possible!

The term 'party room' indicates that things will get loud, gregarious and perhaps a bit raucous at times. You'll turn up your favourite tunes and people will be dancing. Your party room will be full of life. For precisely these reasons, most people choose a basement room to have their parties, as this location is away from the living spaces so that partygoers can move around undisturbed – and without disturbing others. There is nothing wrong about this choice of location – on the contrary, this is a tried and tested concept.

When putting up wallpaper in basement rooms, regardless of whether you do this throughout the room or on a feature wall or two, you need to bear a few things in mind. Basements that are permanently without heating are just as unsuited to wallpapering as rooms suffering from damp problems caused by faulty or insufficient drainage, for example.

By ticking off the check list below, you can determine whether your potential party room is suited to your dream wallpaper:

1) Heating and ventilation options in a specific basement room

If the entire basement is heated in the colder months, or if the designated room can be heated on its own, it creates very good conditions for interior design projects using wallpaper.

Ideally, there should be an option to let in fresh air (through a basement window, for example) or to get the air moving through other areas using windows and doors in order to prevent damp caused by condensation. Correct ventilation is generally important in basements. In the warmer months, you should only ventilate during the cooler hours of the morning and night, as otherwise the warm air from the outside will settle on the cool basement walls, resulting in damp areas. It is not possible to effectively vent humidity from an icy-cold basement in the winter. This is why a certain base temperature should always be maintained. It is easier for warmer air to absorb moisture, which can then be discharged through intermittent ventilation.

2) Checking and, if necessary, preparing the surface – dampness/plastering

Not every basement is fully converted – in many cases, the walls are only roughly plastered or painted. Therefore, it may be necessary to start off by smoothing and pre-treating the walls in the new party room so that the wallpaper can easily stick to them. Wallpaper requires a clean, smooth and stable surface.

In the event of moisture-related damage or mouldy patches, you must never proceed without establishing the root cause of the issue. Conduct a damp test, because wallpaper will not be able to adhere to a damp or wet wall.

Identifying the reasons for mould in the basement might not be an easy task for a layperson as the root causes, manifestations and types may vary. If in doubt, make sure you have it looked at by an expert.

Let's assume you have found and eliminated the root cause or the damp is due to condensation only. The next step involves drying and disinfecting. To speed up the process, you can rent heavy-duty dehumidifiers and use them, according to instructions, in the basement room (but please remember to ventilate). We recommend pre-coating the walls with disinfecting anti-mould paint if there are any issues with mould.

The type of plaster or wall structure in your future party room is also important if you want to paper the walls. Check the following points:

  • Smooth or rough plaster finish? Rough plaster needs to be smoothed or clad with gypsum plasterboard.
  • Unfinished walls, e.g., bare bricks, concrete walls? A finishing layer of smooth plaster must be applied.
  • Old paintwork on the basement wall? Depending on the material, you first have to wash or sand it off. Applying lining paper using dispersion glue may be a clean solution on glossy or oil-based paint. You need to remove any dust, dirt and grease from the surface beforehand.
  • Is the surface highly absorbent or gritty? Depending on the outcome of the analysis, we recommend sealing the surface with PVA or applying a deep primer.

Our extensive How to prepare the wallpapering surface instructions list all relevant analysis and treatment steps in detail.

Wallpaper carriers and surface materials in the party (basement) room

You would generally be well advised to opt for durable non-woven wallpaper that holds its shape and boasts an easy-to-clean vinyl surface. For damp rooms, non-woven wallpaper is a better option than paper-based wallpaper.

The top or surface layer of the wallpaper may consist of various materials, but not every material works well in a basement room. Natural wallpapers with a top layer made from cork, bamboo or grass are only suitable for completely dry basement rooms or party rooms. Like textile wallpapers or glass bead wallpapers, they are not wash-resistant. If you do not fancy having to constantly worry about the wallpaper while partying, you should go for robust and washable vinyl wallpapers.

By the way, our 'Leather' wallpapers have a faux leather (vinyl) surface and are therefore perfect for party rooms. You can find designer wallpapers in any material and by various great designers in our shop. This includes some gorgeous Versace wallpapers protected by easy-care vinyl coating for all your exciting theme or style ideas.

Metallic and effect foil wallpapers are optically predestined for party rooms. When choosing your wallpaper, please make sure that it holds its shape and is washable (depending on the surface and humidity conditions). Our wallpaper shop offers you a great selection of non-woven effect foil wallpapers.

Life is full of surprises – especially when it comes to party rooms. If you love change, you should choose non-woven wallpapers that are strippable without the need for soaking, as they can be removed quickly and easily, making room for your new project.


After wallpapering – how to keep your party room wallpaper beautiful and fresh for a long time

You are fully satisfied with the results of your efforts and have already planned your housewarming party. To make sure that you will have lots of care-free celebrations in your new party room, please find below a few hints and tips that are particularly important in the case of basement rooms:

  • Check the party room at regular intervals for any development of damp.
  • Ventilate the room extensively, both during use and afterwards. Alternatively, ventilate it intermittently in short sharp bursts and at regular intervals.
  • Should any condensation appear on the surface of the wallpaper, make sure to carefully wipe it off with a soft cloth.
  • You can clean wash-resistant wallpaper using water. However, afterwards you should use a dry cloth to wipe the wallpaper or ensure good ventilation and heating.
  • If you've held a wild and alcohol-fuelled party that has resulted in stains on the walls, please remove them immediately whenever possible.

Tips for the party room – design topics

With our design wallpapers, there are no limits to your party fantasies. You can paper the party room without following a particular theme, or you can use wallpaper with the specific purpose of generating the desired atmosphere. The following ideas for themes and designs might serve as an inspiration:

Space-glam clubbing

Clubbing is not tied to a particular musical direction. In addition to the dance floor, where the action is happening, many of the small and large clubs in this world also boast lounge areas where you can relax, engage in small talk, flirt, or go on an imaginary journey.

We remember the legendary Studio 54 in New York, where world-famous celebrities held out-there and unashamedly decadent parties full of glitz and glamour. This location pioneered today's clubs and dance floors in terms of design. In our Lookbook, you can find the ultimate New York Studio 54 wall paper trend with exclusive wallpaper inspirations for your own party room. Wallpapers such as Morrigan, Isidor, Cassiopeia, Verve or Hypnos are an excellent match for out-of-this-world space glam.



Havanna swing

Swing and Jazz – the most popular musical directions of the 20s and 40s. New Orleans and Cuba were considered strongholds of these exhilarating sounds. Wallpapers with trendy baroque-style patterns, as well as dark leather wallpapers, for instance with gold and bronze effects, serve as an invitation to the Swing and Jazz Relax Club in your own home. Examples in the shop include Siemara, Eshara, Astoria, Pezolato, Alligator and Maliure. Comfy leather armchairs, wooden shabby chic, ceiling ventilators and warm dimmed light complete the look.




Tropical exotic holiday location

For many amongst us, holidays are inextricably linked with parties – preferably in the most beautiful and exciting places of this world. Tropical, exotic and classy locations may serve as concepts for exciting party rooms, where night is turned into day and you can get lost in the holiday mood. Our Lookbook also offers interesting on-trend topics for this such as Copacabana Nights or Summer in Saint Tropez. The Caribbean green of the Cecile and Yasmin wallpapers conjures up a tropical island feeling.


Yellow submarine pop culture

The sixties and seventies of the 20th century are characterised by pop culture, graphic design, geometrically abstract and stylised figures and forms, as well as optical illusion patterns. The basis for this party room style is the cult film Yellow Submarine (Beatles), which, due to its fascinating language of images and effects, is considered to be one of the greatest cinematic artworks of its time.

Wallpapers paying homage to pop culture and all its representatives, and conveying this illusion of freedom with strong and moving colours and patterns include Anu, Dusares, Priska, Apollo, Waris, Tereza, Vector, Selene and Mentana.