Transforming a bathroom in a botanical paradise

A little while ago, we received a set of pictures from a customer from Slovenia who took them after her bathroom renovation project based on our botanical wallpaper. We were truly impressed by the creativity and elegance of the design. It was clear that a lot of thought and passion had gone into creating this botanical paradise. We just knew we had to get in touch with the mastermind behind this project. So that’s exactly what we did!

Her name is Barbara Kotnik and she kindly agreed to be interviewed when we reached out to learn more about her vision, her selection process, and any tips she might have for others looking to embark on their own wallpapering adventure.

What inspired you to pick this specific wallpaper model?

I wanted to create a space that could function like a time capsule, offering a very immersive experience that would make you feel as though you stepped into a Victorian greenhouse circa “turn of the century”. That narrowed down both the colour scheme (green and brass) and design style (botanical and antique).

Did you design around the wallpaper, or did you look for a model complementing your vision?

I knew from the beginning that I wanted the wallpaper to be in darker shades of green, with the bathroom furniture and ceiling in white. I first picked the ceramic tiles, the furniture and the indoor plants, and only then began my search for the right wallpaper. It took quite a while as the samples I received never matched what I saw online. My advice is to always order a sample first, stick it to the wall you intend to decorate, and observe it for a few days, especially at different times of the day as the light changes. If you already have picked the furniture, put the sample next to them, too.


Has your perception of the room or its purpose changed after the wallpaper installation?

I feel the bathroom has really only come to life once the wallpaper was in place. All the small details that would get lost or feel cluttered on white walls now feel more intentional and fit better. Although there were already actual plants in the bathroom, it is the botanical design of the wallpaper that makes it feel like a real tropical greenhouse.

What have guests said about the wallpaper? Any particularly positive or surprising feedback?

They love it! I come from Slovenia, where interior design is pretty bland and boring. Most people are worried that wallpaper will make the room feel outdated. However, since I completed my project a lot of people have asked me where to find wallpapers like the one I used. I guess it just comes down to seeing what is actually possible in the right context.


Any tips for those seeking to replicate your stunning design in their own homes?

Order samples! :-) Also, be patient and flexible: although I knew what theme I wanted to realise right from the start, I didn't buy and assemble everything in one day. It's a layering process, you add one thing, then another, and see where that takes you next. A wallpaper has the power to truly transform a space, so depending on which one you pick your whole room could suddenly go in another direction. And pick one you like, don’t listen to what your friends or family say. Your home, your rules!

Do you have ideas for future wallpapering projects or design concepts you'd like to explore?

Oh, yes, many more! If I could, I would wallpaper not just my own home but also the homes of all the people I know! :-) It's such a fun experience to unlock the potential of a space just by changing the look of the walls! Jokes aside, I have now finished my bathroom and my bedroom, but I still have my kitchen, living room and staircase to wallpaper. I picked the samples out already, now I just have to find the time.