California Dreaming

California Dreaming

Beneath your feet the soft sun-warmed sand, in your ears the soft murmur of the waves, and on your skin the gentle sea breeze. Seagulls are chattering in the distance as you take in the deserted beach. The sky is glowing in all shades of red as the sun moves closer to the horizon.


Kitsch, cinema, or reality? A Hollywood moment, a soft-focus depiction of reality far from mass tourism and hotel monstrosities, an overused cliché, a stage-managed fantasy devised by advertising strategists, or simply the romanticised version of the perfect holiday?


From afar, this illusion probably seems like a wonderful dream, one that might provide a welcome distraction as you gaze out of your rain-splattered office window for a few minutes, before another email pops up, the phone rings, or your next meeting begins. Despite the fact that this is the mundane reality for most of us, there are some who are privileged enough to enjoy the scenario described above on a daily basis. And not just for two weeks a year, but as long as they choose to do so.


And so to the West Coast of the USA. A beautiful house on the Pacific coast in sunny California. They really do exist, those secluded, deserted sandy beaches. And this is where those privileged few are living the dream. One of them is well-known designer Nora McNeely Hurley. Together with her husband Michael Hurley, she is the proud owner of a beach house in Montecito, Santa Barbara County. Judging by the tasteful interior of their abode, the couple seems to think that the idyllic coast outside their window is simply not quite idyllic enough. For inside the house, the aquatic themes of the ocean are reflected in the most exuberant fashion.





Visitors might lose themselves in a complete palette of every imaginable hue of blue, from purple to turquoise - a veritable underwater world above sea level! Atop the azure wallpapers with gorgeous floral designs sit countless pictures telling stories of the sea, a mirror in the shape of a school of fish, corals and shells, and sea dwellers of all shapes and sizes decorate the tables and shelves.


Fluffy cushion covers, animal skins and rugs are reminiscent of the moss-covered ocean bed and provide a sense of comfort and well-being. The eye is transfixed by all things maritime. And now YOU can recreate this atmosphere, as much of what you would find on Nora McNeely Hurley's walls represents the wide spectrum (as well as an exclusive selection) of our range of wall décor. After all, the designer sourced all her wallpapers from us!



So go ahead, create the world of your dreams in your own home. Decorate, design, beautify - with wallpaper! And leave the world of work behind at the end of a long day. You don't have to live in California to achieve this - those who are lacking the funds can simply take inspiration from the beach lifestyle and implement it in their homes. There are no limitations to your imagination!



Text and Photos: szim