Botanical Trend: Wallpapers on a green wave

Botanical Trend: Wallpapers on a green wave

The very popular interior design trend "Botanical", which focuses on plant elements, is incredibly versatile. It involves real plants, pattern prints on wallpapers, rugs and carpets, plant-themed accessories and natural colours and creates one thing: fantastic green oases of well-being!


Today, we'd like to introduce you to the Botanical Trend, focussing on wallpapers. Come with us on a journey through the botanical wallpaper world and learn about all the possible nuances of this very contemporary trend for individual interior design concepts. "Green" wallpapers can create a plethora of ambiences: tropical, exotic, sensual, cheerful, stimulating or calming, and sometimes abstract. In addition, we will provide you with interesting information and tips on how to realise botanical design ideas.

What does "Botanical" mean?

„Botanical“ refers to the technical term for "botany", the study of plants. Botany studies include almost 380,000 plant species from all over the globe - some of which might not even immediately be identifiable as plants. This magical green universe offers a similarly rich choice in terms of wallpaper designs. Flowers, shrubs, grasses, bushes, twigs, branches, tendrils and leaves are all motifs featuring in premium-quality design wallpapers with a botany theme.


Green in all its nuances and shades obviously has an important role to play in botany as well as in the Botanical Trend, but it is by no means the only colour matching the green lifestyle. Unique concepts and themes can also be realised with soft, woody or earthy hues of brown, lemon and golden yellow, ash grey, fruity red, Caribbean turquoise or zesty orange.

The wallpaper patterns range from concrete to abstract, from delicate to bold. And who says that Botanical wallpapers can't be extravagant and luxurious? The best example is our beautiful grass wallpaper Persephone.


Why the Botanical Trend makes us so happy

Green is the elixir of life. We all know that plants improve the room climate and stimulate the mind whilst also having a calming, sensual effect. Just imagine a day in the garden, the woods, on a colourful mountain meadow. Whilst the eyes are gliding across the green splendour, the thoughts gently drift away into a daydream or a pleasant fantasy.

Just seeing plants before our mind's eye will trigger associations with a specific scent, e.g. the floral bouquet of a rose, various herbs like mint or parsley, or the tangy-sweet smell of pine resin. The gentle rustling of leaves fills us with a sense of tranquillity. The Botanical Trend appeals to all our senses and merges them in a wonderful way.


The colour green is also known for its calming and strengthening powers. It stands for growth and energy. One particular characteristic is the constant regeneration of the natural world. A continuous process of creation and expiration. In spring, green appears everywhere, in summer it presents itself in all its beautiful abundance, in autumn it turns into a firework of colours, and in winter it withdraws and rests, waiting to emerge again.

When we think about green as a colour, it is neutral in the sense of "balancing". It is the colour of life, of spring and plants, of renewal, hope and immortality. Endurance, tolerance and contentment are all promoted. Green is also know to alleviate physical problems and create a cardiovascular balance. It stands for youth and freshness - it's no coincidence that depictions of plants adorn many anti-ageing cosmetics. Green bundles power and promote regeneration. In many desert countries, green appears in the national flag as it stands for survival in barren desert landscapes dotted with a few lush oases.


Everyone knows the term "Blue Salon". It describes a reception room in a private residence or hotel that people withdraw to in order to relax or have a convivial chat. But it is a lesser know fact that the colour green used to be another favourite for salons or elegant studies.


Botanical variations - As you like it

With the huge variety of plants reflected in wallpaper prints, anyone will be able to find their very favourite Botanical Trend model. Spring-fresh or a magical forest? Perhaps you'd prefer an exotic green oasis which reminds you of a tropical holiday?


The Botanical Trend provides a plethora of options satisfying all personal preferences, and isn't limited to any specific room. Also, a botanical wallpaper doesn't HAVE to be green. As we know, colours change in nature, too, along with the seasons. Here are some gorgeous ideas for your very own Botanical style:

Spring Awakening

Delicately drawn or water-colour plant patterns, closed or half-open blossoms, light shades of green with white hues or a natural pastel colour - in spring, nature awakens and comes back to life, filling our own lives with colour. Pattern prints bring zesty green to the wall, symbolising springtime and beautifying private residences and public or business premises. This botanical theme can be found in our wallpapers Eurynome, Freya, Sanja and VanGogh Blossom, to name but a few.


Summer Meadows

During the warm summer months, what can be better than spending time outside in nature, walking barefoot through flower-strewn meadows and be bewitched by the sweet scent of flowers? This lush "summer green" is the perfect partner for strong colours and matching motifs like birds, water, etc. Introduce a summer meadow into your home with wallpaper models like Aislinn, Ebba, Felicia, Filomena, Halwa or Undine.


Woodland Walk

The deeper one ventures into the forest, the more detail one detects in the plant world. Shapes, scents, a soothing cool temperature, beams of sunshine penetrating through the lofty treetops... For many people, the forest with its divers flora and fauna is a haven of relaxation and regeneration. In fairy-tales, it is often presented as a place of magic which mythical creatures, spirits, trolls, witches and fairies call home.

Wallpapers that introduce the calm tranquillity and enchanting magic of the forest into a room can feature a plethora of different plant species like brushes, trees, wild herbs, but also songbirds, squirrels, elks, or foxes. A dark fir green or brown serves as background for the delicate or strong green hues of plants or leaves. White and green as the main colours, cleverly interspersed with bright accents, reflect the light, vibrant side of the forest with its multitude of micro-organisms and wild plants. Wallpaper forests can, of course, also come in abstract or stylised incarnations. For a soothing forest feel and magical moments, try our wallpapers Merle, Singa, Rovoloni, or Yesenia.


Tropical Rainforest

The mysterious Amazon - a dense green jungle hiding a multitude of surprises. It's a sea of lush green. Palmtrees, bamboo, giant ferns, lianas, cocoa trees, orchids, bromeliads, passion flowers, flamingo flowers, strangler figs, and monsteras are just some of the better known rainforest plants, many of which can be found in wallpaper patterns. Purist green or exotic animals and tropical fruit: these wallpapers add dynamic power and a holiday feeling to the room: Emiane, Esira, Kenai, Ronja, Zoe.


Fabulous Foliage

Leaves and tendrils in all their variations have always been a popular wallpaper motif. During the time of the Art Nouveau movement, it was the basis for abstract, sophisticated patterns. The Baroque era used foliage to create romantic figures. From the 1950s to the 1970, leaves appeared in stylised and brightly coloured variations, introducing a fresh new way of life into the home. Our Wallpaper Shop provides a choice of lush foliage for every taste and preference, inspired by many design and art epochs or simply in a very natural style. Just choose your favourite, for instance Kanaloa, Koda, Panella, Tabea, Venaria or Verena.


Abstract Flora

That these wallpaper patterns consist of plant elements is not necessarily obvious at first sight. And in terms of colours, green isn't the only choice by any means! Abstract plant motifs combine natural elements with a sense of mystery which stimulates the mind. Some prime examples: Arana, Maringa, Davila, Osiris.


The Garden of Eden

In the Bible, the Garden of Eden stands for paradise. Who doesn't know the story of Adam and Eve being banished from paradise for succumbing to the lure of the forbidden apple. In general parlance, the Garden of Eden is synonymous with an unimaginably beautiful place which doesn't necessarily need to be defined specifically. One person might imagine a land of milk and honey, another a picturesque farmer's garden or an oasis with lush foliage and exotic animals. Create your own Garden of Eden with our enchanting wallpapers, e.g. Bambu, Grace, Manito, Tamfana, VanGogh Garden.


The Beauty of Palm Trees

There's hardly another plant motif in the Botanical Trend that is as exciting and popular as the palm tree. In wallpaper design, this elegant tropical plant is often presented in the shape of a fan or feather and comes in an almost infinite number of variations - from deceptively realistic to stylised and abstract or with a sassy noblesse. Pure palm pleasure can be found in wallpapers like Flavia, Iboka, Jumana, Meura or Milva.


A stunning speciality: Real plant wallpapers

Plants are at the heart of the Botanical Trend. So what could be more obvious than using real plants for wallpapers, too? Grass wallpapers are a particularly good way to realise the green trend. Wallpaper from the 70s provide the discerning customer with an excellent range of premium-quality grass wallpapers, for instance with bamboo grass surfaces. And we are not just talking shades of green: there are many other colour variants that have a very natural effect. Our nature wallpapers create a harmonious basis for the Botanical Trend, which can then be completed with real plants, additional nature-specific colours and matching accessories. One example would be interior design concepts based on Japanese gardens with grass wallpapers, bonsai plants, home textiles with cherry blossom print, and Chinoiserie furniture.


Tips and tricks for the Botanical Interior Design Style

Whether you choose to just create a feature wall or decide to adorn all four walls of a room with a botanical pattern wallpaper should be gauged in terms of the size of the pattern and the room itself, the light conditions and intensity, etc. Life plants emphasise and complement pattern wallpapers with plant motifs, but less is most definitely more here, and the size of the plant(s) is an aspect that should be carefully considered.


Furniture and furnishings made of wood, cork, rattan, or bamboo are perfect partners for the Botanical Trend, as these materials are integral parts of botany and provide a clever connection to plant pattern wallpapers. Wooden furniture can be chosen in light, dark, warm or cool shades, matching the dominant wallpaper colour. Reddish wood types provide a fantastic contrast to strong hues of green. Rugs and carpets made of jute, sisal or hemp complete the green look.

Luxurious wallpapers with plants as their main motif often feature metallic hues like gold, silver, or bronze. In terms of furniture, individual metal pieces work great with metallic luxury wallpapers in the Botanic style.


Decorative items and home textiles can either match predominantly green Botanical wallpapers or provide a stunning contrast. Light-dark gradations in the wallpaper colours have a stimulating effect. Dark ocean-blue, copper, gold, rosé, delicate pastels, bright fruit colours or hues of white are also great options.

Textiles with large or loud prints are a no-no, unless they match he pattern of the wallpaper. Home textiles with a special structure reflecting the Botanical theme are a fabulous addition. For instance, if the interior style focusses on a tropical rainforest, crocodile leather imitation cushions and seat covers would be a good choice. Dark green velvet is a fabulous match for a forest theme, whilst delicate silk emphasises a flower meadow.