Are wallpaper samples available free of cost?

Are wallpaper samples available free of cost?

We are frequently asked whether we provide free samples for the wallpapers available in our Wallpaper Shop. As a result, we thought it would be a good idea to give you some more information regarding this topic.

Our pattern sample offer is divided into two options:

  • Wallpaper sample as a 1:1 printout
  • Wallpaper sample as an original cut-off, e.g. in the A4 format

As the printout version of the wallpaper sample can be created by interested customers themselves - as long as a printer is connected to their device - we obviously won't charge them for it. A pattern sample of the original wallpaper in A4 costs from €0.50 plus postage (which varies, depending on whether the customer chooses standard or express delivery as well as the destination country).

Of course our main aim is that you have an accurate idea of your chosen wallpaper, which is why we keep the cost for original samples as low as possible. Find out more about our special wallpaper sample service and discover which useful information can be gleaned from a pattern printout or a piece of the original wallpaper, respectively.


Low-cost samples service for original wallpaper cuts

Wallpaper from the 70s offers a large range of exclusive, exceptional, unusual premium-quality wallpapers. The Shop does not procure standardised pattern samples from manufacturers as they are either not available for all models or very costly. As we are an online-exclusive outlet for design wallpapers, we do not have pattern books because logistics and shipping would incur significant costs.

This is why we started our very own wallpaper sample service so that our customers can experience our wallpapers with all their senses before buying them. Here is a short description of our pattern sample service:

  • Purchase of the latest wallpapers
  • Cutting pattern samples by hand and in larger numbers
  • Labelling the cut-offs (product details)
  • Easy-to-reach, itemised storage of samples based on an intelligent system leads to swift shipment
  • Collating pattern samples according to customers' orders
  • Shipment

These process steps are taken on by our staff members (not machines) who are happy to combine beautiful wallpaper samples for our customers in order to enable them to make the right choices. Consequently, we only charge appropriate "material costs" based on the price of the relevant wallpaper roll, running meter, or sheet.

We can provide pattern samples of all our models, irrespective of whether a model is currently available or not.


Prices of original wallpaper samples and shipping charges

The price for a cut-off depends on the price of the wallpaper in question (rolls, running meters, or individual sheets). For an original wallpaper sample, our customers will pay between €0.50 and €5.00. Click on "Order/Print a sample" to find out how much the pattern sample for your chosen model will be.

We use protective "Do not bend" envelopes which are appropriate for the sample size and can hold a large number of wallpaper samples. Standard delivery within Germany: 1-2 working days; within Europe: 5-8 working days; outside Europe: 1-3 weeks. Express delivery: much shorter delivery times (between 1 and 3 working day(s), depending on destination country). In the article description of each wallpaper, to the right of the price, you can find the shipping information with details as to available shipping options (standard and/or express) and shipping times.

If sample patterns are ordered along with wallpaper, the samples are added to the package in a separate envelope.


Pattern sample printouts versus original wallpaper samples

Which wallpaper sample variation is appropriate for which requirement? A printout of the wallpaper pattern is suitable to get a feel for proportions. In addition, it provides visual detail characteristics which can be difficult to glean from the product photograph. The 1:1 printouts represent the actual size of a pattern or motif. Unfortunately, colour authenticity cannot be guaranteed due to technical reasons (printer, resolution, screen display). Similarly, a printout can of course not reflect three-dimensionality and structural or haptic material effects. Consequently, a computer printout is most suited to get a realistic idea of the pattern/motif sizes of smooth, one-dimensional wallpapers.

Original wallpaper samples or cut-offs provide a true representation of all facets of the wallpaper - from colours to structures, embossments, three-dimensional effects or optical illusions, to original pattern and motif sizes and the special characteristics of the respective material. In particular, the unique effects of design wallpapers with extravagant textile or natural surfaces, as well as metal effect or foil and vinyl models, can only be gauged based on original pattern samples.


Pattern cuts can also be used in many ways after their original purpose has been served

After deciding on a choice of wall décor, the pieces of original wallpaper have a number of potential uses. For instance, you can decorate and beautify small pieces of furniture, wrap presents in a creative manner, or use them for handicraft projects. Check out our Blog to discover some inspiring ideas to benefit from your original wallpaper pieces in more than one way.