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Modern wallpaper

Modern Art

Modern Art does not just belong in museums;it can also adorn the walls of your home. Our modern wallpaper range expresses the zeitgeist and mirrorscontemporarytrendsin a unique way. Who knows, they might even go down in design history, like so many still popular examples from the past. Floral wall-coverings, stripes, luxury or kids wallpapers - they all enable you to play with colours, materials, and motifs. Classic patterns and colours are given a new lease of life, are transformed and hyper-stylised. Life is constantly in flux, and interior design reflects this fact. Discover our scorching hot modern wallpapers.


Everything changes

The world is constantlychanging; stagnation is decay, and life punishes those who delay. So how about a brand-new outfit with plenty of sex appeal for your home? Motifs from various epochs of style get an exciting make-over, instantly turning into new style icons, and the room turns into a playground of gorgeous colours, three-dimensional effects, silky sheens and pearl shines – wall coverings to dream and inspire, to allow a glimpse of the future. Your ambience is much more than just habitat, it is a means to express your personality- discover the amazing variety in our wallpaper shop: top quality with artistic value.


Focus on Wallpaper

Keep on moving! That is the motto inspiring our modern wallpapers, which enable you to create any type of interior landscapeyou might hitherto just have dreamed about. Nostalgic, futuristic, abstract or as a reflection of natural shapes and colours. Modern wall-coverings are perfect bedfellows for classic living spaces, and the contrast creates exciting juxtapositions in a room. Re-design layouts by clever use of our modern wallpaper range. Mix and match to your heart’s content: stripes and flowers, graphic elements – the world is your oyster. Check out our marvellous new modern range in the online shop.


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