Novelty wallpaper


The world keeps on turning and providing international designers and wallpaper artists with an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Browse hot-to-trot and cutting edge wallpaper novelties in our exclusive shop. Fascinating materials, haptic structures, motivic art and experimental fun are combined to create innovation in the art of wall coverings. New wallpaper patterns, intricate details or a new take on the classics create wallpapers which will adorn and elevate any room – like a splendid robe for your walls.


Space Factor
Wow Factor

Innovations in wallpaper design – simply breathtaking or breathtakingly simple: What really counts is how the design flatters a room and attracts the eye of the beholder. Tedious design homogeneity? That is what we aim to avoid at all cost. Conversely, our wall coverings are characterised by their innovative structures; they seduce the eye and the senses and create the backdrop for a feeling of general wellbeing. All YOU have to do is find what constitutes your own personal favourite in our comprehensive new wallpaper collections.



Wallpaper novelties reflect contemporary trends and styles. They translate the signs of the times into wallpaper design. We have created floral, baroque or striped wallpapers which capture the current Zeitgeist with their completely new appearance, special materials and innovative printing techniques: informal and free, or luxurious, sophisticated, and decadent. Our instinct for style is ever-present – and this is why our wallpaper shop not only offers you the styles and trends of today, but also the designer wall-coverings of tomorrow.