Wood effect wallpaper

Wood and

Our faux wood wall-coverings are extremely realistic and bring warmth and cosiness to any room. They provide a reflection of the purity of nature for your walls, emphasising the importance of closeness to the roots of life. The natural resource of wood has always been a material which, when used to produce furniture, floors, and walls, creates a sense of harmony, as every bit of wood-grain and every knot tells a story. Wood imitation wallpaper is always associated with comfort, just like a warming open fire. Our Trend Collection boasts natural wood hues and exquisite wood patina effects.


Wood is alive

Wood breathes and works long after the tree has been felled. This is one of the reasons why wooden wall panelling is so popular. Our extremely realistic wood effect wallpapers have a similar impact on your well-being. Discover our easy-application wood panel wall-coverings, wallpapers with wood-grain effects or non-woven plank-look wall décor. Wood effect wallpapers are clever interior design elements that help combine purist modernism with a more classic, natural style. Wood will never go out of fashion, and our wood effect range can be used to create feature walls which complement any style.


Wooden Art

Painted or glazed wood, made to look weathered with flaking patina, uncovering memories layer by layer. Wood effect wallpapers provide a plethora of inspiration for Country Style and Shabby Chic, at times with country-specific elements. The Swedes love their wood painted white, Belgians are known to have a penchant for romantic pastel colours, and the fiery Spaniards prefer their wood in the colours of the azure sea. Just let your imagination go wild – ourexquisite wood effect wallpaper range, selected from all over the world, boasts countless variations to and interpretations of the theme.