Customer stories

Master closet

by Chanchal from Issaquah, United States

This wallpaper is so beautiful in person! I love the details and the embossed texture of the paper. We painted the ceiling Benjamin Moore Aegean blue color that complimented the wallpaper beautifully, and a vintage brass accent ceiling light. It transformed our master closet to a classic, timeless space that I just want to stand there and admire like a museum wall art :)

The order shipped and delivered very quick to United States. The team was very responsive to answer my questions. The cost is also reasonable compared to other online stores I checked. I will order again from this shop.

Are you very happy?

by Rosa Novellón Folch from Huesca, Spain

Excellent treatment and excellent product, the paper glue was sufficient and abundant results, from one day to the next it could continue to be used and I really liked the paper, the wide and wonderful catalogue, to choose many and varied alternatives, just like for tastes and colors. It wasn't so easy for me to decide on a type of paper, since with so many beautiful range of wallpapers it was difficult to choose, but in the end it was safe to find and find what I was looking for. Thank you.

High wall on attic

by Emiel Suilen from Heiloo, Netherlands

For the high wall on our attic, we chose the Morley Patina Green. The high wall extends down to the stairs, so that's a height of almost 8 meters. Fortunately, this wallpaper is very easy to apply, just put the glue on the wall and apply it. The pattern also makes it easy to match, so even on the parts next to it, applying it was a breeze.

It really gives a sense of rest to our bedroom, the dark color really makes it a calm place, and the ferns and leaves really make it cozy.


by Andrea from Seregno, Italy

Well made, resistant and high quality product, no problems detected during installation and fast and detailed deliveries. Papers from this site applied several times without problems.

A dream

by Kaffai from Mannheim, Germany
RoomLiving Room

The delivery was very quick and the package was very lovingly wrapped. You can really feel the passion for wallpaper.

The wallpaper is of high quality and is very easy to work with.

The result is simply fantastic - exactly what I wanted and I am very happy that I chose this wallpaper.

Design optical shop

by Beate Sloma, STYLE - interior design, Fa. Michael Ganal from Langenargen, Germany

We chose this textile wallpaper when planning a new optician's shop in Luxembourg because the beautiful rosewood tone and natural material fit the concept perfectly! The effect is very well received and processing was no problem.

An incredible effect

by Tiziano from Catania, Italy

I have carefully studied everything you have written for the pose, I can only give one piece of advice for greater understanding. It would be appropriate to include video tutorials as they would be more intuitive and impactful. The paper was applied in a 19th century farmhouse and the walls are not all the same as they are made of stone, but the various differences in the walls and false ceiling are not noticeable at all. The paper is like in the photos both in terms of colors and pattern. Thanks and wonderful

Very beautiful wallpaper

by Margaux from Bruxelles, Belgium

This paper was so easy to put up, even though it was my first experience with wallpaper... All I had to do was put some glue on the wall, then gently put it down, and bingo. Despite the very small details, I managed to match the 2 strips of wallpaper well.

Plus, the details are superb, I love it!


by Danilo Reitano from Catania, Italy
RoomLiving Room

Paper color identical to the samples. Three walls are light but we combined the same pattern on different background colors by applying an entire dark roll; the two types are: the cream white Sagano and the anthracite gray Sagano, used as a background for an art deco piece of furniture. The result for us is very satisfactory and reflects our wishes. There were no difficulties in laying out the paper: we used the glue you sent in the suggested quantities.

We recommend everyone to purchase!

Stunning and moody

by Kelly from Nashville, United States

We wanted to update our mid century powder room with a fun, moody vibe combining flora and fauna, and this ended up being exactly what it needed.

The colors are stunning and the texture provides additional interest. There’s a lot going on in the pattern, but the repeat is perfect so it doesn’t feel busy.

We hired a professional installer, so I can’t speak to the ease of installation but he had no trouble with it. Order got here faster than I expected too.

So happy with this!

Laying the paper is not easy with the records and multiple corners, but a magnificent result!

by Fpjp12 from Clamerey, France

Quality paper, easy to install (except for the connections) with different reliefs and textures, magnificent and warm!

Perfect in our bedroom, it lends itself perfectly to the style of this one with its rounded ceilings and multiple walls.

It creates a beautiful result, and transports us back in time!

We are super happy, thank you for proposing this paper,

And rapid receipt after order.

We recommend it.

Nice and beautiful

by Reza from Turin, Italy

We have installed this wallpaper in our bathroom. We had to choose between tiles and wallpapers and because of easy installation and variety of colors and models we went for the wallpaper and now we are satisfied with the result. The amount of glue provided by the shop based on their calculation is enough and we dis not have any issues installing the wallpaper. It was our first time installing wallpapers and we did not have any problem during installation. We would reccommend it everyone for all rooms.