Customer stories

Pink squirrels in my toilet. Yes Yes !

by De VASCONCELOS from Guyancourt, France

Hello, I was looking for inspiration to decorate the toilets. I then came across this clear and joyful wallpaper and at the same time. This thick wallpaper makes hanging easy. Its joyful colors give a touch of gaiety to the room. The colors blend perfectly with those suggested by the site. I dared this pattern and I am delighted. Pink squirrels in the toilet! Yes Yes ! I did it, why not you?! This site is a source of inspiration. Very original and atypical wallpaper.


by De VASCONCELOS from Guyancourt, France

Hello everyone,

I hesitated for a long time then I finally dared this rabbit/hare pattern.

I wanted an original and clear wallpaper at the same time.

This wallpaper goes perfectly with the colors suggested by the site.


I opted for an installation at the top of the wall with a basement for a less busy effect.

I am very satisfied with the result and rendering.

My hallway is bright with a vintage touch.

Thick wallpaper that facilitates installation.


by MARIE from LOIX, France
RoomLiving Room

The installation of this wallpaper in the form of a sheet is a real breeze and very pleasant to achieve.

I put it on part of the living room wall in addition to the bleached raw plank.

I am extremely happy with the result.

Lots of "wows" around me.

Thanks to Sven for our email exchanges and for informing me of the restocking of paper. He promised me and he did! ?

Then the delivery was fast and perfect.

Very satisfied

by Anina from Schweiz, Switzerland

The wallpaper is of very high quality. The golden shapes come into their own and stand out slightly from the wallpaper due to their structure. great effect.

Satisfied, it was the card I was looking for!

by Laura mosconi from Caravaggio, Italy

Renovation of the bathroom


by Zemma from Saint Chamond, France

Very thick and easy to install, the fittings are quickly spotted. the rendering is incredible I have had nothing but compliments. The colors make it possible to match it with a lot of style. For those who are not experts in hanging wallpaper, there is even an explanation of which length to hang and in what order. Be careful, however, there are only two lengths per roll. The small origami gift offered in addition is very appreciable for the children.

Best buy

by Fernanda Manzione Nadal from São Paulo, Brazil

Every experience was amazing!

I had a problem with delivery, because the hotel I was at did not want to receive it and the wallpaper ended up being returned to the store. Still the attendant I spoke with AMAZING!

Best quality.

by Francesco Bomparola from Montegiordano, Italy
RoomLiving Room

Easy installation, at the same time very delicate, a little attention during installation not to dirty it with glue during installation.

The final effect is beautiful, the contrasting color tones in the leaves on a cream background are beautiful, a very apt choice, the edge of the leaves is in relief as if painted by hand.

I can recommend it.

Choosing a paper with a design as a first experience could be a bit difficult, but if you are familiar with manual work in general, it is not very difficult.

Good product.

Very nice wallpaper in retro style, strong, bright, rich color.s

by Simone Raschle from Schaffhausen, Switzerland

The paper wallpaper is easy to put up, stable material, the effect is strong!

I use the wallpaper only 1 - lane as a background in the shop window design, or as floor panels. Enormous change with little effort!

nice wallpaper

by PROJET A | Amélie Touchet from Fillé, France
RoomChildren's room

Magnificent wallpaper, the designs are really rich in detail. We opted for this model because I find that it can easily be integrated into various styles of decoration and associated with various shades.

We just had a problem with the connection but it remains discreet.

This decor has the advantage of offering a nice panorama halfway between a roll paper and a panoramic. It matches and fits perfectly into the room of this young girl who adores it ❤

A perfect wallpaper

by Tomiani Miriam from Zalau str. Porolissum nr 16A, Romania

The wallpaper looks amazing in our daughter’s room. It shipped very fast,(considering we are a foreign country) and after reading the explanation found on their site, we were able to set it up very easily! We bought the glue too, and it worked perfectly with the wallpaper. The texture and the quality of it just amazes us. It looks exactly like the presentation, and the colors are perfect. It transformed our simple room in a cheerful place.

We just love it!

We have used it in a theater set design

by Detall 04 SL from Barcelona, Spain

Easy to apply and everything perfect