Customer stories

Podiatry office in vintage style!! patients love it!

by Le Normand from 67400, France

Vintage-style podiatry office!

Very beautiful papers!

Delivered very quickly in France!

Easy installation!

We nevertheless encountered a problem with systematic adjustment when installing the 3rd strip of each roll (both in blue and gray) which leaves a gap of approximately 6mm at the top or bottom (wall 250cm high).

I also returned an extra roll of wallpaper, the refund was done without delay!

I recommend both the site and the products!

beautiful paper, very elegant

by LECCE from galatina, Italy

Arrived quickly, easy to apply, amazing and beautiful result.

Happy, we loved the quality, the print and everything

by Patricia from Madrid, Spain

The paper was perfectly calculated for the indicated measurements and there was nothing left over from the rolls.

Despite the complexity of the drawings, the manual was very clear and the team was able to place it in a matter of 1 hour, looking impressive, you would never guess that there are 5 strips per wall, it looks like a single piece.

The quality of the paper is unbeatable, it has the perfect thickness.

The tone is the same as in the photos, which is usually difficult to judge or match.

Great. Wallpaper with a big impact.

by Evelyn Rehm from Berlin, Germany

The wallpaper was very easy to process. I wallpapered a chamber including the ceiling and am thrilled. The feel and design impressed me. The room has a great depth and has become an absolute highlight.


by chiara from Roma, Italy

paper placed in the entrance area, as a backdrop to a coat hanger + mirror + wall lamp. In the rest of the house there are more flashy papers so a particular paper was needed but without a strong chromatic character. Black, gold and white accessories were combined. the final result is beautiful, the polka dots with the light of the applique reflect the light in a different way and the wardrobe corner is decorated in an unconventional and delicate way. Very satisfied

Extremely beautiful

by Chiara from Roma, Italy
RoomLiving Room

This wallpaper is really beautiful, applying it was easy and the final result is truly excellent and has a great impact. the colors are bright, the combination of coordinated paints works well. It was applied in the living room on the back wall where there is also a window and a single, which was also covered. very satisfied, beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful

Good experience

by Lara from Salerno, Italy

I had thought about installing it myself, I had also purchased the glue for this reason. Then I left it to the painter, who positioned it to my not complete satisfaction. He blames the quality of the paper, but I don't know what the truth is. In any case, the effect is pleasant, I had already purchased several samples and I am very satisfied with the style of this paper that I chose.

In any case I would recommend the purchase, the paper makes the environment special.

Very good project looks great

by Jörne Rentsch from Worpswede, Germany

The wallpaper is of top quality, what we liked best was that the waste wasn't that big, otherwise it would have been significantly heavier and then 2 rolls wouldn't have been enough. I'm always happy when I walk past the wall, a real highlight

Camille Ocean Blue

by MRS KIM WALKER from Gerrards Cross, United Kingdom
RoomLiving Room

This wallpaper is amazing! We love it. So bright and fresh. The paper is excellent quality and went on like a dream. We can’t stop looking at it as it is so gorgeous.

I am obsessed

by Megan Fudge from Atlanta, United States

This paper requires heavy duty paste and needed to be soaked. This is different than other paper I purchased from this company.

It wasnt too hard to hang. It's expensive but so fun!

I hung it in my guest bathroom. I plan on hanging the velvet croc paper in the guest bedroom.

I love this wallpaper company. I have several different paper from them. The directions are thorough and shipping is normally quick. My friends love seeing what unusal paper I hang. Croc paper is unusal but seems so natural behind my Mona Lisa print (purchased on etsy.)

Lovely classic look and originality

by Blanchi from Monaco, Monaco
RoomChildren's roomOther

Thick and quality paper. Lovely pattern and design. Good customer service. The Van Gauge one has a wonderful touch feel, as if it was a real painting! It’s easy to match with any color and looks very original. I got a lot of compliments for it. Thanks!


by Pellouet Chouan from Rezé, France
RoomLiving Room

Order shipped and received very quickly.

Simple to install wallpaper, with detailed instructions received with the order.

Very good quality and beautifully rendered.

The wallpapers offered on the site have a character that you don't see everywhere, which is what made my choice possible. Very original and lots of choice.

I love it, with this new wallpaper, the soul of my room has changed ☺️

I will order from “70s wallpaper” again for a new room to decorate.

I highly recommend