Customer stories

Gorgeous paper, perfect bedroom vibe

by Moira Conrad from New York, United States

I have finally realized my dream of living in a 1970s motel. Seriously, the vibes off this gorgeous paper are strong and dramatic, the perfect look for when I start and end my day! The paper is a great weight, and the pattern is easy to match. This paper can elevate any room from "meh" to stunning! I was looking for a pattern that was bold, but not overpowering, and this paper definitely fits the bill. I has a powerful '70s feel, but also feels modern. Just the perfect addition to any room.

Fun, Sunny, and Bright!

by Moira Conrad from New York, United States

Really wanted a wallpaper that was funky, but also bright and sunny, and this wallpaper is definitely all of those things! This is actually the second house we've put this paper up in, we love it that much. You do have to pay close attention when you're hanging it, making sure all the "eyes" are level, but we quickly figured out how to do it and the process went quickly. Super fun pattern, and a little goes a long way in creating an impact! The paper is a good weight, and hangs easily.

Whimsical bathroom

by Stephanie Gent from Stanfordville, United States

I wanted something so calm and whimsical for the top half of my bathroom walls. We originally put up a vinyl, that bubbled and creased. After the process of removing it and preparing the walls, we went with the Twiggy non woven. What a difference! The paper was easy to work with and it looks stunning. The paper is even more beautiful than the pictures and the quality if wonderful.

The wallpaper was applied in one batch

by Anna Maria Signorini Bungaro from Firenze, Italy

The application was very simple and at the end the job was excellent.

The wallpaper turned out similar to the sample sent to me previously.

I am very satisfied with the final effect.

Great wallpaper perfect for a movie

by Jacopo Giulini from Zürcherstrasse 142, Oberengstringen 8102, Switzerland

I ordered the wallpaper for a 1970s hotel room built by Studio Film Dreh. The quality of the wallpaper was exceptional. We simply attached it with fish paste. The results were stunning, they looked great both on camera and in real life. The colors and patterns proved to be versatile and we had a lot of fun with the different combinations of furniture. Highly recommended!

Very good quality paper

by Lauberteaux from Troyes, France

The wallpaper is easy to install despite the connections which could cause concern. The printing is beautifully made with precise details. The colors are bold and vivid.

The paper is thick, and it hides small imperfections on the wall.

The result is exactly as we wanted. The atmosphere of the room is warm and relaxing.

The only downside, quickly corrected: shipping was a little long, but the responsiveness was perfect after a quick message.

elegant, beautiful and very bright

by Francesca from Bologna, Italy

we mounted this beautiful paper in an old wall wardrobe in a corridor with little light, the result is very beautiful and elegant, we are very happy because we managed to renovate an old piece of furniture with the right expense

we recommend this wallpaper


by Gomond from Billere, France
RoomDining room

The package arrived very quickly and very very well packaged?

Is the result great?

The tapestry is very easy to install, you can easily make adjustments if necessary in the case of complicated cuts.

This was our case since it was behind a stove which is very large (you can see it in the photo), we had to lift the tapestry several times to make adjustments and it remained impeccable. Not a single stain or tear.

I highly recommend !

THANKS ?? for their professionalism.

Best wallpaper I've ever used!

by Kristin Adamski from Willis, United States

After paste the paper and peel and stick types, I was ready to throw in the towel. But then I found this pattern and decided to try it. I had a few questions that I emailed and the company answered quickly and were so helpful! You can't get that with a lot of other online wallpaper companies. Pasting the wall was simple and the paper was so very sturdy that it went up quickly and easily. In fact, matching the pattern from piece to piece actually worked, something that has been difficult with other papers. I need to decorate another room and I am only looking for paper from this company! They have a brand new fan in me!

A beautiful, vintage wallpaper

by Paula from London, United Kingdom

I absolutely love this wallpaper - it's floral themes and subtle green backdrop makes it perfect for our home renovation. We panelled the lower half of the wall and painted it in Egyptian cotton which kinda matched the paint colour recommendations on this site. The renovation is ongoing but this wallpaper will find itself in the kitchen on a feature wall

Adds life

by Kate Hamerstadt from Denver, United States

Has a great process ordering and really happy with the wall paper effect on our wall. We decided to add more to the project after the face and was able to order more our of the same batch with no issues. Added the protective coating and the wall paper has done great as backsplash behind the sink with out any water issues. It's been about a year. Very easy to write down as needed. At for the design, it's the perfect puzzle to go back to and look at each tree again and again whole not being busy. Very happy with the purchase!!!

Fabulous wallpaper, it’s is certainly a showstopper!

by Deborah Barge from Leicester, United Kingdom

This wallpaper really enhances our downstairs cloakroom. The simple design with a modern twist works perfectly with the sanitary ware and it’s reflective quality provides more light in a small room.

My decorator found it easy to hang and thought the quality fantastic. He commented that he would be using it in his own home!

This Versace metallic wallpaper has a Baroque flower and leaf design which reflects a silver mirrored effect. It’s swirling design provides an all-over motif that is an illustration of luxury.

I would recommend this iconic classical Versace home wallpaper, Barocco metallics print.