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Crush wallpaper

Crush Fever

We’re in the grip of Crush Fever – and so will you be! Fashion circles have long been aware of the elegantly understated effect of crushed materials, and interior design individualists have now discovered its power, too. A special process is applied to integrate folds and creases into the wall-covering. The resulting crush arrangements are reminiscent of elements of nature, for instance blades of grass, tree bark or wood grain, and fabrics like crushed silk or plissé. These lavish wall adornments create fascinating flowing movements in the room. Our Crush Wallpapers in numerous designs are homage to harmonious expressiveness.


I’ve got a
Crush on you!

Crushed fabrics are an integral part of fashion, and have been for a long time. They represent an unconventional sense of style. Crush wallcoverings are eminently suitable for natural wall décor, or if you are after soft 3D-effects. Their message exceeds that of fashion: It evokes a sense of harmony with the exterior world. The connection between a pristine authenticity and naturally grown structures is reflected as clearly as the rugged beauty of irregular, uneven structures and non-perfectionism. The contrast of matte and high-shine crush wallpapers creates gorgeous reflections in a variety of larger or more subtle folds. 



Wrinkles are in! Our “Crush” Range covers a large array of styles: Patterned, plain-coloured, in a prominent or soft crinkle look as well as in modern twig designs. Depending on the design, the crush pattern can appear like a fabric wall covering, and, in combination with specific surface textures, a perfect optical illusion is the eye-catching result. The complex process required to create the fabulous folds and pleats in Crush Wallpapers, combined with high-quality materials and unusual materials, elevates this type of wall décor to an exceptional and innovative design element that will beautify any home.


Crush Luxor 02

Three-dimensional creases in silver are spread across...


Crush Tree 01

Delicate folds in red stand out from a golden background....


Crush Luxor 03

Three-dimensional creases in pearl-white are spread...


Crush Tree 02

Tree-like branch structures are created by beige-brown...


Crush Tree 03

Pearlescent gold crush creases on a cream-white...


Crush Luxor 04

Three-dimensional creases in pearl-white are spread...


Crush Luxor 01

Three-dimensional creases in beige are spread across this...


Big Crush 02

Crush wallpapers are manufactured using a special folding...


Crush Tree 04

Exceptional interior design ideas demand exceptional...


Crush Avantgarde 03

Space age fans will fall in love with this extravagant...


Crush Avantgarde 02

An unending number of intersecting creases and folds give...