Summer looks from Rio de Janeiro

Summer looks from Rio de Janeiro

Colourful, vibrant, fun, bold, young, Brazilian. FARM’s brightly coloured collections are about capturing the lifestyle of the "garota carioca", the girl from the southern district of Rio de Janeiro. What else is there to say? The world is in love with it. Wearing a FARM outfit, even if you are in São Paulo - the concrete jungle where I live, a world apart from the sun and beach lifestyle that Brazil is famous for - you will feel a gentle breeze on your face. Just thinking about a FARM outfit will make you smile. Now imagine taking all that indoors! It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter or which part of the planet you find yourself in, you can bring some of that coveted lifestyle to your bedroom, living room, bathroom, hall, and beyond. From the FARM collection for Summer 2015, I chose three adorable looks that inspire three selections of wallpaper.

The pretty hues of this flowered dress seem to come straight from a work of art or an idyllic cottage garden. The beige background makes it ideal for a sunny afternoon. And in true FARM style, the colours are bright and joyous. This style will absolutely brighten up your home! You could combine two wallpapers (Marielle and Petronella) for a joyful and relaxed look for your bedroom, bathroom or entrance hall. The tones are fresh and the combination of the two prints – “mini” and “maxi” – provide many possibilities.


The second look is an exuberant floral pattern. Its tribal and psychedelic design is reminiscent of 1970s fashion. The lower part of the dress has a more structured pattern, making an elegant statement. It contradicts the general perception that flowery prints make for informal beach or park wear. Inspired by this look, I would use Labama wallpaper in a living room with lots of natural light. The Labama can also be used on a toilet wall to create a dramatic look. You might even elect to combine it with walls painted red or orange. Be even bolder and paint the toilet ceiling in "old pink" to reflect the wallpaper.


The third look is also young and inviting. The drawings on the black background make it the perfect backdrop for an exciting summer night. The flowery pattern is to die for, bringing to mind a magical secret garden. This vision is well captured by the Marcia wallpaper. Ideal for the living room, the hall, the lobby or, once again, the bathroom.


People are often unsure about using black on the walls. However, it can look great in a room bathed in natural light. And if what you are aiming to achieve is a dramatic atmosphere, then look no further! Brighten it up by choosing curtains, accessories and furniture in lighter colours. What really matters is that this look perfectly captures the unique summer nights of Rio de Janeiro.


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