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Textile wallpaper

The stuff
that dreams
are made of

Textile Wallpapers have always had an important role to play in the world of wall adornments. Their premium quality creates a sense of wellbeing. Textile wallpapers convey solid value and fulfil the dream of cosy homeliness. The variations in these wallcovers depend on whether the natural or synthetic fibres are applied lengthwise or as a weave on their paper or fabric backing. A multitude of materials shapes the look: cotton, silk, linen, felt, raffia, twines or feathers can all be used to gorgeous effect. We provide you with a comprehensive range of Patterned Wallpapers, Striped Wallpapers, and Silk Wallpapers.



Textile or fabric wallpapers satisfy the need for warmth, comfort, contentment and happiness. Their magic touch reminds us of tactile experiences associated with happy memories: our childhood teddy bear, a fluffy warming blanket, or an elegant silk scarf. Add to this the interplay with colours and textures, and a sense of wellbeing in your home is guaranteed. Patterns and motifs as well as a plethora of fibre types provide the fabric needed to create exceptionally sensual interior design concepts. Our new Trend Wallpapers will meet all of your home comfort requirements.



Fabric wallpapers don’t just look amazing; they also boast a number of other advantages for your living and working environment. They are breathable, flame-retardant, stain-resistant, and provide exceptional insulation quality. Room acoustics appear softer and more muted – an absolute must for rooms with high ceilings or minimalist furnishings. Wallcoverings using textile fibres have been à la mode for centuries, but the most expensive materials were accessible only to a selected few, mostly members of the aristocracy. Thankfully, today’s modern textile wallpapers are available to you, too!