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Natural wallpaper

Green Design

Mother Nature comes up with the most beautiful designs for wall coverings – pure and with simple yet striking patterns. Cork, bamboo or grass wallpapers reflect the structures of life itself and convey a sense of warmth and wellbeing. Naturally grown materials, expertly processed and finished, characterise this type of wall décor. Natural differences make every wallpaper of this range unique and reflect the owner’s individuality. The tactile surfaces created by blades of grass, cork or leaves, seduce the eye and invite to touch. Our Natural Wallpapers lend an inartificial charm even to the most urban of environments.


Natural Play
of Colours

Natural colours are never garish; instead they present themselves in many shades of brown, green, red or white, providing a sense of calm and peacefulness. Our wall decorations from this range are characterised by their natural variations and “imperfections” which create familiar three-dimensional patterns and structures. Fine bamboo wood and leaves, blades of grass and cork barks are used to form high-quality combinations. Harmonious colour contrasts inspired by the beauty of nature emit warmth and instil a sense of wellbeing. Experience a totally new way of living with our range of Natural Wallpapers.


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Natural wallcoverings (grass, cork or bamboo) provide a striking contrast to modern furnishings with their clear lines and colours. Juxtapose stark black and white furniture with fantastic natural styles, or combine minimalism with a touch of the outdoors. In the 1980s, Natural Wallpapers were all the rage, but then disappeared for a while. In today’s world, ecological ideals and the unbreakable connection between humans and nature are reflected in “Green Design” and once again very much off the moment. Be inspired by our “Nature” Designer Wallpapers, and introduce the natural world into your living space.