Glass bead wallpaper

Let there
be light

A seemingly infinite number of glass beads, mounted on the surface of the wallpaper, provides a glorious sheen as beautiful as the sun itself. The breath-taking fascination exuded by this wall décor has to be seen to be believed. Whether they are used to cover large areas, combined to form opulent or subtle shapes and patterns, or used to emphasise delicate and intricate motifs - glass bead wallpapers add sparkle and capture the magic of the moment. Light is reflected in each individual bead, creating electrifying optical delights. Discover this fabulous wallpaper range in a large array of colours and excitingly trendy patterns.


Shine on you
crazy diamond

Our range of glass beads wallcoverings comes in a huge range of variations and will add a touch of luxury to any interior decoration style. Modern graphic patterns, floral designs, baroque beauties, or clear purist lines cater for even the most refined tastes. Dynamic wave movements or fragile flowers blossoming in the light, eye-catching geometric shapes and subtle colours resplendent in the fascinating shine of the beads - wallpapers with glass beads provide fabulous highlights and impart new life to any room. Cast your beady eye on the fantastic new range of innovative wallcoverings in our online shop. We guarantee you’ll fall in love.



Mesmerising, heart-warming, thought-provoking – this eye-catching Glass Bead Game on your walls provides continual enchantment, and each time you look at it, a new surprise beckons as light is reflected in each tiny element. These latest designer wallpapers from our brand-new collections are characterised by clever matte-shine contrasts and exquisite materials which complement any interior and lend that certain je ne sais quoi. These incredibly special wallcovers leave ample room for your imagination and interpretation and open the door to a plethora of creative possibilities.