Effect foil wallpaper

High Shine

A new material has conquered the world of wall coverings, and fans of innovative interior design are under its spell. Effect Foil Wallpapers are the latest in wall dressing and produce fascinating optical illusions. Gossamer-thin special foils are applied to the backing material and create 3D and rainbow effects, a breath-taking multitude of light reflections or captivating holograms. Eye-catching reflections in their thousandfold create movement and the illusion of space – a clever tool in small rooms. Effect Foil wallpaper produces an eye-catching spectacle with brilliant diamond sparkle, gorgeous star-shine, and interactive three-dimensional structures.



Effect Foil wall treatments are elegantly extravagant and create a form of interaction with the beholder who is immediately put under the spell of colours and shapes as well as alluring optical illusions. These designer wallpapers can be used in a subtle manner but also become the central attraction in an interior, making it easy to tie them in with a large spectrum of furnishings and accessories. The silver effect foil with its gorgeous chatoyancy is perfectly suited to be combined with bright colours like orange or the more classic black and white. In long and narrow rooms, these constantly changing wallpapers also create the illusion of space.



Andy Warhol would have adored theses wall coverings and they would have fitted perfectly into the legendary Silver Factory with its bohemian goings-on and countless parties. Talking of which, our Effect Foil range is ideal for bars, clubs and boutique hotels. But if you prefer to cause a bit of a stir in your own four walls, you’ve come to the right place, too. Your home might even have its 15 minutes of fame, as visitors will surely spread the word about the magical appeal of your beautiful foil-covered walls. You will be as enthusiastic about this range as we are, and your home will benefit from the fantastic multi-facetted prism-effects.



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