WallpaperStories: Tony Manero

WallpaperStories: Tony Manero

Picture the scene: You're shopping for a new wallpaper when no other than handsome and charming Tony - aka John Travolta - offers you his professional advice. An absurd notion? Not at all! In 1977 movie "Saturday Night Fever", he is working as a salesman in a hardware shop! And of course he is at the centre of today's WallpaperStory.



Tony Manero is quintessentially 1970s: all bell-bottom trousers, cool dance moves and garish colours. He lives for the nights he spends at his favourite club "2001 Odyssey". This is where Tony is the undisputed King of the dance floor. These moments afford him with an opportunity to escape his otherwise dreary and bourgeois life. Tony lives with his parents, an Italo-American family with strict catholic values. Since he was a child, he's been the black sheep of the family in his parents' eyes.


All the more reason for him to throw himself enthusiastically into the wild New York night-life. Tony lives for the moment and has no plans for the future. His entire life revolves around Saturday night. Buoyed by the sounds of the Bee Gees, he throws amazing shapes around the club, and his snake hips and daring moves attract everyone's attention. Around him, the dance floor empties. The disco ball reflects whirling colours around the room, creating a psychedelic scene. When he dances, he seems to escape into another world. An allegory for the disco era of the 1970s.



Tony enjoys the admiration he receives for his talent and adores the attention every single person in the club affords him with. And of course he is a ladies' man. He can barely move for willing dance partners. Women love him, men envy him - the latter frequently not even trying to hide their jealousy. But that doesn't bother Tony. All he wants is to do is have fun and forget about the daily drudgery.


And if things come to a head, he and his friends sort it out in true New York streets style: a proper punch-up, with the battle scars to show off afterwards.



Tony is clearly a bit of an adrenaline junkie. Many a night ends with him and his group of friends drunkenly climbing around a treacherously high bridge, presenting their daring-do for all to see.



Who wouldn't like to spend a crazy night with Tony Manero? So what new wallpaper would he suggest in order to introduce a little bit of his devil-may-care attitude into your own four walls?

The best way to describe Tony‘s style is this: Distinctly 70s! Tight flares combined with super-fashionable brightly patterned shirts with those huge 70s collars, undone to just above the navel - and styling his hair is a major undertaking that takes hours.



The youth of the time were after drawing as much attention to themselves as humanly possible, and Tony certainly achieved that goal with his "out there" outfits! And as is often the case, fashion trends were reflected in interior design, too. When it came to wall décor, psychedelic effects were more than welcome. And Tony’s tastes are no different. He would most probably love this wallpaper:


Now YOU can introduce the true disco spirit of the 70s into your home:




So get those flares out, dust off your platform shoes and let Tony take you to the fabulous world of the Seventies! And remember: You can never be too colourful!

Until the next WallpaperStory...
Yours, Laura

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