WallpaperStories: Pippi Longstocking

WallpaperStories: Pippi Longstocking

"It's Pippi Longstocking! Say ho ho he ha ha..."- we probably all know the Pippi Longstocking movies and TV serious based on the stories by children's author Astrid Lindgren. As a child, I adored this cheeky girl, and I still enjoy watching the repeats on TV. What impressed me most was how Pippi lived in her quirky Villa Villekulla on her own, without parents to tell her what to do. She furnished the house exactly as she liked, painted the walls any way she chose, and moved the furniture around on what seemed like a daily basis. It is probably every child's dream: "This is my room and it's none of your business!"


Today, I am glad that my parents didn't leave me quite as much freedom as Pippi enjoyed. Who knows what my room would have looked like if they had! But why not re-create some aspects of the Villa Villekulla in your children's room? Today's addition to our WallpaperStories column is all about the Pippi way of interior design.


As soon as we "meet" the unconventional but loveable girl, one thing is apparent: Pippi lives in her own world. And this world is full of as many colours, patterns and shapes as your imagination will allow. Pippi's life motto is: "Stripes and checks and polka dots on top! All of that in yellow, red and green, and I am ready for a day of flying beds or catching bad guys!"


Pippi isn't too concerned about clutter or tidiness, she just loves looking for things and discovering new fascinating items during her search expeditions throughout the house. All her possessions are kept in large wooden wardrobes, countless small bags and old chests. Mr. Nilsson the monkey and Horatio the horse watch the villa when Pippi isn't home. Thanks to her father, pirate captain and King of Kurrekurredutt Island, Ephraim Longstocking, she possesses treasure chests full of gold, which she often dips in to buy tons of sweets or huge amounts of toys for the other children.


After all, having fun is the most important thing to Pippi, and rules and restrictions only get in the way! Having said that, Pippi couldn't be called rude. She just follows her heart - open, honest and brave. Unfortunately, this can lead to tricky situations, for instance when the mother of her friends Tommy and Annika invites her round for coffee and cake. Pippi tries her hardest to behave like a posh lady, but the act seriously backfires - to hilarious effect.


But sometimes Pippi misses her father dreadfully. No doubt she then thinks about the pirate ship gliding across the waves.

To create a true Villa Villekulla room, don't shy away from bright colours and daring patterns, and combine them creatively.



Oh, and don't forget some authentic ship planks! If you use this incredibly realistic wallpaper in a room, your child can set sail, go on a great big adventure on the seven seas, and perhaps even meet enchanting mermaids - just like Pippi.


As you are probably not too keen on your child grabbing a paint brush and "prettifying" your home, we suggest a little painting corner. This wallpaper provides a perfect background for your child's creativity - Pippi-style:


So: get the wallpaper paste out and get to work! And remember: The more colourful and bright, the better. An homage to Pippi and her Villa Villekulla!

Until the next WallpaperStory...
Yours, Laura