WallpaperStories: Holly Golightly

WallpaperStories: Holly Golightly

Simple, sophisticated and black - despite the fact that the Little Black Dress was Coco Chanel's invention, we inevitably associate it with the classic Hollywood movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's". Capricious and headstrong Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) takes centre stage in our new WallpaperStory.

Flighty Holly Golightly loves a wild party, which frequently annoys her neighbours. But her charming and coquettish manner wins people over. And the male of the species are particularly fond of her enchanting ways. But this kind of lifestyle doesn't come cheap! Not an issue for Holly, as she is more than happy to indulge men by gracefully accepting invitations to dinner, but also readily taking a payment of 50 Dollars "for the powder room"... But despite her cunning survival tactics, one fine day Holly finds that she cannot afford her eccentric and happy-go-lucky life any longer. She hatches a clever plan: to marry as rich as possible. Unfortunately, her scheme might be scuppered by her own shambolic tendencies.


As chaotic and indecisive as Holly herself, so is her very individual sense of style: sometimes she looks like an elegant and sophisticated lady, sometimes she resembles a colourful bird of paradise.


Her apartment reflects her unconventional lifestyle, but some pieces are particularly unusual: a sofa in the shape of a bathtub cut in half, for instance, or some stacked suitcases, the main purpose of which appears to be that they make her feel like she could travel wherever she wants at the drop of a hat. And it seems to be this peripatetic existence that determines the sparse furnishings. As for the wallpapers, one might be forgiven for thinking they were chosen by a previous occupant and simply taken over by Holly. Nevertheless, their subtle designs and colours fit perfectly into the general ambience. Perhaps their simple elegance provides a calming quality in Holly's turbulent life, a subconscious counter pole to all the hustle and bustle.


After all, Holly's abode is more a temporary solution than a real home. She feels happiest in the sumptuous surroundings of Tiffany's, the luxury jewellery store - her refuge whenever she succumbs to the "mean reds".


As she is just biding her time until marriage will make her truly rich, she's not too concerned about interior design. To Holly, pieces of furniture are just a burden, and for now, the few bits she possesses are more than sufficient.


But wallpapers are a different story altogether - they're not in the way when the party is in full swing, they don't need to be dusted and polished, they don't weigh you down - and when you finally move, they don't have to be schlepped from one residence to the next. They also are a fabulous way to reflect your own individual style in a much easier and relevant way than wardrobes, tables or chairs. One could say that wall décor is the interior design element of choice for the more spontaneous and mercurial amongst us.


For the Hollys of this world, choosing a wallpaper is akin to choosing a male companion for the evening. Why settle for just one type when there are so many gorgeous choices out there? Why not go for two, three or even four different ones? Whatever your mood, you can always find one you like to look at on any particular day - or simply choose yet another one.


Furthermore, wallpapers provide a multitude of opportunities to introduce at least a small proportion of Holly's delightful extravagance into your own four walls. And if you're looking for your own personal "Tiffany's", just check out these models:




In front of an enticing black-and-white wall covering, even a sofa fashioned from half a bathtub, or (a nod to current furniture trends) a chair made from industrial pallets looks sophisticated and expensive.


And wardrobes are just SO overrated, suitcases do the trick just fine.
But don't forget your LBD!

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