WallpaperStories: Bud Spencer and Terence Hill

WallpaperStories: Bud Spencer and Terence Hill

“Trinity is still my name”, “My name is nobody”, or “Banana Joe”, plus a large portion of beans and bacon - that is still the quintessential lads' night in. The two macho protagonists, Terence Hill and Bud Spencer, are at the centre of today's WallpaperStory.


Who doesn't know them, the two cult characters with their hands-on approach? Along with their incomparable nonchalance and direct nature, they share countless adventures. Whether as horse thieves in the Wild West or as accidental would-be agents who - in their disguise as Texan oil magnates - book into the most luxurious hotel around, there is never a dull moment! Of course, their capers inevitably lead to problems, and our dynamic duo frequently have to use their fists to escape tricky situations.


With his irresistible bright blue eyes, Terence Hill embodies the charming ladies' man. On the surface, Bud Spencer doesn't consider him an adequate partner, especially as he isn't a fan of Hill's devil-may-care attitude. Bud Spencer's movie character loves his peace and quiet. His impressive stature and large frame afford him a special standing. Nevertheless, Terence Hill - quick on his feet and cunning of mind - always manages to maintain his rightful position in the team.


But for two such vastly different characters, disagreements are inevitable. And so they constantly bicker and test the boundaries on a daily basis. Is it any wonder that their conflicts sometimes end in fisticuffs? But fear not, when it comes down to it, the two of them always show a united front.


Our gruesome twosome don't take the law too seriously, either. But apart from snacks and beer - and the odd fight - it's all about the good the two of them manage to do together. As they say: Hard on the outside, soft on the inside. So they might be going about their business as cardsharps or horse thieves under the beating sun of the Wild West, but they will always make time to help some poor settlers in need. After all, there is no doubt that those two have huge hearts and weren't really cut out for the lives of scoundrels. The rarely have a plan, but then again, spontaneous action is so much better (if not always successful).


And if their cheeky comments and outrageous behaviour get them in hot water, they use their hands to solve the matter, according to their motto: Why talk when you have two strong fists? Of course, this kind of attitude will lead to some breakage. Have you ever noticed that there's never any blood, even during the biggest fist fight? But the furniture sure does take a beating. The aftermath of their "tussles" usually involves a trip to the carpenter. That's probably why Bud Spencer and Terence Hill don't care very much about interior design.


They don't appear to have a permanent address either. But judging by their down-to-earth and somewhat unkempt appearance, their style is simple. Their preferred attire seems to confirm this theory. They rarely get the glad-rags out - and then only for very special occasions. But don't be fooled by their looks, and don't underestimate them. It might not be visible at first sight, but they are smart and decent men. If they had to deck out a new home, they would probably not go for extravagant colours and patterns.


Brick walls and wooden panelling are more likely to be their style. Rustic yet cool, that's the general idea. But in order to bring a bit of Bud and Terence into your life, you don't have to scrape the plaster off the walls or move into a shed. How about these wallpapers? They'd be just the ticket for Bud Spencer and Terence Hill.



And here's another tip for you: Wouldn't it be lovely to surround yourself with beautiful wallpapers the colour of Terence Hill's soulful eyes? If your answer is yes, have a look at these fab wallpapers!


So just stay cool and get wallpapering! And don't forget: Renovation is a never-ending game, as it'll all be smashed to smithereens after the next fight!

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