Wallpapers in Trade Fair Construction - promoting products and services in the right light

Wallpapers in Trade Fair Construction - promoting products and services in the right light

National and international trade fairs are ideal opportunities to present goods and services for any industry as well as for freelancers, artists, tradesmen, industrial corporations and public institutions. Products, innovative ideas, inventions and services are introduced, and visitors gain access to a huge amount of information.

But whether punters are attracted to a stand or booth and remain there for a while depends on its “appearance” and the message it conveys. And it is the appearance of a stand that exhibitors throw ideas around and think about long before the fair starts. Of course, every exhibitor wants to have the most eye-catching, the very best stand, the one that attracts most visitors, so that the investment of exhibiting at a trade fair pays off. The majority of exhibitors uses wall modules/dividers to separate their booth from the next one. This way, many small rooms are created in a vast open-plan exhibition centre.

Each of those small rooms is meant to draw attention to itself. But what is the most effective way of doing this? Our experience tells us: By using striking wallpapers which set the scene for products, services and innovations because they create the decisive emotional impulse. Sales psychology shows us that it is associations, memories, emotions and perceptions, triggered by colours, patterns, and motifs, which attract us and rouse interest.

To achieve this, there is no need for a direct correlation between the wallpaper pattern and the product or service on offer. Rather, it is much more significant to evaluate what reaction a pattern might trigger in the beholder and if it is then possible to create a connection between that reaction and the products or services.


Eye-catching wallpapers for booths to attract and inspire visitors

If your presentation or your booth at a trade fair have a specific theme, it is much easier to achieve the desired effect. You can find out more about this topic in our Wallpaper Trends.

Set the scene by creating an authentic area using unusual decorative elements, and remember that you want to appeal to as many senses as possible - don't just rely on visual impressions. Smell, taste, sounds, music, and haptics all contribute to the general impulse.

Here is a practical example:

You want to present the latest extravagant, sophisticated ladies’ beach fashion in the best possible light. First, pick a theme that will trigger emotions and create a specific atmosphere, e.g. “Play with the fire of the sun in St. Tropez”. Check out our wallpapers in the trend category Summer in St. Tropez. It provides a variety of inspirations and design opportunities which will let you immerse yourself in the beach paradise of the rich and famous and allows for a number of associations: Luxury, glam chic, stars, starlets, carefree joie de vivre. Picking the right pieces of furniture and accessories will add authenticity to your booth or stand. To get the ladies in the mood, serve VIP cocktails at a small bar and choose seductive scents to create an olfactory backdrop of sea, sand and French perfume.

Whatever you want to sell, choosing the suitable wallpaper for the wall modules/dividers of your booth will help you achieve your goal of drawing the attention of visitors to your offerings. Let your imagination run wild, perhaps organise a brainstorming session to identify potential associations with your product or service. You will swiftly find ideas and concepts that will lead you in the right direction for your choice of wallpaper. We are more than happy to support and advise you in your quest to find patterned wallpapers from our range which will work as a fantastic marketing tool.


Requirements for Wallpapers for Trade Fairs

The requirements for wallpapers used at trade fairs and/or for booth designs are predominantly based on legal requirements for textile building materials in areas with public access. For wallpapers, fire prevention is top of the agenda.

Wallpapers for trade shows need to carry the certificate “flame-retardant” in order to comply with building regulations. This usually means that the manufacturer provides the appropriate certificate. Our range includes a large variety of wallpapers with the “flame-retardant” characteristic. For individual models, we can happily advise you whether or not it comes with a manufacturer certificate. Check out our Hotel Wallpapers Guide for comprehensive information regarding fire prevention, applicable regulations, and wallpapers in commercial areas that are open to the public.

Another aspect to be considered for the use of wallpaper in the design of booths at trade fairs is the residue-free removal of wallpapers from wall dividers. The best way to achieve this is to use non-woven wallpapers as they can be pulled off the divider without leaving any traces. Because it is the wall (rather than the wallpaper) that is being pasted when using non-woven varieties, applying them is also much easier.

Of course it is a bit of a shame to just remove your lovely wallpaper after the show is over, but if it achieves the desired goal of pulling in punters and landing deals, it hurts a bit less. And as we know due to the feedback of many customers who have beautified their booths with our stylish patterned wallpapers at countless fair trades, it is certainly worth the effort.


Innovations for trade fair constructors and booth builders

Trade fair constructors who develop and realise concepts for individual and unique trade fair booths can also benefit greatly from the use of patterned wallpapers. Who says the only option for a booth design is to put a huge logo of the exhibitor’s company on the wall? Colours and patterns reflect a passion for the products, goods, services and ideas on offer and are a sure-fire recipe for success.

There is a large variety of different, “tailor-made” solutions for wall dividers, and the same should apply to the design and decor of booths. It is an art form to create an ambience that makes visitors feel comfortable and familiar, that triggers positive emotions and sparks their imagination. This in turn awakens the desire to satisfy one’s needs, which often leads to a buying impulse. In order to generate this desire, a number of components are necessary. A fetching patterned wallpaper has been proven to be an intelligent way to attract clients and to realise creative trade fair environments.