TINTA LOUSA or the Magic of Black Surfaces

TINTA LOUSA or the Magic of Black Surfaces

If colours had a home, it would almost certainly be Brazil. For it is indeed an incredibly colourful place. It's the true home of carnival - a time of celebration that is accompanied by a veritable explosion of colours. The country's hugely varied flora and fauna is quite possibly the source of inspiration for this exuberant fiesta.

Be it nature or culture - Brazil is a riot of colours. This is no place for blackness. At least it wasn't... Until recently.

The colour black has been enjoying much greater popularity for a while now. But let’s shed some light on the situation, as this colour has a name:

Tinta Lousa


Tinta Lousa - a dark surface, not unlike the blackboards of olden times, which invites you to scribble and draw on and let your imagination run wild - again and again, in all the colours of the carnival.


Brazil sets a new benchmark in terms of interior design trends. There's hardly an apartment that doesn't boast at least one black feature wall. And the design possibilities for these striking walls and surfaces are almost endless. In kitchens and studies or offices, they can be used as memo boards, shopping lists, weekly calendars; they can be a communication platform in kitchens or halls - or how about adding your own personal touch in bathrooms, living rooms or bedrooms and get creative with arty motives, letters or drawings.


Your wall design can be imaginatively combined with furniture or home accessories, developing a complementing dialogue. But you can also create your own works of art - and the duration of this particular exhibition is entirely up to you!


There is one small issue with the "Brazilian way" - it uses regular wall paint, which means dripping paintbrushes, marks on floors and carpets and the laborious painting-over process when moving out. All these problems are eliminated by using the “Tinta Lousa” wallpaper. This type of wall-treatment is easy to hang and can be taken off just as simply, without leaving any visible traces. It provides clean, even, and smooth surfaces which can be drawn or painted on with regular chalk or today’s liquid chalk markers. So from now on, it's wallpaper instead of paintbrushes!


Writing, painting and drawing are very popular again. The particular aesthetics of hand-writing - unique and individual - are back in fashion. Perfect for scribbling notes, passing time, relaxing, or just as a backdrop for your imagination - the perfect counterbalance for our day-to-day lives dominated by computers and the media. Make every day special - there is no limit to your creativity.


Text: szim

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