Stunning Showrooms

Stunning Showrooms

Golden clothes rails, oversized flowers on luxurious wallpapers, and toadstool chairs - this is how to lure customers into a fairy tale world. In times of on-line shopping, department stores and retailers have to offer more than just the presentation of merchandise in windows and salerooms to attract punters. More emotions, more experiences, and more atmosphere. And this approach pays off, as a comfortable shopping ambience tempts customers to stay a bit longer, to make purchases, and to return.


But how do you create this feel-good atmosphere? By appealing to all senses! In addition to light, colours, scents and music, visual stimuli are doubtlessly a decisive factor. For many of us, what our discerning eye sees is THE most significant and lasting aspect of the overall impression. In other words: the presentation makes it. So it comes as little surprise that, in terms of shop and window display design, walls have an important role to play.


Exceptional, unusual wallpapers not only create a talking point and attract attention, they also tell stories and awaken memories. If you were to enter the Bambini Store in Vienna, for instance, you'd be transported to fascinating, timeless tales like „Alice in Wonderland“ or „The Wizard of Oz“ - thanks to the striking black-and-white blossom-adorned wallpaper. The stunning monochrome wall décor with its oversized flowers complements the golden clothes rails and the toadstool chairs perfectly and creates an exclusive setting for an unforgettable shopping experience. The result is a surreal, playful and mysterious atmosphere. One wouldn't bat an eyelid if Dorothy herself stepped out of one of the changing rooms in her red shoes.


Wallpapers do not just provide the perfect backdrop for movie references, they are also an ideal way to emphasise products. Japanese luxury bag brand BaoBao's approach is a daring and consistent example of this concept. Their characteristic geometric triangle pattern is not only featured on their bags and their logo, but is also displayed on the walls of the stores. Wall design as an extension of the product: the skilful interplay between interior and fashion design, which will remain in the customer's memory for a long time to come.




The metallic lustre of our exclusive wallpapers will not only create a lasting impression for your customers, you'll also introduce an elegant 5th Avenue atmosphere into your shop. Arresting contrasts, golden stripes, or silver florals provide a touch of luxury and whisk your customers away to the (shopping) world of a Holly Golightly or Carrie Bradshaw.


Now that customers have been tempted by the pleasant and extravagant ambience and chosen their favourite pieces, they are off to the changing room. And once again, the appropriate wallpaper will set the desired mood. Be it innocent white, nostalgic, delicate patterns, or mysterious black - the right wall décor will create just the backdrop for any dress.


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