Star Sign Wallpapers (for women)

Star Sign Wallpapers (for women)

Floral wallpapers bring a touch of nature into your home. They are colourful, quirky, and life-affirming. Once on the wall, they can fill a room with a romantic, playful atmosphere, yet they can also be very elegant. And as there is such a large variety of models, every lady will be able to find her absolute favourite. But flowers are more than nature's way of adding a dash of colour to the world. Our favourite blossoms reveal a lot about our personality. When choosing a floral wallpaper, your subconscious makes you select those patterns that symbolise harmony and well-being for you. Of course, this is extremely personal, and every woman has different preferences. But did you know that the signs of the zodiac are also linked to specific flowers? For each star sign, there is a special flower that reflects its unique traits. That's why we've put together a list of tips to help you choose the right floral wallpaper for your zodiac sign and create the best possible ambience in your home.

Aquarius (21 January – 19 February)
Aquarius ladies are fans of the unusual, the exceptional. Boredom is not an option, and a touch of the South Seas works a treat for them. The Aquarius woman is happiest when relaxing under palm trees, enjoying the gentle breeze, smelling fragrant oranges and taking in the lush flora. This zodiac sign chimes with exotic plants like evergreen azalea or the brightly coloured amaryllis. Gadotti is THE perfect wallpaper for Aquarius ladies - it's guaranteed to bring an exotic flair to your home. Parrots nestle between huge hibiscus, bird-of-paradise flowers and orchids. Gadotti comes in a variety of colour combinations and offers a unique charm.


Pisces (20 February – 20 March)
Pisces ladies are amongst the most sensitive of all star signs. They are frequently surrounded by an air of mystique. They love the subtle, calming scent of jasmine. Pisces women tend to have green fingers and successfully grow even the most sensitive plants, like mimosas, forsythias and orchids. Orchids are very delicate flowers, but when treated appropriately, they reward their owner with an almost endless amount of beautiful blossoms in a myriad of colours. Large yet delicate blossoms can be found on our wallpapers Zoe and Josette. Whilst Zoe is exceedingly colourful and exuberant, Josette, with its single type of orchid, is a bit more restrained and subtle.


Aries (21 March – 20 April)
Fiery Aries ladies love exciting flora. Bright red flowers are an expression of their temperament and passion. If an Aries woman doesn't agree with something, she will prick you like a proud rose, for she is a fighter. Large red tulips and brightly coloured poppies are the perfect combination for any Aries lady. Yet the colour red doesn't just stand for love and passion – it signifies for warmth and comfort, too. Floral wallpapers with patterns like, for instance, huge red rose petals as seen on the Melope, or a pot-pourri of flowers like featured on the Doriana, reflect the Aries' character and fill a room with cosiness and a sense of well-being.


Taurus (21 April – 20 May)
Taurus women are passionate, they love beautiful things and a touch of luxury. Nevertheless, they are also quite down-to-earth. A wild nature garden will appeal to them more than a very formal park environment, an evergreen potted plant more than an already decaying bouquet. If she does go for cut flowers, she is likely to choose tulips. In their various colours, tulips represent all facets of love and sensuality. When it comes to scent, Taurus women enjoy the stronger odours, for instance that of lilac. With its pastel blossoms nestling on a grey background, the Lena wallpaper provides a sense of elegance. Our Joslina wallpaper, on the other hand, enables Taurus women to introduce the wild and untamed nature into their abodes. Kalwadi brings the unbridled sensuality of tulips onto walls.



Gemini (21 May – 21 June)
Gemini ladies are modest and see the good in everything and everyone. They find joy even in the smallest things. Consequently, their homes don't usually need to be large or ostentatious. There is no specific flower that is typical for a Gemini. They do tend to prefer wild daisies to a huge formal bouquet. With spring, nature awakes once more, and this new blossoming reflects the free spirit of Gemini women. They feel happiest in a field of wildflowers. Our wallpaper Megara enables Geminis to summon this sense of the wild, the free, of Mother Nature herself, in their domestic surrounds. With Freya, they find themselves in a wildflower meadow sprinkled with clover and cornflowers, whilst Megara, with its colourful hotchpotch of blossoms, is a free spirit's dream!


Cancer (22 June – 22 July)
Cancerians are lovable and popular. They are also reliable in their devotion to those they love. Their sense of style is matched by a talent for all things decorative. This fact is usually reflected in their homes. Cancerian women are often fond of daisies and pansies. But they also have a penchant for the exotic and exuberant and will take good care of a rosebush or some exotic plant life. Above all, they love the water and all that is associated with it, for instance water lilies. For stylish Cancerian women, we have the stunning wallpaper Liotta: colourful kois circling delicate water lilies. And Darleen and Undine are two very colourful wallpapers with beautiful tiny flowers, reflecting the Cancerian’s love of the decorative.



Leo (23 July – 23 August)
Leo ladies love to be the centre of attention and certainly don't mind a bit of bling. They like things to have a strong and impressive impact. This is, of course, reflected in their interior design taste. It just cannot be loud and opulent enough. They tend to like eclectic furniture in bright colours and a glamorous details of gold and glitter. Like the sunflower, they always move towards the light. But orchids and peonies are favourites, too. For the more playful Leo ladies, we have the Flowers wallpapers with its quirky button detail. If you prefer a touch of elegance, how about Indra, which combines a floral motif with a touch of silver and gold.


Virgo (24 August – 23 September)
Virgos are known to be virtuous and loyal. What better colour to represent those qualities than blue? Suitable flowers would be cornflowers and violets. Virgos love clarity and straightforwardness, and once they have made a decision, they stick by it. Their homes tend to feature Mediterranean colours like orange and red. Don't be surprised to find lemon or orange trees in their gardens or sunny spots in their homes. As Virgos love clear lines and structures, we would recommend the Kari, a very subtly patterned wallpaper with delicate blue blossoms symbolising loyalty, or Evangeline, with slightly lighter flowers on a matching background. The large blue blossoms of Cerna also complement the Virgo character. Combined with pared-back furniture, it infuses a Virgo home with comfort.



Libra (24 September – 23 October)
Libra ladies are stylish and elegant and love the beautiful things in life. They tend to have a very balanced nature. Even though they might be a little bit vain, they tend to prefer subtlety in their homes. In terms of interior design, they like things to match and complement each other. Often, they have a longing for clear structures as can be found, for instance, in Japan. When it comes to flowers, they much prefer just one species in various colours than, say, a mixed bouquet. Libra women like carnations, geraniums and hydrangea. Our wallpapers Fatima, Syros or Fenja perfectly mirror a Libran's stylishness and elegance.



Scorpio (24 October – 22 November)
Scorpio women tend to hold back at first, and not put all their cards on the table. On the surface, they might appear slightly aloof and cool, but deep down they are very passionate. Scorpio women can be headstrong. but they are also fierce and enchanting. Amongst the flowers that reflect these character traits (especially because they might only show their true beauty at second glance) are dahlias or roses. In their gardens, Scorpios might opt for simple plants like gorse or thistle. In terms of interior design, Scorpio women tend to be great at combining various styles. You might find antiques and flea market finds sitting next to modern elements. Ostentatiousness is simply not their thing. With its large yet subtle blossoms, wallpaper Aurora is the perfect match for a Scorpio - it reveals its fascinating detail only after a second look.


Sagittarius (23 November – 21 December)
Sagittarius women are as varied and colourful as flowers themselves. They hate nothing more than boredom. Optimism and cheerfulness are their most attractive features. They tend to be slightly flighty and not too keen on sticking rigidly to the norm. This is also reflected in their favourite flowers. They adore the eye-catching blossoms of hollyhock and amaryllis, but often also like hanging plants like fuchsia or petunia. This joie de vivre is reflected in our wallpapers Katimba and Adarna, both of which attract the gaze with their striking blossom patterns.


Capricorn (22 December – 20 January)
Capricorns belong to the calmer signs of the zodiac. They might be somewhat reserved and do not carry their heart on their sleeve. They love a sense of order and calm. But they are also incredibly persistent and tough. Their robust character can be likened to evergreen climbers like ivy, but also to the luscious rhododendron which is able to sustain almost any type of weather. The subtle beauty of the narcissus also matches Capricorn traits. Our wallpaper Tabea features a delicate ivy-green. The sense of order radiating from Ophelia should also appeal to Capricorns. Kavakul appears strong and robust at first, and only a more thorough look will reveal the lovely Japanese landscapes hidden within.



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