From drab to fab: transforming a 1990s bathroom with a jungle-themed wallpaper

Welcome back to our ongoing series where we connect with customers who have transformed their homes and premises using their creativity and our wallpapers. A few weeks ago we received some pictures from a customer in the USA who completely reinvented his bathroom thanks to the charming allure of our green-blue wallpaper Amadori.

Inspired by the transformation his aunt achieved with wallpaper in her own bathroom, he followed suit, and the result is nothing short of breathtaking, turning a dated 1990s guest bathroom into a stunning homage to the lush jungles of Latin America. The dark, moody colours of the wallpaper immerse you in a nocturnal jungle scene, dramatically altering the atmosphere and perception of the space.

Fascinated by what we saw, we just had to know more about his design process and the inspiration behind it, so we contacted him. Brian Malloy kindly agreed to share his story, providing insights and tips for others looking to make bold choices in their home décor. Join us as we explore his journey from renovation fatigue to tropical splendour, and maybe find a little inspiration for your own home project!

What inspired you to pick this specific wallpaper model?

I was in the middle of a full remodel of my guest bathroom, a small and rather drab space that had not seen a renovation since the early 1990s. After spending months tearing out everything and repairing some pretty nasty plumbing problems, I was just exhausted by this project. I wanted it to be done with it, so the original plan was to slap just a coat of white paint on the walls and call it a day. Eggshell white seemed like the default color everyone goes for when they paint their bathrooms and honestly, I had never even considered wallpaper. All that changed, however, when I visited my aunt who had just remodelled her own bathroom with a classic grey-brown Faunus wallpaper. I took a good look at it and thought "Wow...this actually looks pretty amazing. Maybe I don't need to paint it after all!".
I was won over by the idea, so I asked where she had bought her wallpaper, started browsing your website and ended up going for Amadori green blue because I was inspired by the years I spent living in Latin America for work. It is such a beautiful place, and I really loved the nature there, particularly the Honduran jungle and exotic birds like macaws and toucans. So I focused my wallpaper search on classic designs that could reflect my penchant for tropical living. I also wanted a moody pattern with darker tones, to evoke a feeling of the jungle at night. The green-blue variation of Amadori absolutely nailed it for me.


Did you design around the wallpaper or look for a model complementing your vision?

When I started the renovation, I had a rough idea of the finishes I wanted in the bathroom, like white subway tiles in the shower, matte black sink fixtures, etc. Just really plain basic stuff, I didn't want anything to stand out. But once I finally got the wallpaper up and saw how it dramatically changed the mood of the room, it totally flipped my plan for what it could feel like. The wallpaper was the kick I needed to create something bolder and non-traditional, and you can see that in my design choices, e.g. the blue tile shower with a gold trim. I also bought an old vanity from Craigslist and painted it an emerald jewel-tone to match the dusky jungle greens you see in the wallpaper. The gold finishes for the fixtures, mirror, and lights really contrast well with all the shades of green and complete the "70s tropical lounge" theme that my design eventually evolved into.

Has your perception of the room or its purpose changed after the wallpaper installation?

Undoubtedly. I used to really, really hate this bathroom. Now this has completely changed, and it has become probably my favourite room in the house. The wallpaper definitely gave this space a unique personality that's totally different from the rest of the house.


What have guests said about the wallpaper? Any particularly positive or surprising feedback?

Yes, I have been quite surprised by this, as many guests just come up and out of the blue tell me that I have a "cool bathroom" or a "really fun bathroom" now. This makes me really proud of it! I also got plenty of compliments about the birds. One friend told me that when she saw the jungle, she could really see my personality reflected in it. That was probably my favourite feedback of all!

Any tips for those seeking to replicate your stunning design in their own homes?

Don't be afraid! Try to be interesting! If you decide to pick a darker wallpaper colour despite having quite a small room (like in my case), consider introducing white into some of the design elements like your floor or countertops to ensure you reflect enough light.