Why is the batch number so important when re-ordering wallpaper?

Batch number? "What is THAT?", I hear you cry. Is it the same as the article number? You might not know what the term means and understandably ask yourself why it is important when re-ordering your favourite wallpaper.

In fact, the significance of the batch number of wallpaper rolls is often neglected. Consequently, when re-ordering wallpaper, most people look for the article number or the EAN code. That is by no means a mistake, but the batch number is the most significant factor for achieving a unified, harmonious appearance for walls or ceilings. This blog will provide a detailed explanation of what batch numbers are and why you should pay particular attention to them before re-ordering wallpaper.


Article number, EAN/GTIN and batch number

To avoid confusion, it is useful to differentiate between the three main identification numbers for wallpapers:

  • The Article Number is allocated to each wallpaper model by the manufacturer. This number code makes it possible to easily identify each wallpaper model in internal storage and administration systems.
  • The EAN (European Article Number) and the GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) are international article numbers for the distinctive and unmistakable labelling of products. Based on these numbers, a product can be searched for within all digital and electronically automated systems. Combined with the bar-code, this provides a global digital scanner registration method for all cash register, storage, administration and logistics systems.
  • The Batch Number is a two- or three-digit registration system using numbers and/or letters. It contains information indicating whether a product originates from the same batch, or a wallpaper roll from the same printing series. For instance: you have three rolls of wallpaper with the same article number, two of which are labelled "Batch Number 15", one "Batch Number 18". This means that the roll labelled "18" is from another batch which was produced at a later date and might have minor differences in terms of pattern, colour, sheen and structure.

The relevant numbers can be found on the label or in the information leaflet that comes with each wallpaper roll; these also include the standardised symbols for wallpaper characteristics as well as practical information regarding the application of each wallpaper. Article and batch numbers can be found to the left or right of the EAN Code. These numbers are easily identifiable as they consist of very few characters.


Different Batch Numbers for wallpaper rolls

Why might it be an issue if wallpaper rolls with the same article number have different batch numbers? The roll with a different batch number originates from a different print series, which can result in minor differences in terms of pattern, colour, sheen and structure. Even when comparing rolls, these minimal differences might not be immediately apparent. But once the wallpaper is up on the wall or ceiling, lengths of wallpaper from rolls with different batch numbers can create a sense of discordance. To avoid this issue, walls and ceilings should always be decorated with rolls from the same batch (i.e. with the same batch number).

How to proceed after purchasing wallpaper and when re-ordering

If you buy pattern and design wallpapers in a shop, please make sure that you check that all rolls required for your project come with the same batch number. Don't forget the reserve roll(s).

Always add one or two extra rolls when buying wallpaper on-line, too. However, with on-line purchases you will only be able to check the batch numbers after delivery. You should do this as soon as you receive your wallpaper rolls. The information label should be visible through the transparent protective plastic film, so there is no need to remove it. Generally speaking, the batch number should always be the same for all rolls included in the same delivery, which means you can get going straight away.

Should you find that there are different batch numbers in your delivery, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately. We will then find out whether we have the required number of rolls with identical batch numbers in store. You can return the rolls with different batch numbers (as long as they are unopened).


Alternatively, you can use the roll with a different batch number in an area that houses high or long pieces of furniture, e.g. wardrobes, highboards or shelving units. This way, minor visual differences will not be too obvious as the furnishings will (partially) cover them and draw attention away from the wallpaper.

If, during the wallpapering process, you find that you need one or more additional rolls, you can simply re-order. In order to make sure that the new rolls are from the same batch as the ones you have been using, we recommend contacting us so you can tell us the exact batch number. We will then check our stock and, if necessary, will contact the manufacturer to find out if more of the relevant rolls are available. We will keep you posted about this process and send your re-ordered wallpaper as soon as possible.