How to buy wallpaper per "running meter" (linear meter or linear yard)

The running or linear meter (abbreviation: LM) is a commonly used measurement and price determination characteristic for wallpapers, fabrics and carpets.

Our exclusive Wallpaper Shop offers a large assortment of design and pattern wallpapers with high-quality surface materials by roll, by linear meter, as murals with a specific number of lengths of wallpaper, as well as sets of individual premium-quality sheets of paper. This so-called "conversion" determines sales units, and consequently the price of the ordered wallpaper.

Distinguishing wallpaper rolls from wallpaper bought per LM

Anyone will be familiar with the concept of wallpaper rolls. The format 0.53 m width to 10 m height (or length) is the standard norm for wallpaper rolls. There are, however, wallpaper rolls with slightly divergent formats. The price stated in the article descriptions in our Shop is for one roll.


So if you order your favourite wallpaper from the shop by roll, we will deliver the required number of rolls to you, according to the room dimension measurements you provide us with. Our handy wallpaper calculator does the calculation for you when you enter the dimensions of the room in question. For instance, if the calculator determines that you require 5 rolls of wallpaper, the price for one roll is multiplied by five when you add the wallpaper to your shopping cart.

Wallpapers that are based on LM are calculated differently. Here, the specifications are the width of the model (which can vary), as well as the height (which is always 1 m for LM wallpapers). Consequently, the price stated in the article description is always per meter of wallpaper. When ordering wallpapers per LM, you will see the exact number of meters (height) required, i.e. not just one meter.


In order to illustrate this concept, let us take fabric as a comparative example. In fabric shops or the fabric department of large department store chains, you will find large rolls of fabric. Obviously, you will not want to buy the entire roll of, say, 100 meters; you just need the amount required for a piece of clothing.

The width of the fabric on the roll varies, depending on the type of fabric - just like it does with the design and pattern wallpapers in our Shop. The fabric is sold per LM, i.e. the shop assistant cuts off the necessary number of meters from the roll for you. The same happens when you buy wallpaper by LM. The required number of LMs is measured and cut for you from a large roll of wallpaper.

The number of LMs you need for your project is established by our wallpaper calculator in no time; all you have to do is input the room parameters (width and height) for the walls in question. The number of LMs shown is then used for order and delivery.


The price is calculated on the basis of LMs needed; we have used the cork wallpaper Natural Cork 02 from our range as an example. 1 LM is priced at €54.90. According to our wallpaper calculator, you will need a total of 15 LM for a wall of 2.50 m height and 5.00 m width. Based on the price of €54.90 per LM, this results in a total price of €823.50.

The term "per LM" works as a price indicator for you, as is the case for all other conversions (as described below). Conveniently, the wallpaper calculator determines the correct number of LMs for your room.

Other available formats and sales units for design and pattern wallpapers

Depending on your favourite wallpaper, you might come across other formats and measuring units in our Shop. For instance, there are murals and Sets of individual sheets which, in terms of format, differ from wallpaper rolls and LMs.

Murals consist of 2 - 5 (or more) wallpaper lengths. These wallpaper models are predominantly used for feature walls. The format stated in the article description indicates the entire area that will be covered with the mural. The product price is based on one Set with a specific number of lengths. If you want to cover a larger area, you will need another Set. For our gorgeous wallpaper model Barletta, for instance, the price is €190.90 for one mural consisting of 4 lengths. When ordering one of our murals, you will not need the wallpaper calculator, as the format itself determines the maximum coverage.

Another wallpaper speciality we offer comes in Sets of premium-quality, hand-printed paper-based models. One Set includes 12 sheets, each of which has a format of 0.50 x 0.70 m. In total, this means a coverage of 2.00 m in width and 2.80 m in height. The price stated in our Shop is for one Set of 12 sheets. Of course, you can order more than one Set if you want to cover a larger wall area with these absolutely exquisite works of art, e.g. our model Tenpe by acclaimed design house Le Monde Sauvage. The paper sheets can be applied in various creative ways, vertically or horizontally, providing plenty of space for your own exciting pattern creations. You won't need our wallpaper calculator for these types of wall décor either.

If you have any questions regarding our wallpapers, for instance in terms of conversions and measuring, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to assist you.